if i were a dinosaur, i’m sure i would be called a bargainasauraus. i can’t help it. i cannot bypass a good sale. my mama taught me that it doesn’t cost anything to try on clothing. or to look. so when i see a sale, watch out! most of my friends know this about me, too.


yesterday i read on facebook (thanks sarah!) that old navy was having their 50% off clearance prices sale. and then i got a message from another friend (thanks linda!) that our local store was, indeed, having the sale (sarah lives in michigan). so after naptime, i loaded up the kiddos and made an unplanned trip to bellingham. where i loaded one of those LARGE blue old navy shopping bags with clothing. mostly for sam. some for davey. a few shirts for dave. and three small items for me (2 nighties and a tank top). in all, i purchased 41 articles of clothing. and i spent $142.22. and then i learned that i was charged full price for one of sam’s shirts ($10.50 instead of $1.74) so i went back this morning to get the difference back on my card and to take another look through the racks. for whatever reason, yesterday i was unable to convince myself to purchase anything for davey in a size 2T…. but that’s what size he’ll be wearing next winter. i guess i’m just having a hard time admitting that my sweet, little, baby boy will be wearing BIG BOY clothing next year! so, of course, i had to look through the girl stuff again and i found some additional items for sam that i just needed to purchase. (my philosophy on shopping: buy on sale now; compare to what you have at home; return what you don’t need/want.) so here’s a photo of everything – all of davey’s items, sam’s purchases, dave’s shirts and my items:


not a bad haul, eh? but get this. in total, pictured here are 59 items that retailed for $761.50 and i purchased for only $165.63. that’s an average of $2.81 per item. and a total savings of $595.87. i know my mom is proud of me for this haul! 


now i have a question about kids’ clothing sizes. so davey is currently wearing 12-18 month clothing. we’re getting ready to move him to his 18-24 month clothing. so that’s what i bought this weekend – quite a bit of 18-24 month shirts and then i added some 2T shirts as well. so is 2T the size davey moves to AFTER he outgrows 18-24 months or is 18-24 month clothing and 2T synonymous? ‘cuz up ’til now, clothing sizes are "up to" (aka: 3 months means 0-3 months; 12 months means 6-12 months). but does 2T mean (in most cases) when you turn 2 you start to wear size 2T? and when you turn 3 you start to wear 3T? ‘cuz that’s what i’ve been assuming and thinking thus far. 


after friday’s shopping adventure, we stopped by grandpa & grandma’s house (for the first time all week…. davey had shared his germs with them and they took most of the week to recover). there’s a possibility that in one week, the addition will be finished. but since the carpet isn’t installed yet, davey got to ride his tricycle (a $1 garage sale find this past summer) in their new living room:

he was afraid of this little tricycle last summer. but last night he LOVED it!

4 thoughts on “bargainasauraus

  1. We hit up our Old Navy & got some great deals too! Sounds like we have the same shopping philosophy. 18-24 months is the size before 2T. We’ve found that clothes marked just “24 months” is generally slightly smaller than 2T. I had a hard time buying 3T & 4T stuff for Isaac too- it’s hard to believe they’ll ever be that big :)

  2. thanks for the heads up on the sale. i know i can always count you for letting me know. =) i had a hard time buying for isaiah this year too b/c he’s already going into a 5 (xs) boys!!! so sad. where did my little boy go? it goes by so quickly….

  3. I agree with Sarah Taylor regarding the sizes. This is the order we have found: 18 – 24 months, 24 months, 2T, etc. I had everything figured out size-wise until Micah started outgrowing the “T” sizes. Last year he was in 4T, so I bought him size 5 for this winter. When winter came, all the size 5′s were too big and the 4T’s were too small. I found that Target and Old Navy carry 5T, which is smaller than 5, so I had to stock up on some of that. Phew.

  4. I think it is generally assumed that 2T is for 2 year olds, 3T for 3 year olds, etc. A lot of kids follow this pattern, but some do not! Ellie, for example, is 2 (just turned 2 1/2) and is wearing 4T and some 5T clothes. Last winter she was wearing 24 month and 2T clothes, so I didn’t expect such a jump to this winter. (And, of course, this was the little girl who was 2 weeks late and STILL wore size 0-3 month clothes until she was SEVEN months old!) So… just a fair warning that you can’t necessarily predict what size your kid will be next year! Buying a bigger size than you think you’ll need can sometimes be a good thing.

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