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random tidbits about tam



i’m keeping the purse. i cut off the tags tonight. i like it. and it works for me. that was the real reason i hadn’t cut off the tags – i wasn’t sure if it would work for me. but it does. and that makes me happy. because it’s a nice purse. (tommy hilfiger purser that retails for $75. i got it for $29.99 at tj maxx. love that store)!


many of you are on facebook. some of you are not. over the past few weeks (month?) i’ve been tagged about 15 times. tagged to list 25 random facts about myself. i worked on my list for about 2 hours tonight. and i had so much fun doing it that i listed more than 25 items. and i’m going to copy and paste the list here for those of you who aren’t on facebook…. because i think you should all be able to learn these odd things about me. who knows… if i get enough feedback, i may try to come up with another 25 random tidbits later this year…. like i said… it was fun to take this little trip down memory lane!




  1. I was extremely shy as a child. I swear. Very, very, painfully shy.

  2. I had my first kiss the night before I turned 16. I still remember it as a magical moment in my life!

  3. I was a girly-girl when I was little. Pink, frills & lace. I had zero interest in sports – except for jumping rope (regular, double dutch and chinese) and wanting to be a cheerleader. I’m sure it didn’t help that I was extremely klutzy!

  4. I played basketball in high school (sophomore & junior years) and LOVED it even though I was AWFUL (I really was). Thankfully, I got a LOT better later in life and I even played county league for about three (3) years when I first moved to Washington.

  5. One of my earliest memories NOT prompted by a photograph or someone else’s story is going for a walk with my gram when we lived on Morley Drive in Ohio. We walked past a little girl playing a drum in her front yard. I was too shy to say anything so my gram talked to her. Her name was Heather. She had an older sister who was my age – Stephanie. Stephanie soon became my best friend.

  6. I’m highly competitive. I turn EVERYTHING into a competition…. even against myself (like doing search-a-word or sudoku puzzles). Despite my competitive nature, I lose a lot. And I’m not a happy loser.

  7. I sprained my ankles (yes, both) a total of 7 times (not each) during my high school years. I was on crutches a lot. And I still have very weak ankles.

  8. I’m addicted to television. I hate that. I’m learning how to “win the war” with the remote. But it’s a daily struggle.

  9. My brother used to call me Bucky Beaver Bean Pole. He thought it was funny. I think it scarred my perception of myself for years. I had some serious self-esteem issues.

  10. I’ve been to 14 countries (including the USA, Canada and Mexico). I am counting Puerto Rico as it’s own country, even though it’s a US territory. I visited 9 of the countries in one year (1997). In order, here’s where I’ve been: USA, Haiti, Puerto Rico, England, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Kenya. (England through France were in 1997). I have been to a few countries more than once (Israel, England, Italy, Canada and Mexico).

  11. I’m a “closet” introvert. I don’t like parties. I don’t like making small talk. I’d rather be at home or among a small group of good friends.

  12. I learned how to blow bubbles when I was in 3rd grade. But I hated the flavor of chewing gum, so I made my mom chew out the flavor. Totally gross, I know. I still don’t like bubble gum.

  13. I love to really “connect” with people. I hate “fake” people. They are a waste of my time. If you can’t be real with me, leave me alone.

  14. I’ve only been the recipient of a “broken heart” once in my life. It took me a LONG, LONG time to get over him. I mean it. A really, really long time. My next relationship was with my husband…. 7 years later (though I did date during those 7 years… sheesh… I’m not a total psycho or loser!).

  15. I was an AVID reader as a child and young adult. My mom would take me to the library every Saturday. I would check out at least 7 books (from the “juniors” section) and would have them all finished by Wednesday (during the school year) or Monday (during the summer). I still love to read, though I rarely make the time for it.

  16. My second connection with my friend Jenn was our shared love of reading. (Our first connection related to our collections of plastic charms and necklaces…. anyone else remember those from the 80s?).

  17. My first car (at age 17 in 1992) was a 1979 Chrysler Cordoba. It belonged to my grandfather, who died when I was in 1st or 2nd grade… 11 or 12 years earlier.

  18. I had to serve detention only once in my life…. for forging my mom’s signature on my Bible quiz when I was in 7th or 8th grade (I had cheated on the quiz).

  19. I hate clutter. I wish we had half the possessions we have. Life would be simpler. Cleaner. And I would stop arranging and re-arranging the items in our home (and consequently, Dave would be able to find things b/c I’d stop moving them)! Or maybe we should just get a bigger house. That might work, too!

  20. My roommate, Christy, and I used to do 8 Minute Abs while wearing our bikinis…. we were prepping for our trip to Hawaii. We did this in the evening while in our apartment in front of our sliding glass door leading out to our balcony – the sliding glass door acted as a mirror….. it was good motivation!

  21. I hate to iron. Hate it. I do it about 6 times a year, if that. I really hate it. That’s why I encourage Dave to wear cotton polo shirts to work instead of button-down shirts!

  22. I moved across the country (Levittown, PA to Lynden, WA) by myself. I knew one person in Lynden, but she was living in Israel when I moved here. I have never regretted my decision. Or my 2-week moving journey. Can’t believe I haven’t seen some of you since that trip in 1999…. Sarah, Ellen, Julie, Andi, Tim, Trevor…. it’s been a long time, my friends!

  23. My brother was my best friend and my hero. He’s 9 years older. I remember crying at his first wedding (1987 – I was 12 years old) because I knew I was losing my brother, rather than gaining a sister.

  24. I felt safer when I lived in/went to school in Jerusalem, Israel than I have ever felt living anywhere in the USA (even here in Lynden)!

  25. I have never smoked a cigarette – not even a little puff. I have, however, smoked (and enjoyed) a number of cigars.

  26. My purse was stolen in high school while I was at youth group (or a youth group event). My mom helped me search around the building. We found the purse and some of it’s contents in the dumpster at WaWa (it’s like a 7-11). My mom climbed into the bee-infested dumpster to recover my belongings.

  27. I received a rejection letter from my first (and only) college choice. In hindsight, I’m glad Wheaton didn’t want me – my life would be oh-so-very different right now.

  28. I have ZERO musical ability. But i’ve always envied people who are musically gifted.

  29. My great grandfather, whom I never met, once owned a carnival. And a circus. And a mom and pop shop with a soda fountain.

  30. I want to share many, many more things, but I fear I’m just being long-winded and will bore you to tears. So I’ll stop here.  


should i?



i made a decision this morning to do our costco run today and the kids behaved so well (and the store was pretty slow) that i also got to visit tj maxx (which is in the same shopping plaza). the kids didn’t last too long at tj maxx, though i still managed to do some damage there. 


remember the nailpolish incident from about two weeks ago? where davey broke the bottle of nailpolish in the store (after we bought it) at rite aid? what i didn’t notice until the next day was the nailpolish on my coat. and a few days later i found the nailpolish on my purse. so i hoped that tj maxx would come through with a new purse for me. here’s what i found. i’m leaving the tags on right now so i can change my mind if it doesn’t work for me. but what do you think…

should i keep it or should i return it? 


today also turned out to be PACKAGE day. when we got home, there was a UPS package on our porch. the box held a lot of wrapping and this beauty:

sorry for the blurry photo. but that is a beautiful pearl that my brother & sister-in-law bought me for my birthday. it’s GORGEOUS. my brother has amazing taste in jewelry. i have a wonderful collection of jewelry that he’s bought me over the years. my two all-time favorite pieces are a white pearl on a gold chain (kinda but not really similar to the one above) that he bought for me back in 1986 (i think that’s right). there was a period of time where that necklace was never OFF my neck. and i did lose it for about 6 months one time and eventually found it in the crevices of my mom’s couch. i wore it to my senior prom. and i wore it in my wedding. and i may have worn it to my college graduation… so it’s been with me through some pretty major events. the other item that has been an amazing buy for the money is a swatch. remember those? plastic band watches? yeah. john bought me one back when i was in high school. or junior high. sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. anyway, that swatch has been through FOUR wrist bands over the years. the most recent "breakage" of the band was when davey was just a few months old. and i have been unable to find a new band to replace it. if you know of anyplace that will sell a plain black swatch wrist band (wide, not narrow), please let me know. i LOVE my swatch and i miss having it on my wrist! i wonder if this necklace will make it into my "jewelry hall of fame?"


but i digressed… back to the packages….. this afternoon the FED EX man delivered a package from nana. it wasn’t supposed to arrive until late next week. but it showed up today. filled with new pants for davey. and some cute clothes for sam (including a nana-knitted lilac sweater that i LOVE). and a few pairs of socks for me. nothing for dave (sorry, dave). oh yeah… and a hat for davey that, sadly, is too small for his large head:

yes… that is a carousel… or a circus tent… not quite sure which. complete with animal buttons. davey saw it and said "hat" over and over again. i stretched it onto his head and he ran around for awhile still saying "hat" over and over and over. only it sounds a little more like "hatch" with a lot of spit at the "ch" part of the sound!  :)


so today was an acquiring day. a fun day. it ended with a trip to grandpa & grandma’s house to see the new carpet. and to run and play and break it in (though no drinks were spilled and no crumbs were dropped – not tonight, at least). 


finally, today i schedule my surgery for my blocked tear duct. tuesday, february 24th is the big day. i’m hoping my mom can come out and stay with the kids (can you find a good ticket price, nana?). and i talked to my brother today (to thank him for my beautiful necklace) and it looks like he’ll be here the weekend before my surgery.


that’s all for tonight. i must go work with my sweet samantha baby. after she ate 3 times in 3 hours last night (6:30-9:30) she slept for 8 hours (first time)! i’m hoping she’ll repeat the long stretch of sleep without the need to eat three times in three hours! 


don’t forget to cast your vote….. should i keep the beautiful red purse or should i return it?!

bad mama



amazing, isn’t it, how you can have a good day where you feel completely "with it" and things go okay (i’m realistic enough not to "perfectly") and the next day is 100% the opposite. where you feel like a failure as a parent. you lose your patience. you get mad. frustrated. ticked off. grossed out. yesterday was a pretty good day. today – not so much.


but i’m not dwelling on that. instead, i’m going to dwell on the joyous reality that i did do a few things "right" today. i bought new sheets for davey today at walmart. and even though they’re ultra cheap (quality), he LOVES them….. any guess what’s on them? 


cars. pixar’s cars. 


what else did i do right today? instead of letting the guy at walmart package my stuff into about 16 different plastic bags (‘cuz you know they give you way more bags than you need…. just like at food pavillion, right julie?), i had him pack my purchases into these beauties:


you know me… i’m not an environmentalist. but i’m tired of plastic bags taking over my home. they have a use (especially in this home, so full of dirty diapers), but i’m no longer willing to be over-run by them. so i plan to use my five (5) tote bags from Treasury until i need some more plastic bags. i’ve actually been wanting some reusable bags for a few months now, but i’ve been holding out, waiting to find *cute ones that didn’t cost a lot. i finally found them… these beauties are only $1!


and today i also picked up my custom vinyl orders at Treasury…. check ‘em out:


they look pretty sharp, eh? i’m very, very pleased. thanks, heidi, for the great work!


and finally, in an attempt to continue to organize my home (it’s a never-ending project in this home), i purchased some more canvas "bins" today for davey’s toys in the living room and i bought myself an organizing "treat" today:

i’m eager to crack ‘er open and put ‘er to use! hopefully tomorrow (today’s been a loooooooong day)! have you ever known anyone so excited to use a label maker? i know i’m weird. but it works for me. besides… if i actually LABEL things, then dave won’t be able to claim he doesn’t know where to find things in this home (since i’m always moving things around, in an attempt to be perfectly organized)!


here’s to tomorrow… a new day and (hopefully) a much better one (even though i’ll have to fold 4.5 loads of laundry b/c i’m on strike tonight)! 

at 3 months



at age 3 months (yesterday), sam is in a growth spurt. i’ve been getting up 3-4 times a night for the past 4 nights or so. i hope this is over. i’m exhausted. 


despite being frustrated with her current never-ending need to eat, i do love my sweet baby girl. here’s a list describing sam at 3 months:

- loves music

- enjoying her mobile and play mat with musical lion (she likes to bat it)

- loves to be upright (being held or in the bjorn)

- wants to face out – no cuddling!

- sometimes will sleep for a 5-hour stretch (when not in a growth spurt)

- eating every 2.5-3 hours during this growth spurt

- still wearing 0-3 month clothing (though all her 3-6 month stuff is washed and ready to wear)

- won’t keep shoes on her feet (kicks them off) – still has LONG, skinny feet

- still spits up regularly, despite getting a dose of zantac 2x daily

- snores

- loves to smile (we don’t remember davey smiling as much as sam does)

- is easily startled 

- adores her big brother

- poops at least once a day 

- is starting to tolerate bathtime

- loves when i tickle her face with a chunk of my hair – she "coos" when i do it!

- will drink formula but hasn’t liked any of the frozen pumped milk yet (haven’t tried much)

- does best when i avoid caffeine, chocolate, orange juice, excessive salt (like chex mix) and carbonated beverages, dairy…….. unfortunately for both of us, i can’t give it all up every day!

- holds her head up with very limited "bobbling"

- can sit in her bumbo seat for short periods of time (with something behind it – like the couch or armchair)

- LOVES the swing



oh yeah – doesn’t sam look cute in her warm dress from Miss Elizabeth (owner of my favorite store – Treasury of Memories)? and those tights from the $1 spot at target are the perfect compliment…. they even look like little pink mary janes!


and my bargain hunting continues. i found a smokin’ deal on craigslist this weekend…. davey got a new toy:


i found this bargain for only $5 (and it includes some tools and screws and stuff) AND i only had to travel to the "other side" of lynden to get it! and as you can see, davey loves it already!




so back in march, dave did this with our 8-month old son:


the other night, he did this with our almost 3-month old daughter:


my husband’s got mad skillz. and muscles. despite what you all think, i was NOT afraid when my husband pulled out these moves with our kids. heck…. who do you think took all the photos?!  :)


we also have a photo of dave holding davey with one hand back when davey was about a week old. he tried to hold sam the same way when she was about a week old but she was so wiggly and squirmy that dave was afraid he’d drop her, so he didn’t try. 

smartest son



my boys ADORE each other (most of the time):

you should try to get davey to say "tickle tickle" sometime… it’s pretty darn cute. i think that’s what was going on in the above photo… some tickling!


i cannot lie. i have the world’s smartest son. seriously. i know all of my friends have smart kids. but davey is a genius. and he never ceases to amaze us. he has this book called Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton:

(we have a lot of her books – they’re kid friendly and fun). 


this is one of those books, however, that you have to read – well, sing, almost. it’s very country (and you know i hate country). it’s got a square dancing theme and every time i read it to davey, i tap out the time/rhythm on my leg with my hand. apparently dave does it too. one night last week, dave or i said something and at the same time, we started to sing-song the opening lyrics of this book

"stomp your feet

clap your hands

everybody ready for a barnyard dance…."


davey stopped what he was doing and looked at us because he recognized the words and the "tune." he walked over to the stairs and dave told him to "go get the book." then dave said to me "if he gets that book, i will be impressed. and i’ll read it to him." just a few minutes later, davey came down the stairs and as he rounded the corner (we were sitting on the couch), low and behold, he held the right book in his hands. we clapped and cheered. and then read the book to davey about 5 times in a row. a great reward for him. 


so i dare you to beat my story about your smart son. i’m sure i also have the world’s smartest daughter, but i have no stories to share yet. give her a break… she’s not even 3 months old yet, though!!!  :)


this morning samantha and i headed down to mount vernon for my follow-up appointment with the eye surgeon. remember when i had that little "procedure" done in the office back in november and it worked to unclog my tear duct? yeah. it only lasted for about a month. so today he looked at my eye and said the top of the duct looked clear but my eye was still a little "soggy." so we made our way back to the surgery center where he numbed my eye and tried to flush the duct. instead of water running down my throat, it ran down my face, off my chin and down my shirt. and then i had to lie down b/c the pressure from the water on my eye was making me black out. i tell ya…. i’m a mess.


we were in the office for almost 2 hours. and it took them that long to get us into a room. examined. back to the surgery center. flushed. and then dr. heffernan delivered the news – it’s plugged again and i need to have the surgery. same as what i had on my other eye back in ’03 or ’04. only this time i have two kids at home. and i’m not supposed to do anything "strenuous" for A WEEK after the surgery (and i’m not supposed to blow my nose for a month!). so tomorrow i’ll call their office to see what kind of availability they have for the surgery. which has to happen down in seattle. which means i need to find someone to get me in and out of the office down there and to care for me for at least the day of the surgery (hey rach – you up for the task?) while dave and (hopefully) another person spend a day or two caring for my children. ugh. what a mess. plus i won’t be able to nurse sam for 24 hours after the surgery – the anesthesia and all. so i’ll be "pumping & dumping" as my lactation consultant would call it, for a day. so if you think of it, please keep me in your prayers that i can work out the details. i might have to wait to see if nana can come back out here for a few days.


but to cheer myself up after that bad news, i visited the outlets in burlington – just carters and the GAP outlet. i had a list of a few items i needed for the kids. check. also purchased some baby gifts for friends who had babies close to when i had sam (i know, i’m a little behind). and then at the GAP outlet, i hit a major score. i bought myself TWO pairs of jeans, a pair of dress khakis and a pair of sweatpants for less than $30!!!! pretty impressive, eh?! i was prepared to spend more b/c both pair of jeans were marked $19.99 (each) but rang up at $10 and $12 and then i had a 15% off coupon. i also found winter coats for the kids for next year and a few other small items for them. nothing for dave (sorry honey…. i did look)! so i think i’m going to have to go on a shopping hiatus for a few months between today and last weekend at Old Navy! but at least my family will all be well dressed!

the kids



davey saw the doctor this morning for his 18-month well baby check. he’s 21 pounds. and he wavers in the 5th to 15% percentile for height and weight. yep. he’s still on the small side, though he’s in the 50th percentile for head circumference – he’s gotta have SOME PLACE to house that big brain (got a good story about that – maybe i’ll share it tomorrow?). he didn’t like getting his shots (who does?) but the treat box distracted him pretty well!


last night, while we were eating dinner, sam was on the floor in her boppy and i captured some of my new favorite photos of her:


she just looks so sweet. innocent. pure. and it doesn’t hurt that she’s wearing one of her special onesies designed by the beautiful and talented miss carly!!


davey tried to teach his sister how to give a "high 5" (one of his new favorite things):



and then he gave her "love" (which usually means open mouth, slobbery kisses):


all this love and attention that he lavished upon his baby sister, however, was only when he wasn’t distracted by the video camera:


silly kid! he is definitely an entertainer!

forever 27



thanks for all the birthday greetings and wishes yesterday! my day began with play group… an odd play group, though a good one. i showed up at carrilee’s house with snack (i made a cake to celebrate several birthdays – lisa, preston and i – me?) shortly after 9. by 9:30 no one else had arrived – not unusual. we made a joke that the "official start time" should be moved to 9:30. but by 10 no one else was there. by 10:30 no one else was there. yep. it was the smallest number of attendees in the history of this play group – carrilee and myself! 


carrilee and i had a really good visit, interrupted several time by the children, but what else is new? around 11:30 i realized what time it was and decided we should head home. that’s when henry had an accident. after he got cleaned up, i noticed RED lipstick (or marker, perhaps?) on his upper lip. i made a comment to carrilee. she checked it out…. it was blood. turns out, her dad left his disposable razors here after his last visit (Christmas) and carrilee usually keeps the downstairs bathroom door closed b/c the razor was in there. but she had opened that door today b/c play group was at her house and she wanted the kids to be able to use that bathroom. turns out henry decided to try shaving…. he’s not even 3 yet!


while she tried to stem the blood flowing from his lip, i took davey downstairs to the basement to return the pool table balls that he was throwing around upstairs. when we put the balls on the table, i noticed blood on his hands. my heart started to beat. i ran upstairs with him, set him on the counter by the sink and grabbed a paper towel. no cuts. whew. then i noticed a bloody ear. more water and paper towels. nope. we though henry had just kissed davey yet again (henry, while being a bit of a wild child and rough & tumble little boy, is also very loving and affectionate)…. until more blood appeared. in all, i found three little nicks on davey’s left ear. neither davey nor henry cried until carrilee and i applied pressure to the wounds to try to stop the blood flow (‘cuz you know head wounds just keep bleeding!). poor kids. carrilee took davey to her bathroom to apply some small, round band aids. i loaded sam into her car seat (she was screaming ‘cuz she was hungry) and took stuff out to the car while carrilee finished with davey. we have no idea what actually happened – did henry accidentally cut davey with the razor? did davey think it was a comb and accidentally cut himself? no one knows but those two sweet boys. i assured carrilee that all was fine and that it was highly unlikely that this would be the last time the boys would bleed together. and out the door we went. 


knowing davey would need extra love and attention at naptime, i headed to grandpa & grandma’s house, hoping someone could hold davey while i fed sam. uncle tom to the rescue! he had the day off from school so he entertained davey (who stopped crying/screaming shortly after we got there) while i fed sam. what would i do without my family nearby? davey just adores them all. THANK YOU, tom, for your help today! when we got home, i put him down for his nap… he was as happy as could be. apparently he played for awhile (he was in his crib) and i eventually moved him to his bed. where he played some more. and then fussed. and finally fell asleep like this:

and here’s a close-up of his bandaged ear:


while i was at play group, my sister-in-law delivered a bouquet of beautiful flowers to my home (thanks, rach…. gotta get a good photo of them and share it here). carrilee gave me my gift at play group and my friend sara (who just had her birthday a week ago) dropped off a gift later in the afternoon. i received a large number of birthday greetings on my facebook page and several here on my blog. thanks to all of you! i also received a few phone calls…. and in the evening, as i was getting ready for my big date, i received my annual "birthday song" phone call from john & babi… every year they call and sing to me. for the last year or two, the song had to be left on the answering machine or on my voicemail. this year, however, i got to talk with them both. i miss them so much…. NYC is just so far away! i’m eager to see my brother sometime next month when he’s in the seattle area for work. 


but i digress…. dave and i went to The Keg where i was able to order anything i wanted from the menu (thanks for the tip, Brandi) and my "free meal" was more like a coupon for $22.95 off our bill. so i had my favorite – prime rib & king crab legs. mmmmmmm. 

(i know i’m hunched over the table pretty oddly in this photo – i’ll be cropping this one creatively before printing it)!


and after dinner, we tried to call some friends (Jimmy – dave’s friend from logos – the guy i mentioned in our Christmas letter and his wife Hillary) to see if they wanted to join us for drinks, but Hillary was at a soccer tournament…. so we’ll have to plan another childless evening to have drinks with them.  i wasn’t ready to go home yet so we found ourselves at trader joes. i’m a little embarrassed to admit that i’ve had a gift card to TJ’s for almost a year…. yes. a year. [note: i LIKE trader joe's. you all know i'm no hippie. but when i took classes down in everett (oh, so long ago), i'd stop there and buy a few items i couldn't find anywhere else.] anyway…. we wandered around TJ’s and finally found this beauty:

happy birthday cake to me! so elizabeth… thank you for my TJ’s gift card… i’m sorry it took me almost a year to use it (you remember – you gave it to me when you were my "secret chick") but i used it on something yummy…. and for my birthday… so that makes it extra special, right?


thanks again, to dave’s mom who watched both kids ALONE for us. (dad was at home doing some tile work). we got home a little after 9 p.m. and both kids were awake. but it was worth it. we had a good evening out (though we were both VERY tired).


so all in all, though it started on an interesting note, i did have another wonderful 27th birthday!

another birthday



today is my birthday. i’m turning 27 again. i’m not telling you how many years in a row i’ve celebrated my 27th birthday. so if you know my age…. you know a secret about me. i guess some day i’ll have to get older than 27. but for now, it’s a nice age. and i’ll stick with it. k?

this photo is from yesterday. sam slept in the bjorn while i walked around the house and sat and watched tv. she slept for quite awhile. i was afraid to take her out of it b/c i was afraid that would wake her up! on saturday night, she pulled two longer stretches for me. the first was 7 hours between feedings. the second was 4 hours. the night before davey turned 3 months old was the first night he slept for 8 hours. sam will be 3 months old this week, so we’ll see if she affords me the same gift!


today’s celebration will include a date with my hubby! my wonderful in-laws offered to come over and watch our children tonight so dave and i can go out to dinner. we’re going to The Keg, one of my FAVORITE restaurants. it’s spendy. but we have my "free birthday dinner" coupon, so that helps a lot. maybe dave will even order a meal with the crab so i can eat that with my prime rib (my free meal is a set menu choice and it does not include my favorite – the crab).


dave finished and ordered my present – the latest installment of our "year in review" books (i’ve received one for Christmas every year until this past year – when i’m getting it for my birthday). i won’t get it for another week or so, but that’s okay. i’m eager to see it! and if i figure out what else i want, he’ll get me that, too. i’m leaning towards a pub table and two stools to use as my craft desk…. but i’m trying to find one i like at a decent price. so far, nothing. 


and now it’s time to head to play group. have i mentioned lately how much i love our play group? have i mentioned how much i love the moms – my friends? if not, consider this my plug. i love you ladies!




if i were a dinosaur, i’m sure i would be called a bargainasauraus. i can’t help it. i cannot bypass a good sale. my mama taught me that it doesn’t cost anything to try on clothing. or to look. so when i see a sale, watch out! most of my friends know this about me, too.


yesterday i read on facebook (thanks sarah!) that old navy was having their 50% off clearance prices sale. and then i got a message from another friend (thanks linda!) that our local store was, indeed, having the sale (sarah lives in michigan). so after naptime, i loaded up the kiddos and made an unplanned trip to bellingham. where i loaded one of those LARGE blue old navy shopping bags with clothing. mostly for sam. some for davey. a few shirts for dave. and three small items for me (2 nighties and a tank top). in all, i purchased 41 articles of clothing. and i spent $142.22. and then i learned that i was charged full price for one of sam’s shirts ($10.50 instead of $1.74) so i went back this morning to get the difference back on my card and to take another look through the racks. for whatever reason, yesterday i was unable to convince myself to purchase anything for davey in a size 2T…. but that’s what size he’ll be wearing next winter. i guess i’m just having a hard time admitting that my sweet, little, baby boy will be wearing BIG BOY clothing next year! so, of course, i had to look through the girl stuff again and i found some additional items for sam that i just needed to purchase. (my philosophy on shopping: buy on sale now; compare to what you have at home; return what you don’t need/want.) so here’s a photo of everything – all of davey’s items, sam’s purchases, dave’s shirts and my items:


not a bad haul, eh? but get this. in total, pictured here are 59 items that retailed for $761.50 and i purchased for only $165.63. that’s an average of $2.81 per item. and a total savings of $595.87. i know my mom is proud of me for this haul! 


now i have a question about kids’ clothing sizes. so davey is currently wearing 12-18 month clothing. we’re getting ready to move him to his 18-24 month clothing. so that’s what i bought this weekend – quite a bit of 18-24 month shirts and then i added some 2T shirts as well. so is 2T the size davey moves to AFTER he outgrows 18-24 months or is 18-24 month clothing and 2T synonymous? ‘cuz up ’til now, clothing sizes are "up to" (aka: 3 months means 0-3 months; 12 months means 6-12 months). but does 2T mean (in most cases) when you turn 2 you start to wear size 2T? and when you turn 3 you start to wear 3T? ‘cuz that’s what i’ve been assuming and thinking thus far. 


after friday’s shopping adventure, we stopped by grandpa & grandma’s house (for the first time all week…. davey had shared his germs with them and they took most of the week to recover). there’s a possibility that in one week, the addition will be finished. but since the carpet isn’t installed yet, davey got to ride his tricycle (a $1 garage sale find this past summer) in their new living room:

he was afraid of this little tricycle last summer. but last night he LOVED it!