at 4 months



this sweet girl:


is 4 months old today. samantha, at 4 months you are the cutest, prettiest little girl i’ve ever laid my eyes on. you are also demanding and you are already exhibiting signs of being a little princess. you enjoy sucking on your hands and fingers. you have begun drooling (teething, perhaps?). you are a little chunk – you LOVE to eat. you really do. at 4 months, you’ve already had several growth spurts with excessive (in this tired mama’s mind) eating schedules. you are not yet sleeping through the night (please start doing this soon!). you have the biggest smile i’ve ever seen. when you’re happy, you are an absolute delight! when you are unhappy, you can make an entire room (house?) miserable! you are a gassy girl and i really have to watch what i eat (and then you STILL have gas)! you love to watch your brother be a kid. you study him. observe him. and i have no doubt that you will learn many things (good and bad) from him! you’re really filling out your 3-6 month clothing. you enjoy music. you love when people talk to you and when you are the center of attention. when held, you want to be facing out and be bounced simultaneously. you don’t like for the "holdee" to sit down – and you make that very clear. you are tolerate bath time. you love to be lying on your changing table. you love to look at yourself in the mirror. you will gladly drink a bottle – formula or pumped milk – you’re not picky. you hate pacifiers. hate them. and yet, we continue to try to force them upon you in the hopes that it might help to soothe you. daddy & mama do think you will have some sort of a comfort item (blanket, stuffed animal, your thumb, etc.) but so far it has not been a pacifier. you still spit up. especially at the worst time(s). you have beautiful, big blue eyes. and no matter how fussy you are, we love you. very much. 



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