time to breathe



the kids both napped well (and at the same time) yesterday, so i was able to wrap all but 3 Christmas presents. whew. and sam was a bit better behaved last night (sunday night she was pretty difficult) so i (finally) folded our laundry (though i just remembered that there’s another load in the dryer – oops!). but all that to say this morning, i feel like i can breathe again. our Christmas letters and Sam’s announcements have been mailed. presents are wrapped (but not under the tree… too tempting for davey, i think). the menu is planned (Christmas eve and Christmas day are at our house while the addition on dave’s parents’ house continues). so right now i feel like i can take a minute to breathe.


oh, there’s still plenty to do. like laundry (doing another load right now, actually). cleaning. a little bit of shopping (more wrapping paper and some groceries and sam’s prescription). give the kids a bath. it’s so nice, however, to feel like it’s okay for me to sit down and breathe. to take a minute for myself. to enjoy this time. 


dave has tomorrow and thursday off and he’s going to take off on friday, so after today, i have 5 days of help with the kiddos!  :)  today davey’s going to FINALLY get his hair cut (his 2nd time ever – first time was back in july)! and we’ll run a few errands. and we’ll probably swing by to see grandpa & grandma (even though they stopped by last night for a few minutes) – i want to see davey run around in the unfinished addition to their house – SO MUCH ROOM!


and before i go, a "get well" wish to dave’s sister, rachel, who hasn’t been feeling well for a week now… and even though she’s been in lynden for several days, she hasn’t seen the kids and she really wants to! love ya, sweets! get well soon and we’ll get you hooked up with davey and sam… i promise!

One thought on “time to breathe

  1. I can totally understand what you’re describing here. I got to the breathing-room stage at about the end of last week when we got through birthdays, Christmas programs and concerts, tolo, et al. I actually had FUN doing my Christmas shopping. I know what you’re thinking – is this actually Meg talking?! Yes. I. HAD. FUN. SHOPPING. Weird. I hope you can find some sweet, fun moments in your busy-with-little-ones Christmas season, too. Hug and kiss those kids for me.

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