smartest son



my boys ADORE each other (most of the time):

you should try to get davey to say "tickle tickle" sometime… it’s pretty darn cute. i think that’s what was going on in the above photo… some tickling!


i cannot lie. i have the world’s smartest son. seriously. i know all of my friends have smart kids. but davey is a genius. and he never ceases to amaze us. he has this book called Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton:

(we have a lot of her books – they’re kid friendly and fun). 


this is one of those books, however, that you have to read – well, sing, almost. it’s very country (and you know i hate country). it’s got a square dancing theme and every time i read it to davey, i tap out the time/rhythm on my leg with my hand. apparently dave does it too. one night last week, dave or i said something and at the same time, we started to sing-song the opening lyrics of this book

"stomp your feet

clap your hands

everybody ready for a barnyard dance…."


davey stopped what he was doing and looked at us because he recognized the words and the "tune." he walked over to the stairs and dave told him to "go get the book." then dave said to me "if he gets that book, i will be impressed. and i’ll read it to him." just a few minutes later, davey came down the stairs and as he rounded the corner (we were sitting on the couch), low and behold, he held the right book in his hands. we clapped and cheered. and then read the book to davey about 5 times in a row. a great reward for him. 


so i dare you to beat my story about your smart son. i’m sure i also have the world’s smartest daughter, but i have no stories to share yet. give her a break… she’s not even 3 months old yet, though!!!  :)


this morning samantha and i headed down to mount vernon for my follow-up appointment with the eye surgeon. remember when i had that little "procedure" done in the office back in november and it worked to unclog my tear duct? yeah. it only lasted for about a month. so today he looked at my eye and said the top of the duct looked clear but my eye was still a little "soggy." so we made our way back to the surgery center where he numbed my eye and tried to flush the duct. instead of water running down my throat, it ran down my face, off my chin and down my shirt. and then i had to lie down b/c the pressure from the water on my eye was making me black out. i tell ya…. i’m a mess.


we were in the office for almost 2 hours. and it took them that long to get us into a room. examined. back to the surgery center. flushed. and then dr. heffernan delivered the news – it’s plugged again and i need to have the surgery. same as what i had on my other eye back in ’03 or ’04. only this time i have two kids at home. and i’m not supposed to do anything "strenuous" for A WEEK after the surgery (and i’m not supposed to blow my nose for a month!). so tomorrow i’ll call their office to see what kind of availability they have for the surgery. which has to happen down in seattle. which means i need to find someone to get me in and out of the office down there and to care for me for at least the day of the surgery (hey rach – you up for the task?) while dave and (hopefully) another person spend a day or two caring for my children. ugh. what a mess. plus i won’t be able to nurse sam for 24 hours after the surgery – the anesthesia and all. so i’ll be "pumping & dumping" as my lactation consultant would call it, for a day. so if you think of it, please keep me in your prayers that i can work out the details. i might have to wait to see if nana can come back out here for a few days.


but to cheer myself up after that bad news, i visited the outlets in burlington – just carters and the GAP outlet. i had a list of a few items i needed for the kids. check. also purchased some baby gifts for friends who had babies close to when i had sam (i know, i’m a little behind). and then at the GAP outlet, i hit a major score. i bought myself TWO pairs of jeans, a pair of dress khakis and a pair of sweatpants for less than $30!!!! pretty impressive, eh?! i was prepared to spend more b/c both pair of jeans were marked $19.99 (each) but rang up at $10 and $12 and then i had a 15% off coupon. i also found winter coats for the kids for next year and a few other small items for them. nothing for dave (sorry honey…. i did look)! so i think i’m going to have to go on a shopping hiatus for a few months between today and last weekend at Old Navy! but at least my family will all be well dressed!

3 thoughts on “smartest son

  1. You need to come to the Tulalip outlets next time you’re ready to shop again – and give me a call! I’m sorry to hear that you have to have another surgery – bless your heart! Uggh. :( I will be happy to help in any way I can. Let me know when you schedule the surgery. Much love to you!

  2. and I don’t think anyone’s surprised that you have the world’s smartest son…it was bound to happen given the genes he’s inherited… ;)

  3. That’s an awesome Davey story…love it! Of course, Barnyard Dance is one of the best books ever. :) Sorry to hear about your impending surgery.

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