yesterday was a good day. a very good day. it was sunny. i was able to give BOTH of the kids a bath before play group. i picked up our mail (from saturday) on the way to play group and discovered a notification from our insurance company regarding some medical bills…. including the big one – the hospital bill. what we have to pay is significantly LESS than what we had to pay when we had davey. dave’s former employer (DIS) has way better insurance than what my employer provided! additionally, i got my final order from – some cute "scrabble tile pendants"

including two owls (there’s only one in the photo, i know)…. one for me and one for my other owl-obsessed friend, sara. play group was at sara’s house and her remodeled kitchen and her new hard wood floors are GORGEOUS! i even got to stay late (really late!) and eat lunch with her and just hang out. thanks for the great conversation, friend! i was able to give sara her owl pendant and she had something she’d been saving for me…. this cute ‘lil guy:

i think he’s adorable and i am currently tracking down a good place for him in my home!


on top of all that good stuff, i’m hopeful that davey is moving to AFTERNOON naps (finally). when he transitioned from two naps down to just one a day (months and months ago), he cut out the afternoon nap…. so he’d sleep from 10-noon or from 11-1…. though many days his naps were only 90 minutes long rather than 2 hours! on sunday, however, he had NO INTEREST in taking a nap after church. and he wasn’t super whiney. so we let him stay up and run around and have lunch with the family. and at 3 he was ready. and he slept for 3 hours. so on monday i let him run wild (okay, he didn’t really run wild… but he had a lot of fun running!) at sara’s house as he tried to impress her three girls…. and then we took a chance to visit grandpa & grandma and it paid off. he got to hang out with them a bit and then he fell asleep on the way home – at 2:30:

and he napped for two and a half hours. 


so for the rest of this week, i’m going to purposely try to get him to take a late nap. i think life would be a bit easier with a late nap for him. i could run Bellingham errands in the morning when i have more energy. he can have lunch before his nap. he might not be so crabby when i’m trying to prepare dinner (notice i did type "might"). so i’m hopeful, though if he needs a morning nap, i’m more than willing to let him have it!


so while davey was napping and sam was "chill" (okay, she may have been sleeping, too), i was able to work on a little project (that’s not finished even though it’s hanging up in our home):

i sewed the quilt to a cafe curtain rod and hung that last week. i painted the canvases on sunday.yesterday i added the photos, buttons and wooden heart and flower. and while i’m not convinced that the canvases are finished, i’m glad that they’re hanging on the wall. i’m glad that there’s FINALLY something hanging on that big wall in the nursery…. poor davey – he never did have anything hanging there! but he has a super-cool race car room now to make up for that, right?!


so monday was a good day. today we’re going to go to walmart and (most likely) the grocery store. and then tonight we all (dave included) get to have dessert with our friends Justin, Brandi, Emma and Jaden! Brandi, Samantha and I will head out to a jewelry party while the boys stay behind with the other kids…. which also means they (Justin & Dave) are responsible for bedtime for the kiddos!  :) hope you have a great day… i plan on it! 

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  1. Wow Tam, You do a lot… I wish I had the time to do as much as you do with scrapbooking the family in these cool ways!!! I commend you…

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