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the rain has returned. in full force. buckets and buckets of rain. but all is well. nana arrived last night and has had a fun day playing with davey… and holding sweet samantha. we made the trek to the mall today for a trip to target and an exchange at macy’s. we had to walk by gymboree and they had a sale… and coupons for an additional 30% off your entire purchase…. so sam got two new shirts and a hat (nothing that fits yet). having a girl is VERY DANGEROUS for the wallet. sheesh!


right now i’m trying to focus on making sure sam eats 8 times a day. she’s been so kind to only wake up twice at night (most nights) so i have to try to get 6 feedings into her from about 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. she eats better (faster) at night (about 45 minutes for both sides, burping and a diaper change). during the day she can take 60-90 minutes to eat, burp and get her diaper changed. that doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of time to breathe. but it’s all good. it’s just a few weeks, right?


tomorrow sam will be 2 weeks old. she’s scheduled for her 2-week well-baby check, so we’ll get an updated weight check on her. i’m sure she’s not back up to her birth weight yet (6 pounds 6 ounces) but i am hoping she’s at least up to 6 pounds… she was 5 pounds 14 ounces on monday, so it’s possible. 


i’m sure there are all kinds of things i want to tell you. and should tell you. but they’re all escaping me at the moment (i’m somewhat distracted) so i’ll just sign off and talk to ya again soon. 

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