18 months


my week has been all out-of-sorts, so i totally missed that yesterday was the 15th. davey’s 18-month birthday. 

this is what he looked like about 30 minutes ago (around 12:30) during his nap. i took the bumper out of the crib to wash it (had to get rid of his cold germs, you know) and i haven’t put it back in yet b/c i’m thinking he should be about finished with it and it should return to the nursery for sam’s use. with the bumper gone, he has no where to "rest" his feet so now they just hang out of the crib spindles. i LOVE this. it’s as though he just passed out. completely exhausted. he makes me smile!


we received a package earlier this week for samantha from my great-aunt Hobb (her real name is "edna" but she’s always been "hobb" to her friends and family). anyway, she sent davey a little something along with sam’s gift. davey finally received his first dog… it’s stuffed and i’m not sure what kind of dog it is but it doesn’t matter. as soon as he saw it, davey immediately said "wuf wuf," which is what he says for "dog."  i haven’t captured a photo of davey holding wuf-wuf (whom we’ve named "wolf bert" based on a series of bedtime stories dave used to tell davey) but here’s a photo of just the dog:

throughout the day, when i ask davey "where’s your wuf wuf?" or "where’s your dog?" he’ll stop, look around and if wolf bert is in the same room, he’ll run and get him. i LOVE watching his mind connect things. he can now point out dogs in pictures, on tv, on my computer screen and his stuffed animal. it’s truly an amazing thing to watch a child "get it." to watch them learn. to watch the progression of connecting a word to an item. 


at 18 months, davey is still a happy, loveable child. he LOVES to smile and laugh. he has a mouth full of teeth. he sleeps through the night (mostly). he sometimes naps or sleeps at night in his big boy bed, though he’s mostly still in his crib. he looks adorable in footie pajamas (what kid doesn’t?). he wore a faux-hawk to church on sunday b/c his hair is a little too long to simply spike. he likes to talk. he likes to watch his morning cartoons. he still eats like a bird on most days. he loves sweets (takes after his mama). he still needs his binkies. he still drinks from bottles, but he can and does drink from sippy cups as well. he LOVES bath time and will come running when he hears the water. he loves to play with all kinds of toys and household gadgets. he loves to climb on the couches and the ottoman. he loves to be carried. he loves to run and giggle and explore. his favorite place to be is outside. sometimes that simply means the garage. he enjoys reading books and will sometimes sit quietly and look through them in his room or on your lap. he adores his baby sister and likes to help by bringing her blankets, burp cloths and other baby items. he really enjoys showing her rattles and how they work. while he is a source of so much joy, he also can be infuriating and frustrating at times. he whines a lot (we’re trying hard to break that – any suggestions or tips?). he has zero patience (hmmmm…. where does he get that?). if he doesn’t get his way, it’s tear-city. so basically, he’s a typical toddler. we love him through it all – the good and the bad. and he really is such a joy in our home.   


for my own self, here’s a list of words that davey is currently using:

bye (or bye bye), hi, thank you, whoa, amen, uh oh, please (“peas”), brrrrrr!, poo, car (sounds like “cah”), ba (for bottle), bi (for binky), wuf-wuf (for dog), mmmmm (for cow), no, dat (for dad), mama, ma (for up or down or grandma), pa (for grandpa), cheese, bath (“bat”), hat, cracker, nana (or "na")


i know there are others…. i just can’t think of them right now. enjoy your friday!

One thought on “18 months

  1. Wow – that Davey boy is a true toddler now. You’re right, Tam, it IS so amazing to watch our kids discover the world and to be able to communicate. I always think it’s wonderful to see the world through a child’s eyes…to see how little we start out knowing and how much we now take for granted that we know them! It’s given me much more compassion for the rough times with my kids to realize that they are having to learn EVERYTHING. Literally everything. No wonder they’re cranky sometimes (or scared or obstinate). No wonder, also, that they are so delighted with this amazing place in which they live. Looking through our kids’ eyes challenges us to see the world differently…and to borrow a phrase from our precious Lord…this is “very good”. Here’s to the many years to come of being challenged, stretched and delighted by our offspring. Love you all!

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