snow much fun


here’s what it looked like on wednesday when i drove from the grocery store back to dad & mom’s house to get the kids:

i was driving the subaru b/c dave was getting the oil changed in the pathfinder. since then, davey’s car seat hasn’t made it back into the pathfinder. it’s kinda funny, though, b/c yesterday morning dave took the subaru to work and left me with the pathfinder so i could easily get out of the driveway (our alley drifts pretty badly) if i needed to go anywhere. but without davey’s car seat, i was housebound. and we just realized that i still don’t have davey’s car seat… so day 2 of being stuck in the house (it’s too cold and windy to go for a walk).


yesterday, though, grandpa dropped grandma off at our house to help with the kids so i could make cookies. she came over around 2 – and both kids were (miraculously) napping at the same time. i expected davey to nap for another half an hour or so. same with sam. but i started making cookies anyway. one of my favorite cookies: MONSTER COOKIES! (the "monster" refers to the ingredients – they’re a combination of peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip and m&m cookies):


oh yeah. my recipe (found on-line about 5 years ago) makes 10-12 dozen cookies. so the only bowl big enough for all the "dough" is my HUGE tupperware container (it can hold a 9" 2-layer cake with additional room to spare). this photo, however, was taken near the END of the cookie-making process.


here’s what they look like finished:

i really don’t want to know how many i ate yesterday. or how many calories are in them! i had dave take a few dozen to work today. and two neighbors will get a dozen each. and i sent a few home with grandma yesterday. and we still have plenty for us.


grandma hung out with me for a long time yesterday b/c both kids slept for a LOOOOONG time. i got sam up at 3:30 to eat again and grandma heard davey around 3:45 (though he was still looking pretty sleepy). wanna know the crazy thing? they were both asleep by 12:45. so we’re talking 3 hour naps each. ahhhhhhh. that was wonderful. hopefully there will be a repeat today! since i had folded the laundry that morning, i couldn’t think of anything for grandma to do so she got to relax and keep me company while i made tray after tray of cookies (of course, at 10:30 last night i found my "to be ironed" pile – oh well)!


i neglected to mention that both kids got a bath before naptime. so davey went to bed with wet hair. so when he woke up, he had a funky mohawk look. and he still has it now.


i know his hair is long (again). i just tried to load the kids into the car to get him to brandi for a quick cut, but the car seat is still in the subaru so his hair cut will have to wait until tuesday. he’s pretty darn cute anyway!


when grandpa came over to pick up grandma, he came in to play with the kids and eat a cookie or two (i think he only had one – but they’re big!). we got davey dressed to go outside with grandpa, who offered to shovel our walkway. so davey turned into a miniature randy from A Christmas Story (what a CLASSIC holiday movie).

(cute snow suit, huh? guess who bought it? nana. she finds GOOD stuff)!


anwyay, while grandpa shoveled, davey had fun standing on the porch and walkway. apparently he laughed and laughed at the snow. and he kicked it. and hit at it. but that was about the extent of his interaction with the snow (sorry the photo is dark):


apparently we’re supposed to get another snow storm on sunday. i’m looking forward to it b/c it’s been SO windy here in lynden that much of the snow has blown away and i want to make a snowman…. and see davey’s reaction to that!


since today is Friday, today my darling little girl is EIGHT WEEKS OLD! i was looking intently at her face yesterday and was struck with the reality that she’s growing. which is a good thing, but she’s not my tiny baby anymore. she’s got a few chins. her face is round and full. she has beautiful blue eyes (dave really hopes they stay blue – davey’s changed from blue to hazel at about 14 months of age). while she still has plenty of fussy times, she also has quite a few moments being calm and content (and i’m still giving her the zantac twice a day – it is making a difference). she does still spit up, though i think that’s more related to me over-feeding her than anything else. she gives lots and LOTS of smiles. her baby acne is drying up and hopefully her face will be clear and smooth again soon. she’s the opposite of her brother when he was a tiny baby – she poops about once every 3-5 days (he pooped every time he ate)! 


i managed to capture a smile this morning:


and i love when she stretches…. it’s probably one of my favorite things to watch her do:


davey still loves his baby sister (it does sound more like "baby" than "bee bee" already). he’s pretty protective of her and concerned about her. if she cries, he runs over to check on her. he wants to give her "love" and kisses all the time (which means he sticks his open mouth on her head, arm, blanket, etc. and gets slobber everywhere – often times milk slobber)! he has to see her first thing in the morning and then randomly throughout the day. if anyone says "sam" or talks about "sam" he starts saying (repeatedly) "ba-by." 


davey is now 17 months old (that happened earlier this week – on the 15th) and he’s SO. MUCH. FUN. he laughs all day long. he’s ticklish (especially his armpits). he has a mouth full of teeth. he knows what he wants and when he wants it. he still drinks his milk from a bottle. he still needs a binkie (or two) at naptime and bedtime. he still poops at least 2 times a day (and they smell bad)! he’s still wearing 12-18 month clothing. he still plays well by himself, though he loves when people play with him. he loves books and will sit and read (or ask to be read to) all throughout the day. he is SO. STINKIN. SMART. yesterday, i put a 58-quart rubbermaid container on the floor (one of those huge storage ones) for him to play with. about an hour later, i found out just how smart he is. he had pushed it to the end of the table. turned it over. climbed onto it. and was playing with the Christmas items that are currently stored on the table (instead of being on the tree and decorating the house – we’re a bit behind this year)! HOW IN THE WORLD did he know to push, flip and climb? he’s never seen anyone do it? i have a feeling i have a mini genius on my hands. i’d better start taking some classes on-line or something to boost my brain power so i can try to stay at least one step ahead of him!


sorry this post was so long. i guess i had a lot to say!  hopefully we’ll take our family Christmas photo this weekend in front of a DECORATED tree! hopefully i’ll get sam’s announcements completed this weekend so we can send them out with our Christmas letter (which has been printed since this past weekend). and i have a few more things i’d like to do, too, but i’m trying to be realistic!

3 thoughts on “snow much fun

  1. Loved the post! Both kids are so cute. And I haven’t gotten Haley’s announcement done yet and she’s 12 weeks old! Wow I didn’t realize that until I typed it. I love hearing how Davey is creative and gets into things now. That’s one of my favorite ages. Wait until he starts to reason with you. Jacob now says maybe I can have 3 cookies and when I say maybe just one he comes back with maybe I can have 2 cookies now and when I’m done I can have 1. It cracks me up! You and Dave are doing a great job with your kids! You seem to have adjusted well to life with 2 kids. I hope you have a merry Christmas!

  2. Sam is SO cute!! (Davey is of course too, but he’s always been cute so I needed to mention Sam’s cuteness!) I’m glad he’s been a great big brother to Sam. I hope you all enjoy your first christmas as a family of 4!

  3. Fun info – thanks for sharing. Sam really has lost the newborn look, hasn’t she? What a dolly! Sounds like Davey is very sweet with her. Do you ever stop and go “I have two kids. What the heck?” I remember that thought hitting me every now and then…but especially for you since you only announced your pregnancy with Davey TWO Christmases ago. Wow! Take care.

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