please pray

happy first day of december!


it’s monday morning and i could use some prayer. sam has been out of control lately. since the night before thanksgiving, she’s been wanting to eat every two hours (or more frequently at times). at first i thought she was going through a growth spurt, but since it’s stretched out to so many days, i’m thinking it’s related to her spit up and gas issues rather than a growth spurt. saturday night was horrendous. she cried… no…. SCREAMED for almost 2 hours straight. dave was with her for most of that time (though i might as well have been in with her since i didn’t sleep at all) and he even had to give up and leave her, SCREAMING, in her crib. when dave has to give up, you know it’s bad… he and his dad are two of the most patient people i’ve ever met in my life. seriously.


so today’s plan is to visit dr. dickson (and pay our $20 co-pay under this new insurance policy) and BEG and PLEAD for a prescription for zantac or prevacid or something like that for her. based on all the people i’ve talked to, that’s my best bet at this point. sam’s likely crying so much b/c her throat hurts from acid reflux and spitting up so much. it’s likely the only thing that makes her throat feel better is to drink milk…. which is why she’s nursing so often. 


and with sam in so much pain, i’m also losing my sanity. to the point of post-partum depression. saturday and sunday were rough. all i wanted to do was cry all day (and that’s what i did for a bit each day) and i didn’t want to see anyone or talk to anyone. i actually thought about becoming a hermit. skipping church. play group. errands. and everything else. thankfully i’m feeling a bit "sunnier" today. and i don’t feel like the situation is hopeless.


i am thankful that with all of sam’s screaming and crying, davey still sleeps well. and he doesn’t appear to be too bothered by her daytime screaming and crying (unless he’s really tired himself). he’s such a sweet boy. who is trying to say everything we say. and he’s highly entertaining. i LOVE this kid! check out how flexible he is:

this was his naptime position yesterday!  :)

6 thoughts on “please pray

  1. I will definitely be praying for you! My godson has been through that and is on medication and actually ends up in the hospital about every two months. He gets to the point where he can’t breathe and they have to give him breathing treatments on top of it. I only have a glimpse of how tired you must be. If there’s anything else I can be praying for you just name it. I’m unemployed right now and trying to strengthen my relationship with God through prayer time and reading of the word.

  2. Oh Tam….I understand! Haley’s been extra gassey and eats every 2 hours over night while the rest of the night she cries due to gas. All of that equals no sleep for us! I babysat a baby boy who had bad reflux and prevacid helped him. He was a different kid, but unfortunately is still on the meds because everytime they try to take him off he get really cranky and doesn’t sleep well. He’s 1 1/2 years old now too. I’ll be praying that Sam’s case is much milder and that the doctors can help you. Keep us posted and remember if you need a break find someone to come help you so you can get a break. Dan sent me to church on sunday to get out of the house. It was so needed! I’ll be praying for all of you!

  3. I’ll be praying Tam! Your post sounds oh-so familiar when Nolan was so gassy when he was that age. I remember almost demanding to the pediatrician that some kind of test be done on him to see if it was something more than gas, and I was crying a lot as well! They did give him zantac and I think that helped. Believe it or not I think I blocked most of that part out already! I remember they kept telling me he would outgrow it and that it wouldn’t last…. I hardly believed them, but the pain only lasted till he was about 4 months. Seems like a long time away, but that’s one piece of hope I can give you! Have you tried gripe water?
    love you and hang in there!

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