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light sabers

so the eye is healing. the stitches come out on thursday (the 5th) at my post-op appointment. the stent will remain in for several months. i’m still waiting for the internal swelling to go down so the water will stop pooling in my eye and will drain through the stent/tear duct.


overall, i’m doing well. i still have pain and discomfort with it from time to time. and i long for the 10th when i can wear contact lenses again. but that’s still a little ways away. so i will be content in my glasses. and maybe i’ll even put on some make-up one of these days. your continued prayers for healing are greatly appreciated. so far, so good. and sam did well for our 24-hour no nursing period. she takes a bottle like a pro and will drink thawed pumped milk, fresh pumped milk or formula – she’s no respecter of WHAT goes into her mouth, as long as there’s SOMETHING to go in there! so thanks for your prayers on that end. additionally, my plugged milk duct is no more. whew. thanks to my friend shelly for the encouragement how to handle that (and to make sure to take care of it asap)! right now, davey seems to have a small head cold (a runny nose) and i think he’s shared some of it with me. not so bad, normally, but i’m not allowed to blow my nose until the end of march. yes. you read that correctly. i am not allowed to BLOW. MY. NOSE. so if you hear me sniffling…. i apologize in advance! 


and totally unrelated to that, here are a few fun photos from earlier this week:


seriously. how could a 19-month old NOT have fun with light sabers and uncle tom? note to self: get davey started in t-ball ASAP… he’s got a POWERFUL swing!  :)

uncle john’s visit


my brother was able to swing up to lynden for a quick 35-hour visit last weekend. work was taking him to google’s main campus (mountainview in northern california) for a week, so he took the opportunity to add a few days to his trip so he could meet his niece. it was really special for me b/c he wasn’t able to meet davey until he was 11 months old (when we went east last summer). (side note: there were initially plans for john & babi to meet davey for thanksgiving 2007, but life happened and then they just couldn’t get away to fly across the country to meet their little nephew). john has three girls of his own (ages 17, 14 and 10) so he was an old pro with my fussy little girl. 


a few days before his trip, he decided to start exercising again…. by doing yoga, b/c that’s about all the time he can cram into his overflowing schedule these days. unfortunately, he over did it and tweaked his back. so this photo is a bit amazing… that he has a hurt back and is still holding both of my kids. granted, davey is a light-weight (probably around 22 pounds) but sam is putting on weight pretty quickly (i’ll know next week how much she weighs). 

 both of my kids really love their uncle john. davey had so much fun playing with uncle john. 


they played (briefly) with davey’s laptop. and in that middle photo, davey got SO EXCITED b/c uncle john agreed to let davey see elmo on his (uncle john’s) phone (AGAIN). davey was practically dancing around with glee. see, earlier in the day, john pulled out his phone and found a clip of elmo (i’m assuming on you tube or something) and played it for davey. from that point on, davey KNEW that uncle john’s phone had elmo in it. so the little rascal would try to dig the phone out of john’s pocket. or while john was texting his daughters, davey would point to the phone and say "melmo" repeatedly. so when uncle john agreed to "one more time" on sunday night, davey crawled up on the couch next to him and started smiling like there was no better present in the world than sitting next to his uncle while watching elmo. such a sweet moment and i can’t wait to scrapbook it. and that last photo, of john pushing davey up to the ceiling with one hand, is SO TYPICAL of my brother. i probably have photos of him doing that with each of his girls (and if i don’t have actual photos, i have a lot of memories of him doing that). and he did it over the summer with davey at their first meeting. yes, davey took quite a shine to uncle john. it was a good thing my brother left while davey was still asleep or i’m sure there would’ve been a bit of a meltdown (kinda like when grandpa or uncle tom has to leave)!


and my sweet, fussy-pants daughter really liked her uncle john, too, despite her tummy aches. and john, bless his heart, took it all in stride. he held her while she cried and screamed and stiffened up like a board. i wanted him to have as much time enjoying her (or tolerating her?) as he could while he was here since his visit was so short. he remembered the tricks of the trade, though, which was impressive…. hold her with her tummy on your arm and her head in your hand…. lie her on the floor on her tummy and thump on her back… stand and walk and bounce with her…. yep. an old pro. and in return, she did have some moments of such happiness and delight and her face just lit up with the biggest grins! he got to hold her while she slept. and while she ate (i love the last photo – somehow she managed to hold her own bottle for the first time!). and she pooped a really good poo while he held her (though this mama changed the diaper). he even tried to get her to stand for a split-second! 



we had a very good, but very brief visit. and i can only hope that samantha will get to meet the rest of her family (aunt babi and her cousins liz, kate and wendy) sometime before she turns one. NYC is just so far away!


so john, thank you for adding a few extra days to your trip to come and see us. thank you for sleeping on a camping mat on the floor in the bonus room since we have no more beds. thank you for leaving your family to come see us (well, okay – to see davey and samantha). thank you for making us a priority last weekend. we loved having you visit!


(you’ll notice my mom in the last photo of john with davey. their visits overlapped for a few hours on sunday so we had a very full house!)




quick update. i had a hard time leaving my kids yesterday morning. sam was with nana. davey spent the day with carrilee, henry and jorja. (my mother in law, linda, injured her shoulder and was scheduled for an MRI in the afternoon and was on some strong pain meds. we’ll know the results of her MRI in a few days.) i didn’t think it’d be so hard to leave the kids. it was weird. i was a little teary, even. surgery went well. i started to get nervous around 11:15 – we were almost to the surgery center and i started to think about the recovery process. then i was fine. and then with my extra-long wait in the pre-op room, i got really nervous again. my surgery was scheduled for noon. it was 12:58 when they started my iv. we got to head home around 3. 


i’m in pain… oh how i like my vicodin (i think it’s actually hydrocodone). hopefully i’ll sleep well. i’m pumping and dumping for 24 hours. i’ve had various responses from various medical providers… and have decided for myself (based on all their recommendations) that 20-24 hours will be just fine. 


here’s what i looked like 7 hours post-op:

i’m making that pouty face on purpose. but it looks a little more scary than sad. dave took a photo of the surgeon and i today – i’ll have to get that from his iphone and share it with you. 


today and tomorrow i have to have ice on my face all day long. day three is easier to handle (ice it 4 times for 15 minutes each time). day four is heat. the first week requires my extra expensive ointment 3x a day. and i need to follow up (to get the stitches out) on thursday the 5th. and the stent will be in for several months (no blowing my nose for a month. seriously. and i have to sneeze with my mouth open. they told me so)!


tomorrow you will read all about uncle john’s visit. and you will see cute and fun photos. and no photos of scary me. i promise! and now i must go ice my eye and nose.


(oh yeah – i found another pub table on-line and ordered it. i’m hoping this one’s THE one. but it was free shipping and an easy and free return policy, so i decided it was worth a try… i’ve really got nothing to lose! so that should be here in early march…. if not sooner.)

at 4 months



this sweet girl:


is 4 months old today. samantha, at 4 months you are the cutest, prettiest little girl i’ve ever laid my eyes on. you are also demanding and you are already exhibiting signs of being a little princess. you enjoy sucking on your hands and fingers. you have begun drooling (teething, perhaps?). you are a little chunk – you LOVE to eat. you really do. at 4 months, you’ve already had several growth spurts with excessive (in this tired mama’s mind) eating schedules. you are not yet sleeping through the night (please start doing this soon!). you have the biggest smile i’ve ever seen. when you’re happy, you are an absolute delight! when you are unhappy, you can make an entire room (house?) miserable! you are a gassy girl and i really have to watch what i eat (and then you STILL have gas)! you love to watch your brother be a kid. you study him. observe him. and i have no doubt that you will learn many things (good and bad) from him! you’re really filling out your 3-6 month clothing. you enjoy music. you love when people talk to you and when you are the center of attention. when held, you want to be facing out and be bounced simultaneously. you don’t like for the "holdee" to sit down – and you make that very clear. you are tolerate bath time. you love to be lying on your changing table. you love to look at yourself in the mirror. you will gladly drink a bottle – formula or pumped milk – you’re not picky. you hate pacifiers. hate them. and yet, we continue to try to force them upon you in the hopes that it might help to soothe you. daddy & mama do think you will have some sort of a comfort item (blanket, stuffed animal, your thumb, etc.) but so far it has not been a pacifier. you still spit up. especially at the worst time(s). you have beautiful, big blue eyes. and no matter how fussy you are, we love you. very much. 



brief update



been MIA (again) for awhile. sorry. my brother was in town for 35 hours so i wanted him to spend as much time with the kids as possible. and now my mom is in town to help with the kids b/c my eye surgery is tomorrow (at noon). i just tried to find this scary photo of me from after my last eye surgery, but it’s not on the computer – at least not that i can find it. probably for the best, anyway, though i did find the photo (and the stent) in my scrapbook yesterday!


i’ll probably (hopefully) write a post tonight that should show up tomorrow. but here’s a photo that really shows me how much he loves her (even though he’s showing some small signs of jealousy): 

he loves to sit on the couch, grab one of her blankets and then wait for us to put her in his lap. and he really is gentle with her (most times)! and she LOVES to just watch him – play, eat, laugh, drink a bottle… you name it…. if davey does it, it’s worth watching, according to samantha!


and two fun photos from yesterday:


that’s uncle john (my brother), with an injured back, holding an extra 35 (roughly) pounds. and nana (my mom) with sleepy sam.




it was gorgeous yesterday. the three of us (davey, sam and i) got outside for a short walk (to the mailbox and back – i guess that doesn’t really count as a walk, huh?) and davey played outside for about an hour while i walked around (and tried to sit) with sam in the bjorn. when we were at walmart this morning, i found a cute toy that i thought davey would enjoy. since he’s actually lacking in the "outdoor toy" arena, i opted to purchase it for him for an astounding $5. it’s an 11-piece (ultra-cheap-o plastic) golf set! three clubs. 3 balls. a "caddie." two flags. and 2 "holes." it might not make it through the fall, but if it lasts through the summer, i’ll be happy. it definitely kept him entertained today AND (i’m proud to say) he WALKED ON THE GRASS to pick up the items (especially the balls, which he would throw onto the grass). since i had sam in the bjorn, it was hard to bend over and try to teach davey how to swing his clubs (i took golf as one of my PE classes while i was in college), though i did try. 



and after a good long round of golf, it was time for a break on the porch swing:

that poor porch swing. we love it. we really love it. it was a wedding present from dear family friends (thanks again, ken & ann – it gets use year-round). it’s definitely showing some signs of wear-and-tear. after all, we’ve had it for almost 7 years now. so back when i was pregnant with davey, we bought some stuff so i could sand it and re-stain it… just to make it look new again. but i couldn’t get it down by myself and by the time i remembered to ask dave to help me, it was too late…. davey had already been born! so it was my project for last summer. dave unscrewed it for me, but again, we never actually got it down onto a tarp so i could sand it and refinish it. will this be the year that the project FINALLY gets started? and completed? only time will tell. thankfully, it’s only february, so i have a few months before i have to come up with (good) excuses why not to embark on such a project! 


davey’s turn



today it’s about davey. AFTER i give you an update on my pub table set. turns out, the one i posted yesterday is pretty flimsy. i saw it set up in the store and i was not impressed. but there was another set i liked for just a little bit more. and according to their scanner inventory, there were TWO in the back room. only after searching for 5 minutes, the furniture guy gave up and said they didn’t have any. i was so mad (b/c seriously, if the inventory gun says there are two, there are two. it’s not like someone can just walk out of the store and easily steal a pub table with 4 stools)! so i left all the other items i was going to purchase in a pile and i walked out of the store. i hate our k-mart anyway. it’s dirty. and gross. and i usually forget it even exists – i’m surprised it’s still open. it’s always pretty empty when i’m in there. and there’s never more than 2 cashiers (and usually there’s only 1)… but i digress. so i am still searching for my pub table and stools for my craft space. sigh.


so my sweet son turned 19 months old last week. well, on sunday. so i guess that’s technically this week. he’s at this stage where he changes noticeably every 4-5 days. his attitude. his vocabulary. his sense of humor. right now, he LOVES to play with his velcro food (wooden food that has velcro so he can "cut" it apart with a knife – it’s a Melissa & Doug toy. he can say the sound to a number of animals (horse, dog, cat, sheep, duck, cow and maybe even pig). he naps in a crib and sleeps in a twin bed at night (both by his choice). he’s a light eater and i struggle to find food for him… but i keep trying. and he’ll ALWAYS drink milk, though he prefers it from a bottle rather than a sippy cup. speaking of sippy cups, he now likes the kind that leak. the kind with no valves. ‘cuz he’s a big boy, you know!  :)   also, he’s an outdoor boy, no matter HOW COLD it is, he would rather be outside than inside. 


while sam was napping last week, davey and i walked to the mailbox and then played in the driveway. it happened to be the same day we ran to the mall which included a stop at target and the target dollar spot (which was filled with elmo books – and we bought a few)! does he look like such a big boy in the first photo where he’s walking away from the house?


he played with his outdoor ride on/push toys for a little while, but for the most part, he was rather content to simply walk around in circles. his toys stay outside through the wind, rain and snow, so they tend to get a little water logged. his one toy left a trail and some small water puddles on the driveway and he thought it was SO MUCH FUN to squat down and look at them closer! and he really had fun walking over to the far side of the driveway, pointing to the neighbor’s house and saying "mow" (as in "ow") b/c the neighbors have cats. it cracked me up to watch him do it over and over and over again!


here’s his yogurt face:


he LOVES to feed himself yogurt. as you can see, it’s MESSY. but he does get quite a bit into his mouth, so i’m okay with it. 


i’m not okay, however, with him getting into my make-up drawer, which is what he did on sunday morning:

that’s powder around his mouth. hopefully he DID get to taste some of it so he’ll leave my drawer alone in the future! 


and here’s davey sitting in two things that he shouldn’t sit in…. the first is a stacking organizer bin from the play room. the second is a pink & purple vibrating bouncy seat that we’re borrowing from a friend…. obviously, we’re borrowing it for sam. not davey.



funny story: when we put sam in that pink and purple chair, davey gets SOOOOO MAD. he stands in front of the chair with his back to it and tries to back himself into it… as though he’s going to sit on top of his sister. in fact, he has touched his little tush to the edge of the chair. and i can assure you he gets in trouble for doing that! 

a kiss

a sweet moment at grandpa & grandma’s house…. 


he really does love his baby sister!



and totally unrelated, this is what i get to go and purchase today:

it’s my birthday gift from dave… a pub height table for my craft space. it has two fold down sides which will save space but also allow me to have room to craft with friends. and since it’s 36" off the ground, it’ll keep items out of davey’s reach! 


and the best part: i found it on-line with k-mart. but they don’t offer free "to store" shipping. so i called our local store… and they have ONE in stock! AND they agreed to hold it for me until noon… so with auntie rachel at home watching my kiddos, i’m heading to bellingham to pick up my birthday present! 

photos of samantha



yesterday was a good day. i didn’t get any additional cleaning or organizing done. and that’s okay. i forgot to tell you that my friend brandi found a small GOLDMINE for me last week at Deals Only:

these are the nearly impossible to find Mother’s oatmeal cookies. mmmmmmm. they are so yummy. she picked up the 4 packages she found in the store. for 79 cents each. this is the brand of cookie i blogged about a few months ago…. the cookies you won’t be able to find in stores pretty soon (if you can still find them now, that is). if you like the animal cookies that Mother’s makes, deals only has thousands (no exaggeration) of bags of them for 79 cents each right now. the store is overflowing with almost every brand of Mother’s cookies you can imagine. except for the oatmeal cookies. i have the last 4 packages. well, 3…. i ate one package already!  


though i didn’t do any additional cleaning or organizing yesterday, i did get to rite aid to find this little gem:

this might be the answer. i hope this is the answer. i’ve tried countless pacifiers for sweet sam. and she might not be a pacifier baby… which is okay with me now that she’s learning to suck on her hand. but this "soothie" is the last one i’m trying. and i’ve actually been searching for it for awhile. target and walmart never had them when i was looking for them. and now that sam is almost 4 months old (one week shy), i find the darn things just a few miles from home… at rite aid, of all places. she did take it (briefly) while we were at dad & mom’s house. so we’ll see what the future holds for sam and a "soothie." (and yes, these are the pacifiers that many babies get at the hospital. and no, i didn’t get them with EITHER of my children).


some sweet photos of my baby girl…..


in that first one, she’s wearing a cute onesie with sparkly cord "jeans" from miss alissa (that link shows the wrapped package – so cute!) and in the second photo, she’s wearing a onesie that says "daddy’s honey bunny." tee hee. i love her smiles even though neither photo is all that good. 



that’s dave’s hand on her head. i think she looks so sweet and innocent in that photo.


and here’s sam in her dress from this past sunday. she’s not the most lady-like, but check out her feet… i do believe that’s a ballet position – first position, perhaps (there are five, if i remember correctly – though no, i never took ballet or any dance lessons). renee, can you confirm… is that first position or is it fifth? the more i think about it, the more confused i get!



and what little girl isn’t cute when wearing a onesie with red cherries on it?



so there’s a little update on samantha. sometime this week i’ll share some updated photos of davey with you. deal? 

gettin’ ready



as a surprise to me, dave doesn’t have to work today so we’re just doing stuff around the house. both kids were asleep in the car when we got home from play group this morning and there were a few things that were just bugging me, so i did something about it (them). i mostly cleaned the two upstairs bathrooms. then i finished my garage freezer organization project. wanna see? well, you’re gonna anyway (unless you skip the pictures):

so that’s the tidy and organized freezer. and here’s what i did today to help keep it that way:



yes. i am a dork. i made a chart for the freezer so we know where to find things. remember, this is the freezer in the garage. so i used a sheet of 12×12 white cardstock and drew lines on it to represent the shelves and the shelves in the door (though we actually have 5 shelves in the door – oops!). and i used a set of cheap-o magnets that i’ve had hanging around for a few years. i covered them with yellow cardstock (b/c yellow is a sunny & cheerful color to see, especially in a dark garage!) and then i used my label maker to make the labels. so now each food item is actually a magnet. so if (when?) i move stuff around again, i won’t need to make a whole new chart – i’ll just have to move the magnets.


it was an easy project and it only took about 30 minutes from start to finish. not bad.


i have lots of cute photos of the kids to share, but i need to get back to cleaning while i have the motivation and the time and the energy. my brother comes to town on saturday (yippee!!!) and then my mom arrives on sunday and my surgery is next tuesday (a week from tomorrow). i promise to share kiddo photos soon. but for now, i must get back to work cleaning and de-cluttering!