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i’m keeping the purse. i cut off the tags tonight. i like it. and it works for me. that was the real reason i hadn’t cut off the tags – i wasn’t sure if it would work for me. but it does. and that makes me happy. because it’s a nice purse. (tommy hilfiger purser that retails for $75. i got it for $29.99 at tj maxx. love that store)!


many of you are on facebook. some of you are not. over the past few weeks (month?) i’ve been tagged about 15 times. tagged to list 25 random facts about myself. i worked on my list for about 2 hours tonight. and i had so much fun doing it that i listed more than 25 items. and i’m going to copy and paste the list here for those of you who aren’t on facebook…. because i think you should all be able to learn these odd things about me. who knows… if i get enough feedback, i may try to come up with another 25 random tidbits later this year…. like i said… it was fun to take this little trip down memory lane!




  1. I was extremely shy as a child. I swear. Very, very, painfully shy.

  2. I had my first kiss the night before I turned 16. I still remember it as a magical moment in my life!

  3. I was a girly-girl when I was little. Pink, frills & lace. I had zero interest in sports – except for jumping rope (regular, double dutch and chinese) and wanting to be a cheerleader. I’m sure it didn’t help that I was extremely klutzy!

  4. I played basketball in high school (sophomore & junior years) and LOVED it even though I was AWFUL (I really was). Thankfully, I got a LOT better later in life and I even played county league for about three (3) years when I first moved to Washington.

  5. One of my earliest memories NOT prompted by a photograph or someone else’s story is going for a walk with my gram when we lived on Morley Drive in Ohio. We walked past a little girl playing a drum in her front yard. I was too shy to say anything so my gram talked to her. Her name was Heather. She had an older sister who was my age – Stephanie. Stephanie soon became my best friend.

  6. I’m highly competitive. I turn EVERYTHING into a competition…. even against myself (like doing search-a-word or sudoku puzzles). Despite my competitive nature, I lose a lot. And I’m not a happy loser.

  7. I sprained my ankles (yes, both) a total of 7 times (not each) during my high school years. I was on crutches a lot. And I still have very weak ankles.

  8. I’m addicted to television. I hate that. I’m learning how to “win the war” with the remote. But it’s a daily struggle.

  9. My brother used to call me Bucky Beaver Bean Pole. He thought it was funny. I think it scarred my perception of myself for years. I had some serious self-esteem issues.

  10. I’ve been to 14 countries (including the USA, Canada and Mexico). I am counting Puerto Rico as it’s own country, even though it’s a US territory. I visited 9 of the countries in one year (1997). In order, here’s where I’ve been: USA, Haiti, Puerto Rico, England, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Kenya. (England through France were in 1997). I have been to a few countries more than once (Israel, England, Italy, Canada and Mexico).

  11. I’m a “closet” introvert. I don’t like parties. I don’t like making small talk. I’d rather be at home or among a small group of good friends.

  12. I learned how to blow bubbles when I was in 3rd grade. But I hated the flavor of chewing gum, so I made my mom chew out the flavor. Totally gross, I know. I still don’t like bubble gum.

  13. I love to really “connect” with people. I hate “fake” people. They are a waste of my time. If you can’t be real with me, leave me alone.

  14. I’ve only been the recipient of a “broken heart” once in my life. It took me a LONG, LONG time to get over him. I mean it. A really, really long time. My next relationship was with my husband…. 7 years later (though I did date during those 7 years… sheesh… I’m not a total psycho or loser!).

  15. I was an AVID reader as a child and young adult. My mom would take me to the library every Saturday. I would check out at least 7 books (from the “juniors” section) and would have them all finished by Wednesday (during the school year) or Monday (during the summer). I still love to read, though I rarely make the time for it.

  16. My second connection with my friend Jenn was our shared love of reading. (Our first connection related to our collections of plastic charms and necklaces…. anyone else remember those from the 80s?).

  17. My first car (at age 17 in 1992) was a 1979 Chrysler Cordoba. It belonged to my grandfather, who died when I was in 1st or 2nd grade… 11 or 12 years earlier.

  18. I had to serve detention only once in my life…. for forging my mom’s signature on my Bible quiz when I was in 7th or 8th grade (I had cheated on the quiz).

  19. I hate clutter. I wish we had half the possessions we have. Life would be simpler. Cleaner. And I would stop arranging and re-arranging the items in our home (and consequently, Dave would be able to find things b/c I’d stop moving them)! Or maybe we should just get a bigger house. That might work, too!

  20. My roommate, Christy, and I used to do 8 Minute Abs while wearing our bikinis…. we were prepping for our trip to Hawaii. We did this in the evening while in our apartment in front of our sliding glass door leading out to our balcony – the sliding glass door acted as a mirror….. it was good motivation!

  21. I hate to iron. Hate it. I do it about 6 times a year, if that. I really hate it. That’s why I encourage Dave to wear cotton polo shirts to work instead of button-down shirts!

  22. I moved across the country (Levittown, PA to Lynden, WA) by myself. I knew one person in Lynden, but she was living in Israel when I moved here. I have never regretted my decision. Or my 2-week moving journey. Can’t believe I haven’t seen some of you since that trip in 1999…. Sarah, Ellen, Julie, Andi, Tim, Trevor…. it’s been a long time, my friends!

  23. My brother was my best friend and my hero. He’s 9 years older. I remember crying at his first wedding (1987 – I was 12 years old) because I knew I was losing my brother, rather than gaining a sister.

  24. I felt safer when I lived in/went to school in Jerusalem, Israel than I have ever felt living anywhere in the USA (even here in Lynden)!

  25. I have never smoked a cigarette – not even a little puff. I have, however, smoked (and enjoyed) a number of cigars.

  26. My purse was stolen in high school while I was at youth group (or a youth group event). My mom helped me search around the building. We found the purse and some of it’s contents in the dumpster at WaWa (it’s like a 7-11). My mom climbed into the bee-infested dumpster to recover my belongings.

  27. I received a rejection letter from my first (and only) college choice. In hindsight, I’m glad Wheaton didn’t want me – my life would be oh-so-very different right now.

  28. I have ZERO musical ability. But i’ve always envied people who are musically gifted.

  29. My great grandfather, whom I never met, once owned a carnival. And a circus. And a mom and pop shop with a soda fountain.

  30. I want to share many, many more things, but I fear I’m just being long-winded and will bore you to tears. So I’ll stop here.  


3 thoughts on “random tidbits about tam

  1. duh… how could i forget japan?! that was the FIRST country i ever visited. japan was 1990. haiti was 1991. the next country was puerto rico in 1996 and london in 1997. i knew i was missing something there! and i definitely remember being on crutches in haiti – the haitians really “felt” for me b/c i was “broken,” too. thanks, mom, for the reminders!

  2. Hey! That’s nothing Tam, I posted 100 things about me on MySpace! :P That was awhile ago, but it was kinda fun! :) Now the thought of doing 25 (other than cutting and pasting from the list of 100!) seems overwhelming! Go figure! How are you?

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