Logos is refreshing

i haven’t talked much (if at all) about Dave’s new job that he started in July. And I won’t say a whole lot about it now, either, but we did go to his company Christmas party last night and I must say it was refreshing. Why? It was refreshing to attend a WORK event where there was prayer before the meal. A work event where God was acknowledged as the Provider. A work event free from music with nasty or suggestive lyrics. A work event where about half of the employees are believers. Yes. I’d say that was refreshing indeed. Especially when you consider there are 180 employees (making Logos one of the largest employers in Bellingham). 


We had a good time at the party even though we sat with mostly people we don’t know. The food was tasty. The entertainment was pretty good (an orchestra of Logos employees, a choir of Logos employees and a really funny skit written and acted by Logos employees). Oh – and don’t forget the raffle/door prizes. Lots of good stuff – iPod nanos (in that funky orange color that would match my cell phone!), digital picture frames, digital cameras, a Kuerig one-cup coffee maker, 3 lift passes to Mount Baker, a 4-piece cordless drill, saw, etc. set, a $100 gift certificate to the Chrysalis, an iPod home stereo system. Dave’s team won quite a few of the prizes. Now see if you can guess which one we won (and no, it’s not the nano that matches my cell phone, much as i wanted it!)……


the iPod home stereo system. pretty sweet. we’re gonna set it up in the bonus room (somewhere) which means i can remove the dinky radio/cd player i have in there right now. woo hoo! Dave’s friend Jimmy won the lift tickets and his friend Jacob won the coffee maker.


When we left the party last night (it was at Emerald Bay Events in Ferndale), it was snowing. It was also INSANELY windy. Our car has a thermometer to tell us the outdoor temperature – it was reading 19 degrees. And a bank’s sign on the way home read 22 degrees. That’s pretty darn cold!


I trust my TOM girls had a GREAT and WILD time at the Christmas party. I was sad to miss it, but we had already RSVP’ed to the Logos party…. I miss all you ladies… and Julie…. I’m excited for my ornament (I peeked at your blog post)!


In other news, we got our tree yesterday. It’s out in the garage right now being "de-bugged" (it really does work, Julie!) and we’re planning/hoping to put it up today. I’ve got our Christmas letter mostly written (just need to do a final revision) and then I have to get those out in the mail. Tomorrow night I’m going Christmas shopping with Carrilee (without the kids!) so I’m hoping to finish all my shopping (including stocking stuffers) tomorrow and then I can finish up some other gifts and mail some packages to the east coast. 


I have some photos of the kids I want to share, but I can’t upload photos to this site right now (gotta have Dave fix whatever is broken). 





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