tuesday november 4th

i voted today. did you?


and i just heard the news. the very, very sad news. i’m very disappointed. and scared for our country. but since i don’t want to get into a political debate with anyone, i’ll leave it at that. i, obviously, did not vote for obama.


today was a roller coaster of emotions for me. my hormones are still all over the map… and it will likely take another few weeks for them to equalize. i was frustrated and sad this morning. not sure why. but i was. just a bunch of random, small things, i suppose, that all piled up. and i had a fear that davey had yet another ear infection. which, i think, is what put me over the edge. 


but then the day went up… not sure how or why, but my mood improved. and then i got to (finally) clean out davey’s closet. there were clothes EVERYWHERE. so all his too-small stuff is finally in the correctly labeled tubs. and his too big stuff is in labeled bins. and sam’s stuff is all in her room. and there is order in the dunkin home (well, two rooms, anyway) once again!


and then the lactation consultant/nurse showed up. leslie. she’s good people. i was afraid she might be too "granola-y" for me (‘cuz ya’ll know i’m NOT a tree hugger, though i do recycle!) but she was cool. she’s not anti-bottle or formula. she’s not anti pacifiers. she knows that not everyone is able to nurse. but she gave me confidence. she told me i’m doing the right things. she gave me INFORMATION. things i should’ve been told when i had davey… but things i’ve never heard before today. (did you know that if you are only pumping and you pump 6.2 or less times per day for a newborn that your milk supply will not last? yeah. no one told me that with davey. would’ve been good to know.) VERY HELPFUL information. so now i feel confident. like i CAN do this. i CAN continue to nurse. i CAN be successful even though it didn’t work with davey. so the main thing for me at this point is to make sure sam is eating at least 8 times a day. for the first two months. it sounds like a lot to me. but if it means there’s a better likelihood of long-term nursing success, it’s worth it. and did you know that if/when you pump, you should only do so for 10 minutes at a time? yeah. that would’ve been helpful to know with davey, too (sometimes i’d sit there for 20 or 30 minutes hoping for just a little bit more)! and for my "issues" i can use a simply triple antibiotic ointment (like neosporin). yep. just twice a day. no harm to sam. like i said: helpful. i’d highly recommend the mother baby center to anyone in the area. my insurance should cover the visit, but if they don’t, it’s WELL WORTH the $125 price tag. 


and dave & davey came home from the doctor’s office with news: NO ear infection. but davey did cut a molar recently. so that’s likely the cause of his nighttime waking (twice on saturday and once last night). plus he has a wicked cold – his nose is running/dripping like a faucet and he’s coughing a lot, too. but it’s not another ear infection… so i don’t have to contemplate tubes. 


then, while we were eating dinner, we got a call from grandpa & grandma dunkin in ohio. it was so good to hear from them! we’ll get to see them in july for jeff’s wedding… i just wish it weren’t so far away! and dinner…. mmmmmmm… linda’s chicken enchiladas…….. so yummy! and we have leftovers…. even better!


what else happened today? dave got his hair(s) cut…. by about 3 inches:

i wasn’t aware he planned to have so much chopped off. but i like it (so does he). and he trimmed his chin whiskers, too. he’s like a whole new man!  love ya, dave! (he’s pouting b/c we just heard the presidential race announcement).


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  1. I second your disappointment on the election results–although it wasn’t much of a surprise! I can sympathize with your frustrations and learning experience with nursing/pumping. With Alex I only pumped for 4 months straight–nursing didn’t go well from the start–every 3-4 hours throughout the day until I had enough stored up to stop pumping at night. I always pumped for about 10 minutes-not much more. With Kellan I started out with him nursing like a champ until my milk started coming in, I was engorged, and he did not want to nurse anymore. I continued with the pumping every 3-4 hours from when I got up until when I went to bed–that went on before I stopped around 2 1/2 months (although my milk supply was still holding up OK). I guess I just wasn’t meant to nurse, but the pumping thing worked out OK for me. I still have bags and bags of frozen milk in my freezer–unfortuntaely Kellan didn’t like it thawed, so I’ve had to waste a ton, which killed me!! The doctor can’t figure out why he wouldn’t drink it after it had been frozen even though he enjoyed it fresh. Gotta love kids!! Just give it your best effort with Sam–hopefully the nursing/pumping works out!! My kids always ate about 8 times a day to start–every 3 hours, 24 hours a day, until they began sleeping more at night, then they would drop one night feeding, then the other until I was down to 6 feedings, then eventually 5. (I always woke my kids to eat in the early days though–I know not everyone is a fan of that!) Good luck–isn’t it crazy to think you now have 2 kids?!?! I hope Davey continues to grow and love his little sister!

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