the eve



merry christmas eve to you! we have lots of fresh powder (fluffy snow) on the ground and it’s beautiful. so beautiful… especially because i don’t have to drive in it (though dave is thinking he’ll have to go get his family for tonight’s festivities)!


we’ll have appetizers & dinner (chili made by dave & potato soup made by dave’s mom) here tonight with dave’s family.  we usually watch a movie (probably A Christmas Story) and then when they leave we’ll open 1 gift each and head to bed. 


sometime between going to bed and getting up in the morning we’ll fill stockings and put the rest of the presents under the tree (i prefer to have all gifts under the tree throughout the season, but with wild boy davey, i opted to leave them all upstairs for now)! in the morning we’ll open gifts and have breakfast and get ready for the day and then dave’s family will return for a day of fun! more gifts, lots of food and just relaxing together as a family.


sounds nice, eh?


yesterday, davey got his hair cut (he wasn’t as good about it as last time) and he also decided that our inflatable snowman is his friend!

and sam was just being cute yesterday:
have a great christmas eve day & evening!!!

5 thoughts on “the eve

  1. Hope your Christmastime is enjoyable (I always know it’s a roll of the dice when little kids are involved!). Hug and kiss your dollies for me. Merry Christmas. :)

  2. What are you talking about??! Davey was great! Seriously! He’s not even 18 mos yet! He did so good. :) I was proud! Sam was good too! :) Hope you had a great Christmas Eve and a great day tomorrow! Super cute announcements and nice letter btw! Love to all, Brandi

  3. Your children are adorable. It’s great to see that Davey and the snowman are friends. He will probably be sad when it is time for the snowman to go away til next year. And Sam – she is adorable. I love the owl-y outfit she has on in this picture. Enjoy your precious family this Christmas, both your immediate, and your extended family. Be thankful that you have grandparents around able to interact with your children on such a constant basis. You are all blessed as a result!! Merry Christmas, again.

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