it’s raining, it’s pouring

remember that song? it’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…. but in my case, it’s "the kids are snoring"


for those of you who don’t live in this area and haven’t seen the news, after our wild and crazy major snowstorms two weeks ago, we are now being bombarded with water. the rain kind. and the melted snow kind. it warmed up overnight to about 50 and the snow just disappeared. and that means that the snow started melting in the mountains and drained down to fill the rivers which filled the streams. and since it was raining (over 30 hours straight), all the rivers and streams started to overflow. there are roads closed EVERYWHERE. dave actually had to take the freeway home from work last night. and today, he had to do a zigzag pattern to get to work. crazy. just crazy.


and i am SO THANKFUL we have the pathfinder. b/c even though my in-laws were flooded in (their place was 100% dry but the roads to get to them were under deep, deep water), i was still able to get through for a visit. those daily visits with the kids at grandpa & grandma’s house provide me with a much needed break. and some sanity. had i only had a car, i would not have made it through. gotta love the pathfinder. (note, the jeep would work, too, but we let the insurance lapse on it again… or the tabs… can’t remember which).


and i’m still without my laptop (hopefully today or tomorrow?) and b/c i’m without my laptop, i’m too lazy to go get the camera, the cord and plug it into this computer to share photos with you. so you’ll just have to wait another day or two. i know. i’m lazy. but i have two kids under 18 months…. i’m allowed to be lazy when they’re napping!  :)


happy thursday to all!

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