can’t show pictures



okay, i can’t show you pictures about what is making me REALLY excited right now. why? because it’s for karla’s shower tomorrow night and she’s a pretty faithful reader of my blog (though i’m not sure she’s ever made comment)! but since i don’t want to ruin the surprise for her, i will not show you the fun i had this week putting together a gift for her TWINS (a boy and a girl)!   :)   karla, i’m looking forward to your shower – i hope you are, too!


today i also had a great visit with my dear friend, Christy…. my first TRUE and lasting friendship here in lynden. i love you, dear friend, and am glad we’re getting together again next week… we’re going to have to have our play dates with davey, sam and cece on a regular basis… ‘cuz i miss you!!!   :)


and now i’m off to fold MULTIPLE loads of laundry while watching American Idol and Lost (oh how i love our Tivo!) before going to bed.

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