it’s the end of the year as we know it….



i could write a lot here. but instead, i’ll just say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you…. my loyal and faithful readers. you are my friends. my family. my co-workers. my acquaintances. my neighbors. thank you for sharing in my thoughts. my struggles. my life. i love having my blog. and i love knowing that people are following along in my life. you have all encouraged me in some way over the year(s) and i’m thankful each of you.


what are you doing tonight – anything special? we’re going to a last-minute party hosted by two people we really like and don’t see enough: brant & trisha. we’d been waiting for their call…. so glad to receive it today!  :)  i’m looking forward to going to the store later today to pick up some crackers and salmon as our contribution to the appetizers….. we had it for christmas eve (and some more on christmas day) and it was SOOOOOOO yummy!


and on another note, i’m hoping to go shopping tomorrow. i have a few returns. a few exchanges. and i’d like to do a little bit of shopping, too. i know i’m not supposed to go shopping. we just had christmas. and my birthday is in three weeks. but there are a few things i want to get while they still have them in the stores. like these really cool shirts with "keyholes" in the cuff/sleeve (aka: a thumb hole)…. i got one for christmas and decided i need many, many more (they’re great to wear alone or under t-shirts, so they’ll get a lot of use). we’ll see if it works out. i’d like to go without the kids… but it’s up to dave whether or not that will happen!  :)


and since i know i can’t finish out the year without at least one more photo of each of my precious children, here ya go:


those blocks are seriously providing hours of entertainment in this house. and that cute girl all squished up there in her daddy’s arms? she is a doll. she still has issues and problems, but she’s outgrowing some of them and we are falling more in love with her every day. 


i am still amazed. shocked. in awe. terrified…. that i am a mom. a mother of two kids, no less. when did i grow up? when did i become an adult? 


2 thoughts on “it’s the end of the year as we know it….

  1. Your kids are so adorable. You can tell they’re loved, too. As to the gigantic responsibility of parenting…one day at a time; one moment at a time, when necessary. As you already know, it’s equal parts wearying, wild, weird, and wonderful. When your kids get to be my kids’ ages, it all starts to make sense, especially the part about the importance of your love and constancy with them – the relationship you begin building – at the ages Sam and Davey are right now. You will never regret having BEEN THERE for your kids physically, emotionally, spiritually. When they get big like my kids, you totally understand the critical nature of your investment all along. God will give you what you need for the task, dear friend. Love to all.

  2. thanks for the wisdom megan! so good to hear wise words from those who have gone before us. thanks for your encouragement & love. =)

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