light sabers

so the eye is healing. the stitches come out on thursday (the 5th) at my post-op appointment. the stent will remain in for several months. i’m still waiting for the internal swelling to go down so the water will stop pooling in my eye and will drain through the stent/tear duct.


overall, i’m doing well. i still have pain and discomfort with it from time to time. and i long for the 10th when i can wear contact lenses again. but that’s still a little ways away. so i will be content in my glasses. and maybe i’ll even put on some make-up one of these days. your continued prayers for healing are greatly appreciated. so far, so good. and sam did well for our 24-hour no nursing period. she takes a bottle like a pro and will drink thawed pumped milk, fresh pumped milk or formula – she’s no respecter of WHAT goes into her mouth, as long as there’s SOMETHING to go in there! so thanks for your prayers on that end. additionally, my plugged milk duct is no more. whew. thanks to my friend shelly for the encouragement how to handle that (and to make sure to take care of it asap)! right now, davey seems to have a small head cold (a runny nose) and i think he’s shared some of it with me. not so bad, normally, but i’m not allowed to blow my nose until the end of march. yes. you read that correctly. i am not allowed to BLOW. MY. NOSE. so if you hear me sniffling…. i apologize in advance! 


and totally unrelated to that, here are a few fun photos from earlier this week:


seriously. how could a 19-month old NOT have fun with light sabers and uncle tom? note to self: get davey started in t-ball ASAP… he’s got a POWERFUL swing!  :)

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