to nap or not to nap



so today davey took a good nap. just over 2 hours. why is this significant? b/c on sunday and monday he went ALL DAY without a nap. yep. i was beginning to fear that my 18-month old child was going to give up his naptimes. but today…. ahhhh, today he napped. and it was glorious! and he was FUN today. sweet. kind. loving. silly. talkative. he’s saying new words everyday. the latest vocabulary additions? blanket. apple. hat. davey. daddy. papa (for grandpa). fruit.


davey is silly. fun-loving. happy. sweet. kind. tender. and oh-so-charming! he drives me crazy with his daily whining. and i get really frustrated (and sometimes angry) when he won’t take a nap or go to bed. but i love him with my whole being. and i’m so thankful that God has blessed our family with such a sweet boy.



we spent some time at grandpa & grandma’s house on friday… their addition is nearing completion! the carpet was installed on friday, so we went over to check it out… i wanted to see davey run around the big open space one last time (before it was filled with furniture). he and uncle tom had fun. and then when uncle tom and grandpa started moving in some furniture, it got even more fun! and then when dave arrived after work, he had even MORE fun (dave moved some furniture pieces while davey was on them)! but no matter how much this little guy loves his dad and his uncles, there’s a special bond… a special, un-explainable relationship between he and his grandpa. they love each other so much. it’s amazing to watch them together. my heart delights that davey has such an amazing role model (in addition to his dad, of course) in his life. 



samantha is growing and changing every day. she has filled out and is even a bit chubby – she’s got some really good "rolls" and a few extra chins! she still loves to eat (and is pretty good at it) and she still spits up regularly (even though she’s on zantac). after she eats, she gives us the BIGGEST smiles. the biggest smiles i’ve ever seen. she smiles way more than davey did when he was her age (and he smiled a lot)! over the past week, she’s started sucking on her fist. not her thumb. not a pacifier. but her fist(s). and we’re all thankful for that (our fingers don’t prune nearly so often from her insanely strong sucking capability)! she’s still got a sensitive tummy – orange juice, dairy, chocolate, excessive salt… it all bothers her somewhat. so i continue to watch my diet. i haven’t given up any of these items completely, but i have dramatically cut back on my intake of those items. sigh. it’s all the good stuff, too!


after davey’s nap, the kids and i went to a few furniture stores in town (i’m hunting down a "pub" table to use in my craft area (it’s my birthday gift from dave). we also went to the dutch bakery to get our favorite dinner rolls and then to the hallmark store to check out their 75% off Christmas section. i picked up a cool roll of wrapping paper (thanks, alissa, for posting about that red & creamy white houndstooth you used this past Christmas – i bought a roll to use year-round!) at hallmark. but everywhere we went, davey said "HI" clearly and sweetly to everyone he saw. grumpy people. happy people. old people. employees. shoppers. just a sweet "hi" and "bye bye" to everyone we saw. he is a people person, no question about that!



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