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can you?

tonight dave and i witnessed something davey can do….

he can operate dave’s iPhone. seriously. he touched the tip of his pointer finger to the screen and slid it to the side of the screen to change the photo. where did he learn this? DEFINITELY not from me b/c i can barely answer the iPhone when it rings!


i love that he’s sucking away on his binky in the photo. such a contrast, eh?


enjoy your last day in march!

spring has sprung!

sunday – march 29th


such a beautiful day here in lynden! both kids woke up at 7 this morning. thankfully for me, dave was home to chill with davey while i fed samantha and then put her back to bed about an hour later. i took the opportunity to crawl back into bed myself. and i stayed there for a few HOURS. yep. we missed sunday school AND church (oops!) but it was nice to have a relaxing day as a family, especially since dave didn’t get home from his work conference until about 9 o’clock on saturday night. 


shortly after the kids went down for their naps, i took a trip to the grocery store. ahhhhhh. a trip to the grocery store without ANY kids… such a treat! since both kids were awake when i got home and it was very, VERY sunny outside, so we decided to go for a walk. it’s been AGES since we’ve gone for a walk (the few times we’ve talked about going the kids were napping and by the time they woke up, had grown too dark and too cold). it was so WONDERFUL.


davey enjoyed playing at the park:


it was so funny to watch him. he preferred to watch the other kids run and play. silly boy. dave and i were surprised that he had pretty much no interest in sliding on the slides (especially the "twisty" one) when that was one of his favorite things to do back in the summer and fall! the swings, however, remain his all-time, hands-down favorite activity at the playground! we stayed for a long time so he wasn’t too upset when we left (no major meltdowns or temper tantrums, at least!).


when we got back home, dave and i each raked some leaves that have been collecting in various places in our front and back yards. davey walked up and down the sidewalk in front of our house:

and dave took the opportunity to teach davey that he must hold daddy’s (or mommy’s) hand when crossing the street:


sam learned that it’s somewhat comfortable to take a little cat nap while riding along in the baby bjorn:


and for those of you who are interested, i’ve written our dinner menu for this week:

Monday – Tequila Lime Chicken

Tuesday – Salmon (in Brown Sugar & Bourbon marinade)

Wednesday – Margarita Pork Chops

Thursday – Chicken Pad Thai & Red Curry


in the coming weeks, i’ll post some of my thoughts about my Fix Freeze Feast cookbook and the recipes i’ve (we’ve) tried. 


now i’m going to relax and watch tv with my wonderful husband. i’m SO. GLAD. he’s home. 

secretly glad

it’s 10:32 p.m. on friday. and i’m secretly glad that both of my kids are upstairs sleeping. why is it a secret? shhh. don’t tell dave’s parents (the joke’s on me b/c they read my blog faithfully!), but davey was going to spend the night with grandpa & grandma tonight. they were going to "camp out" under the stars (aka: sleep in the living room under the sky lights). 


so around 8 o’clock, sam and i headed home from grandpa & grandma’s house (my dave is at a conference for work). but around 9 (or was it 9:30?) i got the call. grandma had to report that davey was beside himself. he was fine when we left. he was fine during and after his bath. but then he got tired. and apparently he wandered around their living room. he wandered from chair to chair and when he got to the rocking chair, in a pitiful voice, he said "mama" and "baby." when grandma asked him if he wanted to go home to see mama and the baby, he walked around the living room and one by one, he picked up each of his belongings and carried them to grandma so she could put them in his bag to bring home! 


so i am secretly glad that my little boy missed me so much that he had to come home and miss his first sleep over party! thanks for trying, though, grandpa & grandma! maybe next time! i’m sure it had something to do with him not feeling 100% (both kids woke up on wednesday morning with runny noses)!


in other news, i am seriously afraid that i am going bald. my hair is falling out in unbelievable amounts. some due to post-partum (it’s been falling out for about a month now) and some must be due to the change in seasons (happens every year). so right now, i’m losing hair way, WAY faster than it’s growing back. thankfully, i started with REALLY THICK hair so most people can’t tell. but i sure can. sheesh!


and totally unrelated to this post, some photos of my ‘lil darlings:


the kids enjoying bumbo seats (thanks for loaning us the blue one, karla!) and then some of the "5-month" photos i took of samantha the other day:



by the way, other items that should be on her list of "sam at 5 months" include:

- likes to suck on her bottom lip and ends up making funny faces

- will grab and reach for toys

- will also grab and reach for face parts of those holding her

- very attentive and alert to the world around her

- eyeballs my food to the point i feel like i have to hide it from her b/c i feel i’m being rude by eating in front of her!


5 months



oh. my. heavens. i’m lucky to keep my days straight… forget having the correct DATE in my mind. what an awful mom i am to write such things about sweet little samantha on her 5-month birthday. sheesh! she is a stinker. she’s not sleeping well. but i could’ve written that on a different day! (and last night i only had to get up twice – that’s an improvement over 4 times)!


so today we will celebrate samantha’s 5th month birthday. and nana (my mom)’s xxth birthday. truth be told, i no longer remember how old she is. seriously. and i can’t remember the year she was born. so mom, i guess you can be however old you want to be! so in honor of two birthdays, two photos from just over a month ago:


nana with her youngest granddaughter. i call them [the photos] "big yawn" and "true joy."


and mom, i apologize in advance that your present was mailed today. i know. i know. you got my card here in time for my birthday (well, a day late since my birthday was on MLK day this year which meant no mail service) but i have failed. but i got your gift in the mail on your birthday… that’s a pretty good second, right?! you should have it in 2-3 days.


this photo was taken this morning:


samantha at 5 months:

- 16 pounds 3.5 ounces (i had her "officially" weighed this morning)

- eats rice cereal and seems to like it

- is no respecter of beverages – nursing, formula and pumped milk are equally tasty

- has bigger thighs than davey ever had

- has started growling. yes. growling. it’s so cute.

- told me a whole story this morning. so sweet.

- still wearing 3-6 month clothing (some stuff is getting too short!)

- may have rolled over from back to tummy twice this week (or maybe davey rolled her?)

- likes music

- gives the BIGGEST smiles i’ve ever seen!

- should be in size 3 diapers but i’m trying (desperately) to use up her size 2s

- LOVES to watch her big brother do EVERYTHING

- can pull herself to a standing position

- holds her head up very well

- is drooling like a mad fiend

- LOVES when people talk to/with her

- is often found with her hand or fingers or thumb in her mouth

- still not a fan of bath-time

- still has some baby dry-skin issues



not so cute

for the past few days, sam has been up every 2-3 hours at night. which means i’ve been getting up with her about 4 times a night. when she nurses, she falls asleep after just a few minutes. ugh. i’m exhausted. these days, i’m not really finding her to be all that cute!


yesterday, however, i think she rolled over twice! i didn’t witness the event(s). and the reason i’m not sure if she rolled over or not is davey may have aided her efforts to move from back to tummy. but twice while i was in the kitchen working on dinner, i looked over and found her on her tummy instead of her back. 

a new menu

what’s on your menu for dinner this week? wanna see our menu? here goes:

i forgot to make the brown sugar & bourbon salmon marinade last week so we’ll try it this week. we’ll also try the recipes for apples & cheddar (a side dish), cashew chicken stir fry and teriyaki chicken. the 4Bs pork chops and the garlic mashed potatoes are from last week’s cooking adventures. so far, so good. each recipe has needed a little bit of tweaking, but overall, i’m pleased with the taste(s) and so is dave. whew!  :)   i may also make a cheese biscuit mix this week. we’ll see how the week progresses.


on friday, the kids and i went to visit gigi (dave’s granma, known to our kids as "gigi"  which stands for "great granma"). davey likes to walk the halls at the manor (gigi lives in an assisted living facility). samantha just enjoyed sitting still and watching gigi (for about 5 minutes): 


i was able to scrapbook a bit this weekend… i’ll share some of those layouts soon. i also am in the progress of cleaning out my closet so i can make some money consigning my never and rarely-worn clothing. gotta make some money so i can buy some new stuff! i have a shopping adventure on the calendar in may (to celebrate dave’s mom’s birthday and mother’s day)!


ice cream



last night i had a craving. a major craving for ice cream. i hadn’t eaten any in about 3 months (the dairy bothers sam). but last night i was willing to pay whatever price was required (extra spit up, extra crying/screaming) because I. WANTED. ICE CREAM. it sounded good to dave so i went off to the store to get some tin roof sundae for him and something for me.


did you know it’s nearly impossible to find tin roof sundae ice cream anymore?


what i did find, however, made my heart leap for joy. a limited edition ice cream… one of my all-time favorites… was available for my splurge:


now i am NOT a fan of girl scout cookies. not at all. you can call me un-american, if you like. (i also don’t eat apple pie and i’m not into baseball). but i do like this ice cream. chocolate ice cream. thin mint cookies (which i don’t like to eat on their own)…. mmm mmm good!


what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

busy busy busy



we’re fine. we’re fine. we had a busy weekend. on friday night we had a family party for gigi’s birthday (great-granma – dave’s mom’s mom). on saturday morning, dave went to fibercloud to do some work for pogozone (his side company) while the kids and i had a play date with jake (aka: snoop). i neglected to take my camera out of the diaper bag at EITHER of these events. my apologies to all.


then, on saturday evening, we had dinner with our friends dan, heidi, savannah and kaitlyn (not sure how to spell it). kaitlyn was born exactly one week after sam (10/24 and 10/31) even though heidi’s due date was several weeks before mine! davey and savannah (age 3) had fun running around and chasing each other and pushing strollers and laughing, laughing, laughing! davey did get in a little trouble, and i was embarrassed….. here’s a photo of him pointing to his "no-no:"

yeah. i know you can’t see it in that photo. try this one: 

can you see it now? red crayon. on their khaki-colored wall? yeah. that was my son. his first experience with a crayon and a wall. i suppose i should be thankful it wasn’t at my house. but i really am embarrassed. SORRY, dan and heidi!


but samantha and kaitlyn seemed to like each other:


and then on sunday, some of the TOM girls got together to play at the store. i started AND (almost) completed a mini book about davey’s 1st birthday party. i think i accomplished more than anyone else. but again, i didn’t pull my camera out of my bag. 


yesterday was a trip to the grocery store and today was a trip to costco to get all the necessary ingredients to try a few recipes from my Fix Freeze Feast cookbook. i spent 2 hours in the kitchen today and made 4 Bs Pork Chops and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Based on our family meal-time needs, i managed to get 5 (or 6) entrees of the pork chops and 7 entrees of garlic mashed. seriously. tomorrow i think i’ll be making a Brown Sugar & Bourbon marinade for salmon. the rest of the week will bring Tequila Lime Chicken and Veggie Lasagna. and perhaps Cheese Biscuit Mix. oh – and in case you’re wondering, the chops were tasty (though i over cooked them a bit) and the garlic mashed potatoes were very light on the garlic and salt (so i’ll add more when i reheat them). and i did note those things in my cookbook! 


and to make you smile…. because this makes me smile:

cute, brown, baby girl shoes!


close to home



i feel like i haven’t had much to share lately, which is why my blog posts were less frequent. today is no exception to that. but i do have some cute photos to share. 


one day this week, davey climbed up into the chair in sam’s room while i changed her diaper and got her dressed. when i was finished, he asked to hold her. which means he sat in the chair and patted the empty space next to him and said "bebe."


and the longer he got to sit in the chair with her, the more he wanted to love on her. so here he is kissing his hand and then touching his hand to her face. it’s one way he kisses people (kinda like blowing kisses). 



sam was getting squirmy, so i picked her up and he got upset… so i put her back in the chair with him. and then he did this:



the love he has for his little sister makes my heart melt. i pray that he will always love her like this. that he will always protect her. that they will have a special bond. and that they will be good friends. oh, he makes this mama so proud!


a new towel



everyone deserves a personalized towel at least once in their life. davey’s had one for well over a year now. he has quite a stack of towels, actually. super cute ones. sam, however, has only one. so she’s been using all of the yellow or otherwise "gender neutral" hooded towels that davey owns. she does have one towel with pink (thank you, lisa!). but last week, mom #3 came through for sweet sam!


ann kovalik (aka: mom #3) is the mother of a very good friend of mine. jenn and i spent so much time together when we were younger that i started calling ann "mom #2" but then when i got married, she had to move to #3. (she was okay with that change, though, b/c when her sons got married i moved from daughter #2 to daughter #4! but i digress….). ann made a personalized, hooded towel for davey (a blue towel with striped letters and striped fishes) and i recently asked her if i could purchase a personalized towel for sam. she won’t let me pay her, but she did make a beautiful hooded towel for sam….


brown & pink and polka dots…. SO CUTE! i think sam likes it, too…. what do you think?!