he loves his baby ("bee bee") sister:



on friday morning, i had a minute to vacuum. davey LOVED it. he ran around me all excited. and then he went and grabbed our swiffer dry mop (i shortened the handle a month ago by taking out two lengths of the bars) and he "vacuumed" the carpet with me. he had on his footie pajamas and a big binky in his mouth… and he looked at me, with his eyes glowing and a HUGE smile (under the binky) and my heart melted. 


then about an hour later, while the three of us were sitting on the couch, he came over to sam and i and put his cheek against hers (his version of a kiss). again, my heart melted.


so no matter how many times he is naughty. no matter how many times i have to tell him "no!" and no matter how many times he frustrates me. those moments recorded above… THOSE are the reasons i became a mom. those are the memories i need to hold on to when my day is falling apart. those are the hallmark and kodak moments that never seem to get captured on film. but i will always remember them. 


i’m headed into town to see the craft show and pack up my belongings… i won’t know until tuesday how i did financially – that’s a long wait! but in the meantime, i’ll get myself into the holiday spirit with planning, shopping, writing (our Christmas letter) and the like. so happy first saturday in december  to all! 

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