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it’s the end of the year as we know it….



i could write a lot here. but instead, i’ll just say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you…. my loyal and faithful readers. you are my friends. my family. my co-workers. my acquaintances. my neighbors. thank you for sharing in my thoughts. my struggles. my life. i love having my blog. and i love knowing that people are following along in my life. you have all encouraged me in some way over the year(s) and i’m thankful each of you.


what are you doing tonight – anything special? we’re going to a last-minute party hosted by two people we really like and don’t see enough: brant & trisha. we’d been waiting for their call…. so glad to receive it today!  :)  i’m looking forward to going to the store later today to pick up some crackers and salmon as our contribution to the appetizers….. we had it for christmas eve (and some more on christmas day) and it was SOOOOOOO yummy!


and on another note, i’m hoping to go shopping tomorrow. i have a few returns. a few exchanges. and i’d like to do a little bit of shopping, too. i know i’m not supposed to go shopping. we just had christmas. and my birthday is in three weeks. but there are a few things i want to get while they still have them in the stores. like these really cool shirts with "keyholes" in the cuff/sleeve (aka: a thumb hole)…. i got one for christmas and decided i need many, many more (they’re great to wear alone or under t-shirts, so they’ll get a lot of use). we’ll see if it works out. i’d like to go without the kids… but it’s up to dave whether or not that will happen!  :)


and since i know i can’t finish out the year without at least one more photo of each of my precious children, here ya go:


those blocks are seriously providing hours of entertainment in this house. and that cute girl all squished up there in her daddy’s arms? she is a doll. she still has issues and problems, but she’s outgrowing some of them and we are falling more in love with her every day. 


i am still amazed. shocked. in awe. terrified…. that i am a mom. a mother of two kids, no less. when did i grow up? when did i become an adult? 


two month well baby



so sam turned two months old the day before Christmas (so 6 days ago). as a reminder, earlier this month (on the 9th) she weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce. at his 2-month check up, davey weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce and was 21.5 inches long. 

today, this little girl weighed in at 10 pounds 10 ounces and is 22.5 inches long. she’s in the 50th percentile for height, weight and head circumference (she was originally in the 5th percentile for weight).


right now, she’s sleeping. and i hope she sleeps for most of the day. those shots really did her in. i’m hoping davey takes a long nap, too. he’s been going to bed late and waking up (really) early lately. ugh. at least it’s not an ear infection (i had dr. dickson check today). but that means he’s teething. oi! send me good vibes, dear friends… i’m exhausted today b/c i was up with sam three times last night (sam is still eating every 2.5 to 3 hours all day and all night) and i was up with davey once. 

pure glee



this is his face of pure glee:

we love to build towers with his new duplo blocks (thanks, grandpa & grandma – we’ve got HOURS of entertainment happening with that set)!


when i look at this picture, i swear i can hear him laughing (well, giggling)… and it’s the sweetest sound in the world (next to hearing him say "bye bye!").

almost over

saturday - 

so our long holiday week is almost over. we’ve had a LOT of snow and i’ve loved every minute of it even though i didn’t get out to play in it (or even to shovel it). my boys got out there, though:


davey LOVED being outside in the snow and no matter how cold he got, he did not want to come inside. i’ve got my work cut out for me in future years, eh?!


dave had wednesday and thursday off from work and he took friday off, so we’ve had a few days together and we’ve really enjoyed relaxing and playing with the kids. wednesday was pretty busy with preparing for dinner that night and the festivities the next day.


over the past week, davey has learned to love frosty:


and the wind finally settled down so we moved him outside on our porch (where he belongs).


and over the past week, he’s started to say "cheese!" when we take his photo… the funny thing is we never taught him that. neither did any of our friends or family members. so where did he learn that? we have no idea. but it’s pretty funny:


Christmas was fun (though samantha was difficult first thing in the morning). davey was really good at digging presents out of his stocking (though, as anticipated, he wanted to eat everything right away). and he was really good at opening presents, though i think he got a bit overwhelmed after awhile since we opened our gifts to each other, our gifts from my brother and his family, from great grandpa & great grandma dunkin in ohio and from my mom. there were just too many gifts for him (we may have to change how the kids open gifts next year since my mom sends MULTIPLE presents to each child). 

here’s a little glimpse of davey throughout christmas day:




(elmo from nana; driving rug from daddy & mama; reading the christmas story with grandpa; playing musical instruments from uncle sterling & auntie rachel; visiting with great granma lou)


samantha, dave and i got spoiled, too. dave got his three most wanted presents: HD Tivo (from me), a posing stool – for photography (from john & babi) and a french press (from his parents). i got eye-fi from dave. it’s a special memory card that wirelessly links my laptop and my digital camera so i don’t have to take the time to find a cord and download my photos from my camera to my laptop. what this ultimately means, however, is it’s one less step that i need to take to share my photos here! sweet, eh? i also got new pjs, a matching hat and scarf, a necklace, books, a gift certificate for a massage (and/or pedicure), new clothing and so much more. davey loved all of his gifts and even some of sam’s (she got a bumbo seat from john & babi and davey LOVES to sit in it…. good thing they ordered orange instead of pink!). 


 we had a great day relaxing at home with dave’s family. dinner was delicious (a combined effort by dave’s mom and i) and then we all headed over to great granma’s for a visit since she couldn’t make it out in the cold and snow. 


dave spent all day yesterday in his pjs. we watched indie films through our instant queue on netflicks and had a great time just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. we hadn’t had a day like that in a long, LONG time. 


today it finally warmed up so the snow stopped and turned to rain. all the beautiful inches and inches and inches of snow turned to yucky slush. dave went to fibercloud in the afternoon to get some work done for pogozone while i stayed home (again!) with the kids (i don’t think i’ve left the house in a vehicle since last tuesday!). grandpa & grandma stopped by for a little while. grandma got to feed sam a bottle (she had her first taste of formula on christmas eve day and was fine with it… amazing!) and grandpa got to play with davey – they really enjoyed building with his new duplo blocks: 


and that, my friends, is a very quick summary and recap of the last few days. i’m already missing the snow, though there’s still plenty outside to look at. i wish i had gotten out to play in it while it was beautiful, white, fluffy powder. hopefully this isn’t that last good snowfall of the season… i’m hoping we have many more to come… i’ve gotta get sam all dressed up and out in it (at least for a picture)!


i’ll have to provide an update on sam later. right now i’m going to watch Tropic Thunder with my dear husband and then tomorrow we’ll go to church to finally experience all the hard work dad put into the Christmas Cantada this year.  




the eve



merry christmas eve to you! we have lots of fresh powder (fluffy snow) on the ground and it’s beautiful. so beautiful… especially because i don’t have to drive in it (though dave is thinking he’ll have to go get his family for tonight’s festivities)!


we’ll have appetizers & dinner (chili made by dave & potato soup made by dave’s mom) here tonight with dave’s family.  we usually watch a movie (probably A Christmas Story) and then when they leave we’ll open 1 gift each and head to bed. 


sometime between going to bed and getting up in the morning we’ll fill stockings and put the rest of the presents under the tree (i prefer to have all gifts under the tree throughout the season, but with wild boy davey, i opted to leave them all upstairs for now)! in the morning we’ll open gifts and have breakfast and get ready for the day and then dave’s family will return for a day of fun! more gifts, lots of food and just relaxing together as a family.


sounds nice, eh?


yesterday, davey got his hair cut (he wasn’t as good about it as last time) and he also decided that our inflatable snowman is his friend!

and sam was just being cute yesterday:
have a great christmas eve day & evening!!!

time to breathe



the kids both napped well (and at the same time) yesterday, so i was able to wrap all but 3 Christmas presents. whew. and sam was a bit better behaved last night (sunday night she was pretty difficult) so i (finally) folded our laundry (though i just remembered that there’s another load in the dryer – oops!). but all that to say this morning, i feel like i can breathe again. our Christmas letters and Sam’s announcements have been mailed. presents are wrapped (but not under the tree… too tempting for davey, i think). the menu is planned (Christmas eve and Christmas day are at our house while the addition on dave’s parents’ house continues). so right now i feel like i can take a minute to breathe.


oh, there’s still plenty to do. like laundry (doing another load right now, actually). cleaning. a little bit of shopping (more wrapping paper and some groceries and sam’s prescription). give the kids a bath. it’s so nice, however, to feel like it’s okay for me to sit down and breathe. to take a minute for myself. to enjoy this time. 


dave has tomorrow and thursday off and he’s going to take off on friday, so after today, i have 5 days of help with the kiddos!  :)  today davey’s going to FINALLY get his hair cut (his 2nd time ever – first time was back in july)! and we’ll run a few errands. and we’ll probably swing by to see grandpa & grandma (even though they stopped by last night for a few minutes) – i want to see davey run around in the unfinished addition to their house – SO MUCH ROOM!


and before i go, a "get well" wish to dave’s sister, rachel, who hasn’t been feeling well for a week now… and even though she’s been in lynden for several days, she hasn’t seen the kids and she really wants to! love ya, sweets! get well soon and we’ll get you hooked up with davey and sam… i promise!

the season continues…



church is cancelled today. i feel bad for dad with all the work he put into the cantada (sp?) and it’s not even happening today. i’m sure they’ll do it next sunday, but still… all the work he did this past week? sigh. but on the bright side – i got to sleep in (after feeding samantha a few times, that is)!


i worked really hard last night on sam’s announcements. i think i’m about half way finished with them. that means it’s VERY POSSIBLE that announcements and our Christmas letter will be mailed tomorrow….. hopefully we can take a family photo today to add to the letter! here’s a glimpse of the project before my work-a-thon last night:


i did have to take a trip to Treasury yesterday to make some copies for the announcements. since i was already in town WITHOUT ANY KIDS, i took the opportunity to pick up a few final Christmas gifts. i am officially FINISHED with my shopping. yee hah! i must also state that it felt good to get out of the house for the first time in a few days… and to be out without the kids was a real treat! i love that Dave is confident and competent enough to stay at home with both kids. granted, i waited to leave until they were BOTH napping, but he’s been home MANY A TIME with both kids WIDE AWAKE (and none-too-happy)! 


last night dave and davey headed to the grocery store. dave needed some items to make pepper jelly. this was davey’s look before leaving the house:

i LOVE this jacket (it goes with the snow pants from the photo the other day)! and look at him… his little brown shoes with his khaki pants… and that grey hat i found on clearance at target (about $1.25) last winter… he is too stinkin’ cute! speaking of cute… if you have facebook, check out my page or dave’s page… we have a video of davey trying to say "snow!"  


sam was equally cute yesterday:

she’s wearing my favorite outfit (i’ll have to get a better photo of it one of these days). it’s an outfit my mom bought for her (size newborn) and then my friend Christy bought the SAME outfit in the SAME size…. so Christy was able to exchange it for the next size (0-3 months)! so i have another month or so of seeing sam in this sweet outfit.


while at the store yesterday i got to pick up this:

my gifts from my "secret santa" (love you, tammy t!). see that bag of chex mix? it’s almost gone already. in one sitting. i ate almost the whole thing. i’m ADDICTED to that stuff right now. and wanna know something crazy? i had never eaten chex mix before thanksgiving day. seriously. i always assumed i didn’t like that stuff. but now i know better. my taste buds have changed and i have found a new best friend. good thing, too, ‘cuz i’ve had to give up chocolate and orange juice (two of my favorite things, though not at the same time) for sam. actually, i do sneak in little amounts of chocolate from time to time. but very little. i don’t sneak the oj, though. she notices that pretty much immediately. but back to my basket. it was filled with all kinds of fun treats. and each item was numbered so i could have one thing each day. i opened them ALL yesterday, though, because i was SUPPOSED to have them from the 8th to the 13th… but i never made it into the store to get any of them! my favorite item was from day #1…. a package of scrapbooking embellishments – very pink and very fun…. owls (you know how much i love owls), mushrooms, rainbows, hears and cute "girlie" things!


one final thing: on friday, i decorated our tree. i wanted to get all the Christmas boxes off of our dining room table! i also pulled out our inflatable snowman. i thought davey would LOVE him. i guess my timing was off. see, the snowman was inflating. sam had a major poo (first one in 5 days, so it was HUGE) and i had to take her upstairs to change her clothes and change her diaper. unfortunately, the snowman was in our small entry way, which means he was somewhat blocking the stairs. davey started crying. then he basically screamed. and he had these HUGE crocodile tears on his cheeks by the time sam and i got back downstairs. i felt awful. so i had to show davey the snowman. that he wouldn’t hurt davey. that he was inflatable. that he could fit into a small box. it was only then (when the snowman was safely back in his box) that davey really chilled out. and the curious boy that he is, he ventured over to the box and had to get the snowman out. and he wanted him plugged in. and since then, the snowman has been a friend to davey. but it was touch and go there for awhile!

snow much fun


here’s what it looked like on wednesday when i drove from the grocery store back to dad & mom’s house to get the kids:

i was driving the subaru b/c dave was getting the oil changed in the pathfinder. since then, davey’s car seat hasn’t made it back into the pathfinder. it’s kinda funny, though, b/c yesterday morning dave took the subaru to work and left me with the pathfinder so i could easily get out of the driveway (our alley drifts pretty badly) if i needed to go anywhere. but without davey’s car seat, i was housebound. and we just realized that i still don’t have davey’s car seat… so day 2 of being stuck in the house (it’s too cold and windy to go for a walk).


yesterday, though, grandpa dropped grandma off at our house to help with the kids so i could make cookies. she came over around 2 – and both kids were (miraculously) napping at the same time. i expected davey to nap for another half an hour or so. same with sam. but i started making cookies anyway. one of my favorite cookies: MONSTER COOKIES! (the "monster" refers to the ingredients – they’re a combination of peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip and m&m cookies):


oh yeah. my recipe (found on-line about 5 years ago) makes 10-12 dozen cookies. so the only bowl big enough for all the "dough" is my HUGE tupperware container (it can hold a 9" 2-layer cake with additional room to spare). this photo, however, was taken near the END of the cookie-making process.


here’s what they look like finished:

i really don’t want to know how many i ate yesterday. or how many calories are in them! i had dave take a few dozen to work today. and two neighbors will get a dozen each. and i sent a few home with grandma yesterday. and we still have plenty for us.


grandma hung out with me for a long time yesterday b/c both kids slept for a LOOOOONG time. i got sam up at 3:30 to eat again and grandma heard davey around 3:45 (though he was still looking pretty sleepy). wanna know the crazy thing? they were both asleep by 12:45. so we’re talking 3 hour naps each. ahhhhhhh. that was wonderful. hopefully there will be a repeat today! since i had folded the laundry that morning, i couldn’t think of anything for grandma to do so she got to relax and keep me company while i made tray after tray of cookies (of course, at 10:30 last night i found my "to be ironed" pile – oh well)!


i neglected to mention that both kids got a bath before naptime. so davey went to bed with wet hair. so when he woke up, he had a funky mohawk look. and he still has it now.


i know his hair is long (again). i just tried to load the kids into the car to get him to brandi for a quick cut, but the car seat is still in the subaru so his hair cut will have to wait until tuesday. he’s pretty darn cute anyway!


when grandpa came over to pick up grandma, he came in to play with the kids and eat a cookie or two (i think he only had one – but they’re big!). we got davey dressed to go outside with grandpa, who offered to shovel our walkway. so davey turned into a miniature randy from A Christmas Story (what a CLASSIC holiday movie).

(cute snow suit, huh? guess who bought it? nana. she finds GOOD stuff)!


anwyay, while grandpa shoveled, davey had fun standing on the porch and walkway. apparently he laughed and laughed at the snow. and he kicked it. and hit at it. but that was about the extent of his interaction with the snow (sorry the photo is dark):


apparently we’re supposed to get another snow storm on sunday. i’m looking forward to it b/c it’s been SO windy here in lynden that much of the snow has blown away and i want to make a snowman…. and see davey’s reaction to that!


since today is Friday, today my darling little girl is EIGHT WEEKS OLD! i was looking intently at her face yesterday and was struck with the reality that she’s growing. which is a good thing, but she’s not my tiny baby anymore. she’s got a few chins. her face is round and full. she has beautiful blue eyes (dave really hopes they stay blue – davey’s changed from blue to hazel at about 14 months of age). while she still has plenty of fussy times, she also has quite a few moments being calm and content (and i’m still giving her the zantac twice a day – it is making a difference). she does still spit up, though i think that’s more related to me over-feeding her than anything else. she gives lots and LOTS of smiles. her baby acne is drying up and hopefully her face will be clear and smooth again soon. she’s the opposite of her brother when he was a tiny baby – she poops about once every 3-5 days (he pooped every time he ate)! 


i managed to capture a smile this morning:


and i love when she stretches…. it’s probably one of my favorite things to watch her do:


davey still loves his baby sister (it does sound more like "baby" than "bee bee" already). he’s pretty protective of her and concerned about her. if she cries, he runs over to check on her. he wants to give her "love" and kisses all the time (which means he sticks his open mouth on her head, arm, blanket, etc. and gets slobber everywhere – often times milk slobber)! he has to see her first thing in the morning and then randomly throughout the day. if anyone says "sam" or talks about "sam" he starts saying (repeatedly) "ba-by." 


davey is now 17 months old (that happened earlier this week – on the 15th) and he’s SO. MUCH. FUN. he laughs all day long. he’s ticklish (especially his armpits). he has a mouth full of teeth. he knows what he wants and when he wants it. he still drinks his milk from a bottle. he still needs a binkie (or two) at naptime and bedtime. he still poops at least 2 times a day (and they smell bad)! he’s still wearing 12-18 month clothing. he still plays well by himself, though he loves when people play with him. he loves books and will sit and read (or ask to be read to) all throughout the day. he is SO. STINKIN. SMART. yesterday, i put a 58-quart rubbermaid container on the floor (one of those huge storage ones) for him to play with. about an hour later, i found out just how smart he is. he had pushed it to the end of the table. turned it over. climbed onto it. and was playing with the Christmas items that are currently stored on the table (instead of being on the tree and decorating the house – we’re a bit behind this year)! HOW IN THE WORLD did he know to push, flip and climb? he’s never seen anyone do it? i have a feeling i have a mini genius on my hands. i’d better start taking some classes on-line or something to boost my brain power so i can try to stay at least one step ahead of him!


sorry this post was so long. i guess i had a lot to say!  hopefully we’ll take our family Christmas photo this weekend in front of a DECORATED tree! hopefully i’ll get sam’s announcements completed this weekend so we can send them out with our Christmas letter (which has been printed since this past weekend). and i have a few more things i’d like to do, too, but i’m trying to be realistic!

let it snow…

it’s snowing! looks like the snow storm we were supposed to get last night is actually arriving now. the kids and i ventured out this morning to mail some Christmas packages (last minute, i know). we have the subaru today so dave can get an oil change in the pathfinder. thankfully, dave put the snow tires on the subaru last night… i sure needed them! after spending WAAAY too much money to get stuff to NY and PA on time, i headed to my in-law’s home to feed sam (it took longer than i thought to send the packages – thankfully we have a place here in town that has a drive-up window!!!) and then head to the grocery store. mom watched the kids while i "ran" to the store.


when we stopped at grandma’s house, there was less than an inch of snow on the ground. when i got back from the grocery store, there were several inches… and i decided to get the kids and head home so we wouldn’t get stranded. then again, getting stranded might’ve been nice – extra help with the kids! driving home wasn’t so bad. i actually did pretty well and didn’t mind driving in it… i just hope dave can get home safely from bellingham (and that it won’t take an hour or longer!)!

in total randomness, here’s my sweet boy having a blast saying "hi!"


and this photo shows you my new favorite face that he makes:

that little bottom lip comes up… not in a pout… just a face. so cute!!


sam’s doing okay. she’s been extra fussy that past few days – i’m sure it’s related to that whole milk incident from sunday (these things happen… i have no hard feelings for anyone). the extra fussiness means LOTS and LOTS of holding her or dealing with her wrath (lots and lots of crying). which, in turn, means i don’t get anything accomplished…. like decorating the tree, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, cooking dinner, making cookies (and other treats), cleaning the house, finishing Christmas presents, addressing Christmas letter envelopes, etc. 


no new photos of sam… i apologize. she’s definitely becoming more alert – she’s awake more and she smiles a lot. poor thing, though, is covered in baby acne. i know you don’t do anything special for that, but is there anything i should be doing (or not doing)? should i give her a bath every day or two? should i use or avoid lotion with her? davey never had it this bad.