davey shared his germs with his mama and daddy. so we’re both sick. i have an awful head cold. not sure what dave has, though a head cold is a big part of it. it doesn’t help that we’re both so run-down with a history of limited sleep for the past few months. ugh.


so this led to a not-so-good day for me yesterday. i did take davey and sam to play group yesterday so dave could get some sleep. thank you again, to my dear friend sara, who fed davey and i lunch yesterday before we came home from a long play group. 


the day did not get any better for us… in fact, it just got worse. much, much worse. davey aws pretty whiney all day. grandma was sick so we couldn’t call on her as a reinforcement (to take davey for a few hours so dave and i could rest). davey and i visited rite aid to get some cold medicine and tissues with lotion and i decided to splurge and buy some new nailpolish. dark colors. well, i let davey play with the bottles. not a bad thing in and of itself. unless one bottle isn’t closed very well b/c someone (before me) tested the color. so davey wound up holding a broken bottle of nailpolish. a dark color. very dark. and it was ALL OVER his pants and jacket. his camo pants that nana bought him from the GAP and his camo sweatshirt jacket that i bought him from the GAP. granted, they were on sale, but still, i LOVED those pants and that jacket. i haven’t washed them yet – they’re still soaking in oxi clean, though i fear they are ruined forever. 


then we went to the grocery store to get dinner and some red raspberry tea for dave. the cashier was SOOOOO SLOW (i should really know which cashiers to avoid by now). and the nail polish aroma was really playing tricks with my head. it stunk. ugh. we rushed home so i could feed sam and it turned out dave had already given her a bottle while we were gone. i didn’t know this until i moved her downstairs to get ready to feed her. that’s when she erupted. everything she drank came out. all of it. all over the couch. down the back of the cushion. ick.


it was just a really rough day in the dunkin household. davey was whining all day. and i do mean whining. an i do mean all day. he’s just not himself. he has a little bit of the cold, but i think he’s teething something fierce. he’s just not himself. and i feel awful that all i can do is give him tylenol. he doesn’t like to chew on things (unless it’s chewing on his bottle nipple or binky and making loud loud LOUD noises simultaneously) so we’re just suffering through right now.


since it’s 9:26 a.m., i’m assuming dave it taking another sick day today. i am bound and determined to make today a more restful day for him. he needs to recover. i got a good night’s sleep last night, but since i have this cold, i need more sleep than normal. so i’m still very, very tired. hopefully i can take a nap today. i didn’t get to indulge in that luxury yesterday. 


oh yeah… i do want you to know that i did see humor in the nailpolish situation yesterday. i even said to the young male cashier at rite aide that having kids really humbles a person. he was nice enough to let me grab another bottle of the broken nailpolish for free! and just so you know, i really wanted to take photos of davey all covered in nailplish. but the smell was just too overwhelming to leave it any longer. so i stripped off his coat and pants… and it had bled through his pants to his thighs. and on the skin, the color looks purple, so he looked like he had massive bruises on his thighs until i tackled him with some nailpolish remover!

2 thoughts on “icky

  1. tell the truth tam… you whacked your kid on his thighs :) .
    prayed for you this morning. hoping today is a wonderful day and that you get the nap you need!
    love you.

  2. Yeah, those are the days that you just have to laugh, because if you don’t, you just start crying…I know girl. Glad we got to spend the beginning of the day with you.

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