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man. last night davey sat in one spot and played with one toy (well, a basket of magnetic alphabet letters) for a LONG time. dave and i kept peeking over at him (he was also making lots of noise while playing) and then looking at each other and laughing. we were both amazed at how LONG he was spending playing with ONE toy.


and now this morning, he’s been sitting in his high chair, watching tv (sid the science kid and super why) for the last 40 minutes. just sitting. eating a little. drinking some milk. and watching tv. my little boy really is growing up. i guess i SHOULD have used his breakfast time to take a shower! oh well. lesson learned!


yesterday davey got to play with grandma for most of the day. samantha and i drove down to mount vernon to meet with the eye surgeon. the same one who unplugged my right eye tear duct several years ago. i thought my surgical consultation would be a 5-minute appointment like it was last time. but instead, in their really nice facility, he was able to try a procedure on me in the office. well, more than one procedure, technically, i think. there was the 2-snip procedure. and the probe with saline flush. it involved numbing eye drops. and an injection. and blood. and what sounded like quite a bit of force from him. and some awful noises on my face (especially on the left side of my nose – crunching noises…. seriously!). but with all that awful-ness, he was able to unplug my tear duct. yep. in the office. under our really good insurance (which ends on the 30th). PRAISE GOD! i didn’t even think it was a possibility to get unplugged in the office. i was just counting on having to schedule a surgery for after the first of the year. 


and through it all, sam was a trooper. after the procedure, i did start to black out. so they put my procedure chair back all the way and propped up my legs on a pillow…. and then sam started to cry a little which "brought me back." and then the doctor actually wanted me to nurse her (and it was – like magic – time for her to eat!) b/c he knew that would help me recover from feeling "weak" sooner. so i got to sit in a comfy chair to nurse sam …. i didn’t even have to worry about doing it in the car later! 


since sam had been able to eat and i wasn’t sure i should drive all the way home just yet (my vision was a little blurry in my left eye – probably from the blood floating around in there… and the fact that my eye was numb for HOURS which means my left eye didn’t close or blink for HOURS), so i drove to the outlets and stopped at Carters, the Gap and Bass. i did make some purchases at all the stores (shhhh…. don’t tell dave!) and then it was time to return home. i did stop in lynden to pick up my prescription eye drops and i had to visit the Little Red Wagon b/c this weekend is their big-big sale where everything in the store is on sale (even their brand new items – like cute Pedipeds shoes for 20% off…. the ONLY time of the year that they’re on sale)! the sale actually started yesterday (yee haw!) so i picked up some cute shoes for sam (pink and green camo) and a pair of baby legs (leggings that run from the thigh to the ankle – i was boring and bought white, but they have such CUTE ones – stripes, polka dots, etc…… and the girl told me they just ordered 100 new pairs of baby legs… i’m hoping they ordered some warm, fuzzy, wintery ones b/c that’s what i want to put in sam’s stocking this year).


and totally unrelated to this post, here are two cute photos of nana with her darling grandchildren:



and on that note, i’d better give davey some more food and try to get a shower while he’s still contained in his chair (going on 45 minutes now!) and sam is still sleeping (she last ate 4 hours ago)! uh oh… davey’s done. guess he’ll be running around my room wreaking havoc while i take a shower. well, what else is new?! 

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  1. Wonderful news about your eye procedure – bonus!!! It IS a wonder when the little ones’ attention can be held by something for so long. Enjoy – this might be a two-day phase. HaHa.

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