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davey saw the doctor this morning for his 18-month well baby check. he’s 21 pounds. and he wavers in the 5th to 15% percentile for height and weight. yep. he’s still on the small side, though he’s in the 50th percentile for head circumference – he’s gotta have SOME PLACE to house that big brain (got a good story about that – maybe i’ll share it tomorrow?). he didn’t like getting his shots (who does?) but the treat box distracted him pretty well!


last night, while we were eating dinner, sam was on the floor in her boppy and i captured some of my new favorite photos of her:


she just looks so sweet. innocent. pure. and it doesn’t hurt that she’s wearing one of her special onesies designed by the beautiful and talented miss carly!!


davey tried to teach his sister how to give a "high 5" (one of his new favorite things):



and then he gave her "love" (which usually means open mouth, slobbery kisses):


all this love and attention that he lavished upon his baby sister, however, was only when he wasn’t distracted by the video camera:


silly kid! he is definitely an entertainer!

3 thoughts on “the kids

  1. Cute, cute pics! Sam does have a very innocent look about her – what a sweetie. I love it that Davey was trying to teach little sis a new skill. :)

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