this past weekend

so i know this photo is a bit blurry, but you can (hopefully) still see the beauty in it – in the colors of the leaves…

… this is me driving down front street on saturday. sam and i got out for a few hours to sit with sara and linda at the Methodist Church Bazaar. it was not worthwhile, but at least it gave us some additional exposure (to the over 70 crowd)! About a month to go to the bigger show in Bellingham. Hopefully we’ll all sell a LOT of stuff at that show! I plan to make a bunch of signs for our booth – "great stocking stuffers" and things like that. And i want to make sure that all my items are well labeled what they are and how much they are. i just want to sell it all…. time to clear out the inventory, ya know?!


i’m very thankful for my dear friends sara and linda… for not only encouraging me and allowing me to do the shows with them, but to haul my stuff to these shows now that sam has been born and to expect nothing from me regarding time at the show, set up, tear down, etc. i love you beautiful ladies!


on the home front, davey is learning new things everyday. he’s learning to climb onto the couches and the ottoman. and he’s learning how to climb on and off of his snail:


sometimes when he stands up on his snail, however, he topples over. guess i should work on teaching him that he should NOT stand up on a rocking snail! i love that he can make it rock on his own now. and he loves it, too. unfortunately, it takes as much time to get him on and off the snail as he spends ON the snail rocking it! oh well. at least it’s a good distraction for him. 


after church yesterday i pumped and then fed sam the fresh milk in a bottle. i was curious to see how she would react to the bottle.  

this girl is a serious little piggie! she CHUGGED the ENTIRE bottle in less than 10 minutes! i was afraid there wasn’t enough in there for her!


i forgot to take a photo of her yesterday in her church outfit with her rose that she got for her first week at church (well, really for her second week at church). but i did take a few photos (not great ones, though) of her in her dress. this is what she was supposed to wear last week to church…. remember, the outfit she projectile spit up all over as we were getting ready to leave the house? remember, the vomit that made it into my hair AND my mouth? yeah. i washed everything and managed to keep her mostly spit-up free before church (and during!) so here it is…. my favorite, fun polka-dot dress:


isn’t it SOOOOO cute?! it was one of those small "splurge" items i snagged at the carters outlet when i was on "limited activity" and wanted to get one more shopping trip in!


through all the changes in our house, davey has been great. he has had quite a few moments of extra whining (from teething, colds, being tired, etc.) but overall, he’s been such a trooper. i love when sam is sleeping in the pack -n- play or in her crib and i can really enjoy davey. he’s at such a fun age. and he LOVES his daddy. last night he found a box in the office. it probably held jewelry at one time. we’re not sure WHERE he found the box in the office, but he found such delight in it:

and i really enjoyed watching him focus so intently on getting the lid on the box. he just sat on the couch and played with the box for a long time. so cute!


i am so blessed to have my two kids. i love them. i feel like i’ve had them forever…. like they’ve always been here. hard to believe that just 16 months ago we had no children. none. zero. and now we’re blessed with two of the most beautiful kids i’ve ever seen (yeah, i’m biased…. so what). 


and you know how else i’m blessed? both yesterday and today i’ve been able to zip and button up my pre-baby jeans. yep. no rubber band trick today. it makes me happy!  :)

3 thoughts on “this past weekend

  1. Isn’t it amazing how that whole time thing works? The time passes so quickly, yet you feel like your kids have always been a part of your life. Weird, huh?! Glad to hear Davey is rolling with whatever comes his way…and that you guys are too. Love you all.

  2. that dress is aborable! maybe i could find one for my newest niece from india! she’s beautiful tam. i hope i get to see her soon! :)


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