should i?



i made a decision this morning to do our costco run today and the kids behaved so well (and the store was pretty slow) that i also got to visit tj maxx (which is in the same shopping plaza). the kids didn’t last too long at tj maxx, though i still managed to do some damage there. 


remember the nailpolish incident from about two weeks ago? where davey broke the bottle of nailpolish in the store (after we bought it) at rite aid? what i didn’t notice until the next day was the nailpolish on my coat. and a few days later i found the nailpolish on my purse. so i hoped that tj maxx would come through with a new purse for me. here’s what i found. i’m leaving the tags on right now so i can change my mind if it doesn’t work for me. but what do you think…

should i keep it or should i return it? 


today also turned out to be PACKAGE day. when we got home, there was a UPS package on our porch. the box held a lot of wrapping and this beauty:

sorry for the blurry photo. but that is a beautiful pearl that my brother & sister-in-law bought me for my birthday. it’s GORGEOUS. my brother has amazing taste in jewelry. i have a wonderful collection of jewelry that he’s bought me over the years. my two all-time favorite pieces are a white pearl on a gold chain (kinda but not really similar to the one above) that he bought for me back in 1986 (i think that’s right). there was a period of time where that necklace was never OFF my neck. and i did lose it for about 6 months one time and eventually found it in the crevices of my mom’s couch. i wore it to my senior prom. and i wore it in my wedding. and i may have worn it to my college graduation… so it’s been with me through some pretty major events. the other item that has been an amazing buy for the money is a swatch. remember those? plastic band watches? yeah. john bought me one back when i was in high school. or junior high. sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. anyway, that swatch has been through FOUR wrist bands over the years. the most recent "breakage" of the band was when davey was just a few months old. and i have been unable to find a new band to replace it. if you know of anyplace that will sell a plain black swatch wrist band (wide, not narrow), please let me know. i LOVE my swatch and i miss having it on my wrist! i wonder if this necklace will make it into my "jewelry hall of fame?"


but i digressed… back to the packages….. this afternoon the FED EX man delivered a package from nana. it wasn’t supposed to arrive until late next week. but it showed up today. filled with new pants for davey. and some cute clothes for sam (including a nana-knitted lilac sweater that i LOVE). and a few pairs of socks for me. nothing for dave (sorry, dave). oh yeah… and a hat for davey that, sadly, is too small for his large head:

yes… that is a carousel… or a circus tent… not quite sure which. complete with animal buttons. davey saw it and said "hat" over and over again. i stretched it onto his head and he ran around for awhile still saying "hat" over and over and over. only it sounds a little more like "hatch" with a lot of spit at the "ch" part of the sound!  :)


so today was an acquiring day. a fun day. it ended with a trip to grandpa & grandma’s house to see the new carpet. and to run and play and break it in (though no drinks were spilled and no crumbs were dropped – not tonight, at least). 


finally, today i schedule my surgery for my blocked tear duct. tuesday, february 24th is the big day. i’m hoping my mom can come out and stay with the kids (can you find a good ticket price, nana?). and i talked to my brother today (to thank him for my beautiful necklace) and it looks like he’ll be here the weekend before my surgery.


that’s all for tonight. i must go work with my sweet samantha baby. after she ate 3 times in 3 hours last night (6:30-9:30) she slept for 8 hours (first time)! i’m hoping she’ll repeat the long stretch of sleep without the need to eat three times in three hours! 


don’t forget to cast your vote….. should i keep the beautiful red purse or should i return it?!

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