one month

a month later….

i have finally completed sam’s birth story. it’s actually been finished for over two weeks, but i’m just now remembering to tell you that it’s written so you can request a copy (via e-mail) if you’re interested. as usual, it’s lengthy… i like detail and i wanted it detailed so i could remember later what it was like. so if you want to read a copy, leave me a comment (and your e-mail address if i don’t already have it) and i’ll e-mail it to you. 


in other news, my baby girl turns ONE MONTH OLD today… at 3:27 p.m. it’s hard to believe she’s been part of our family for a month already. and in some ways, it seems like she’s always been here. she is a sweet little thing. she has long arms and fingers and feet. she sleeps well once she’s asleep. she’s not on any schedule yet, so sometimes she goes 3 hours between feedings and other times she’ll go up to 5 hours between feedings. she loves to look around her world, though she can’t see much of it yet. she loves lights. she sleeps best if there’s a lamp on in her room and the white noise machine. she poos every 24-48 hours and she seems to poo twice inside an hour when she does finally go. she’s a gassy girl. oh so very gassy. and she can rip a noisy belch with the best of ‘em. she doesn’t seem to mind (too much) when davey touches her head (repeatedly and not too gently). she hates the carseat. she SCREAMS when she’s in her carseat (not every time, but most times. she has actually screamed all the way from downtown bellingham to lynden). she looks like her big brother, only she has a head of dark hair and her skin tone is darker. she loves to eat and she’s a good eater. she’s about ready to move into her 0-3 month clothing (good thing b/c i’m getting tired of the same 5 newborn sized outfits!). she has worn a dress to church every sunday thus far (4 weeks). she loves to be held and cuddled. she’s a spitter, though we’re trying to cut back on that by limiting her food intake (it does seem to be helping a bit). her feet are so long and her ankles so skinny that it’s pretty much impossible to keep any socks or booties or shoes on her feet, so i rarely bother to try. 


i’m sure i could say so much more about sweet samantha, but i’ll stop there so i can fold some laundry before she’s ready to eat again!

5 thoughts on “one month

  1. One month already – so hard to believe! How wonderful that she’s a healthy, growing girl. :) Give your cuties a squeeze for me.

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