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yesterday was my due date. and instead, i was hauling around a 3-week old baby. it was actually a pretty hard day for me. sam couldn’t stop spitting up. big. huge. and i got a call from the new insurance company that i would be denied coverage (it took about 20 minutes, but i got it straightened out and i won’t be denied – i will be accepted and covered…. sheesh) and then more spit up from sam and i hit my limit. i was finished. so i called the doctor’s office, talked to my nurse (and dear friend) lisa, and cried and cried and cried. and tomorrow i’m taking sam to the doctor’s office to see if there’s anything else dr. dickson can recommend for her spitting up. and her gas. she’s been so gassy (and fussy and uncomfortable) all day today. and i do mean ALLLLLLLLLLL day!


in other news, despite yesterday, i’ve been (slowly) making progress around the house. nana leaves on wednesday night/thursday morning. which means i have one more day to try to finish my "LIST" of things "to do" while my mom is here to help with the kids. it’s a list of non-necessity items, so once she leaves, it’s not likely these things will get done. what’s left on the list? quite a lot, actually. but of what’s left on the list, what is likely to get finished? CLEANING THE HOUSE. hopefully from top to bottom. 


what has already been accomplished? a little bit of organization (mostly in drawers or cabinets). samantha’s thank you cards. some progress on davey’s room (a few cars are hanging on the wall, his name was repainted and hung on the wall and nana worked her magic by adding the checkered material in strips to the bottom edge of his bedskirt). i hung the nursery bedding quilt on sam’s wall. i reviewed, edited and ordered a bunch of photo prints (from august to the present). 


so you wanna see some shots of davey’s room?


he LOVES the cars (giant wallpaper murals) on his wall… he points at them and smiles. he likes to try to touch them. seeing his smile makes it all worthwhile. the endless searching for the border, the roman shades, the race car material, the bed skirt, the comforter… yep. all worthwhile. 

2 thoughts on “making progress

  1. Oh no! Olivia was a big time puker too and it was horrible. I finally realized that she couldn’t eat as much at a time even though she was acting hungry. I think I made too much milk and she would eat until there was no more room and then everything would come up. I had to only feed her on one side for 2-3 feeds in a row and then switch to get my supply to adjust to what she could handle. I don’t know if that could be what Sam’s issue is, but thought I’d mention it. I’ll send you a link to something so you can read and see if that sounds like what’s going on with you. Hugs! I thought I was going to lose my mind while we were going through that. I could not handle being barfed on non-stop, all day long. It does get better.

    And Davey’s room is cool. Such a big boy on his bed. :)

  2. Davey’s room looks great. He looks proud of his big boy room. Cute. My kids all had the massive spit-up problems. It was awful, so I feel your pain. We figured out when Samuel was 9 months old that he had dairy issues. So, I went off dairy and he was fine. I had to go off dairy with Mary Kate too. It’s a lot more common than I realized for kids to have trouble digesting dairy when they’re really young. All of my kids are fine with dairy now. Anyway, I thought I would throw that out there. Good luck.

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