yep. i’m still learning. especially about parenting. and motherhood. and nursing. every day is different. heck… most days every hour is different. or every minute. i’m learning to really rejoice in the good moments and i’m learning to go visit family and friends during the bad moments – to make them not-so-bad anymore.  


sam’s been on zantac for a week now. i’m pretty sure it’s helping with the acid-reflux (though not with the spit up). when she’s calm, she’s really calm. and she has far fewer screaming fits. until tuesday. see, she wiggled her way off the ottoman onto the (carpeted) floor while i was on the phone. a bit scary for me. she seemed okay but she spent the next few hours either eating or screaming so we finally visited the doctor who gave her a clean bill of health. man. i think we’ve been to the doctor EVERY WEEK since she’s been born. i keep hoping we’ll make it through one week without a visit there (especially now that we have an office visit co-pay)… maybe next week will be that week (see my positive thoughts?!)! on the flip side, though, at least i know how much we weighs…. 9 pounds, 1 ounce. so she gained 7 ounces in a week. she’s still growing like a weed. she’s out of all of her newborn clothing and well into her 0-3 month attire. i’m still struggling to find socks for her. i have a basket full of socks. the old navy ones are still way too big (her ankles are so skinny – like her mama’s!). and all the other brands are too small (she has long feet). she has three pairs of socks that will stay on (notice i didn’t say "fit). thankfully they are white with just a little bit of red trim on the top so the trim is hidden by her pants when she’s wearing other colors. the heel of the sock hits her about in the middle of her foot. no kidding. but they’re skinny enough around the ankles to stay on all day – even with her kicking!


she’s still pretty difficult, too. she doesn’t sleep well/much during the day unless you hold her. she still doesn’t really like the pacifier. she still loves to suck on my fingers. which means that i usually have to hold her in one arm, let her suck on my fingers from my other hand and then have ZERO hands free to do anything – cook, fold laundry, type, change the TV channels, etc. it’s very frustrating for me. VERY frustrating. i’m trying SOOOOOO HARD, however, to remember that she’ll only be little for a short while.


yesterday i knew we had to get out of the house but i didn’t quite have the energy needed to do it alone. so we called a friend and she needed that "kick" to get out of the house, too. so we packed up our kids (two each) and headed to walmart. it made all the difference in our journey…. well, not the drive there (since we drove separately) but being there. talking with an adult. a great friend. someone i haven’t spent much time with in the past 5 months (seriously… i hardly recognize sweet jorja who is already 5 months old)! i’m so glad i called carrilee! 


davey woke up FAAARRRR too early again this morning (and he’s a bit crabby) so he’ll get an early nap. which actually works with our schedule. see, i FINALLY found a used sit-stand stroller on craigslist. well, i should say that i finally found one and i’m the FIRST PERSON in line to buy it. this is about the 4th sit-stand stroller i’ve tried to snag in the last few months. but today is my day. today i get to meet with michele in the mcdonalds parking lot in lynden and trade her $50 for a stroller that will accommodate sweet samantha in her car seat carrier AND my darling davey. let me emphasize here that i LOVE my phil & teds stroller. and when sam is able to sit up in it, it’ll be my go-to stroller. but even though it can accommodate two kids, it doesn’t accommodate a car seat carrier (unless you’re only using it for one child). after that fun adventure, davey gets to have a play date with henry and jorja (THANKS AGAIN, carrilee!) and samantha has a special date with her grandma and i have a SHOPPING DATE with my father-in-law. our annual shopping adventure. changed up a bit this year. normally we just focus on his gift(s) for mom. but this year i get to do some of my shopping, too, since it’s harder for me to get out with the two kids. i am sad that i have to miss my last craft show of the year (thanks, Linda, for collecting my  money – i owe you BIG TIME!) but with dad’s busy schedule, today is our best chance to go shopping. 


on a totally different note, sam was SO KIND to me last night. she ate at 8:45 (and kept eating off-and-on until about 10). she was in bed by about 10:45 and i didn’t hear from her until 4:45 this morning. yep. so nice. and now it’s 8:13 and i’m debating whether i should snag a quick shower or if she’ll wake up before i can get in and out.  


[you should know that it has taken me DAYS to write this post. so i'm not even gonna TRY to find a photo right now. i want to, but i'd rather get this thing posted for you to read rather than delay it for yet another day just to add a photo!]


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  1. I can put Brooklyn’s car seat in either seat of my Phil & Ted’s. It fits over the front bar with her sitting backwards. And with a little finessing she can fit forward in her carseat in the back seat with the back of the seat unzipped. Also the car seat fits into the main seat when it’s all they way down & attach the second seat on top. Just thought I’d share how I do it, but now you have another stroller so you might not even bother :) Keep your head up- it gets better! My kids acted exactly the same, but in a different order so at least I had to deal with the difficult one alone.

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