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the title of this post is from davey…. instead of calling her "baby" he refers to his little sister as "by" (pronounced "bee"). it might become sam’s family nickname. 


so little bee and i went to see the dr. today (they were crazy busy yesterday)… and this little chunky monkey (another pet name!) weighed in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces…. that’s a gain of 20 ounces (almost a pound and a half!) in just 13 days!!!! and without any begging or pleading from me, the doctor prescribed some zantac for the acid reflux. her gas is 90% caused by swallowing air… so hopefully the zantzc will stop the acid reflux which will decrease the crying which will decrease the swallowing of air which will hopefully decrease the gas…. and hopefully i will have a happier baby!


4 thoughts on “bee bee

  1. Hi Tam! Just catching up a little on your blog. I am sure you are busy as a bee… and such a cute story about your little “Bee’s” nickname. When Savannah was born, Ellie couldn’t pronounce Savannah and she’d say “Banna”. From about there on out, we’ve referred to Savannah as Banni (pronounced Ban – E) for over four years now. Savannah responds naturally to Banni just as much as Savannah! It’s kind of funny the more I think about it… especially the times I pick her up a preschool and say, “Hi Banni” and her teacher gives me a confused look. Unfortunately for Naomi, we still call her “Baby” and she’ll be three soon!

  2. I just saw Dave’s pouty face from your November 4th post (about his hair/election). I guess you have taught Dave about pouty faces from our Messiah years. I’d love to read Samantha’s birth story… and all the details.
    I will pray for peace and comfort for little Samantha.
    Love you!

  3. Hoping that the Zantac will help Sam feel better about life. :) We were just talking about nicknames in our fam the other day. My kids hardly EVER get called by their real names. Cam is Sis or Sissy, Dot or Dottie (short for daughter – I stole that one from my sister). For a long time Sean was BooBoo (long story). Sean is now mostly Seany, Seany J, or Seany Jafer. Nate is Nater or Nort (think Coach Z from Homestar Runner). Either of the boys can be Bucky or Vernie (I have no idea why). Jim is Lewie (Lewis is his middle name), and the kids like to throw in a Jimbo every now and then when they think they can get away with it. I even had a nickname (coined by Sean) for a long time, although not so much anymore – Marmot. When he was calling me this, I wanted so badly to get a Marmot brand jacket or something! I LOVE nicknames for the kids, and it’s fun to think about how they get started. “Bee” just might stick with Sam for a LONG time. :)

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