sweet feet


i was busy doing (lots of) laundry yesterday so to save myself some time, i decided to grab hangers and use them WHILE i was folding clothing instead of while i was trying to put away clothing in the closets. so i waited until i was sure davey was sound asleep for his nap and i opened the door to his room to raid his closet. i almost laughed out loud when i saw him sound asleep in his crib. i ran back downstairs for the camera…. here’s what i saw:


and in case you’re wondering, i did remember the hangers. not sure how after encountering such a funny sight, but i did remember! (i did not, however, get to FOLD and HANG all that laundry yesterday so i spent a good hour this morning/afternoon doing it). 


davey has really come into his own lately. he can blow kisses. he picks up his tool box and carries it with him, looking at you and saying "bye" in the sweetest voice you can imagine. dave does not carry a briefcase or a bag to work, though he did take his laptop to work a few days last week. we’re assuming that’s where davey picked up the connection to his toolbox and "bye." davey is funny every time we turn around. he loves to try to repeat what we say – i think he’s adding new words to his vocabulary daily…. though those same words may not be there the next day! when we get a low voice and say "davey, what are you doing?" he’ll run away if he’s doing something he knows not to do. or he’ll go do something (like almost touch the stereo) and say "no no. no no." and walk away from it shaking his head. he’s such a joy, even when he’s naughty (there are times we have to tag-team on the discipline b/c we can’t keep a straight face)!


and sam is doing well. she’s still spitting up. and she’s still gassy. but we’re working on that. so far, the 10 minutes per side situation has seemed to help her quite a bit. she’s never hungry after eating 10 and 10. never. and if she’s fussy it’s usually from gas (you can hear or feel it coming out!) or a too-full tummy (and you’ll see that come out soon enough)! she loves to have her eyes open (day or night) and look around. she LOVES the light. we actually leave the light in her room on all night long. she cries when i turn it off, even though it’s not that dark in there. she seems to have to cry herself to sleep (that’s a bit frustrating and annoying, though i know my friend shelly can relate all too well). but overall, she is a darling, sweet baby girl and dave, davey and i are just smitten with her!


and out of the blue, dave asked me if we have any plans for tonight. when i said "no," he said he’d like to get a sitter for the kids (yes – that "s" is intentional) so we could go out to dinner at The Keg (a YUMMY steak & seafood restaurant…. we usually go there 3 or 4 times a year – our birthdays, our anniversary and a Christmas dinner with Dave’s side company….. but we’ve only gone once so far this year). I told him to "go for it." and he picked up the phone, called his mom (aka: grandma) and we are going out on a date tonight!!!!!!  it’s just dinner, but that’s huge. i’m excited. so very excited. just a few hours of no children to chase. or feed. or nurse. or comfort. i love my kids, but i’m a very logical mom who knows when a BREAK is needed. and i’m ready for that break.


hope you’re all having a good saturday. mine’s been pretty easy-going thus far. and that makes me happy! 


One thought on “sweet feet

  1. Love those feet! Also love seeing Davey in our hand-me-down crib! And, yes, those feet between the rails look AWFULLY familiar – heehee – although I never managed to capture it with the camera. Good memories! I can just about picture the stages Davey is going through – isn’t it AMAZING to watch the process of their world expanding? Yeah for the Keg!!! Hope you had a relaxing, refreshing time.

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