i know i’ve been MIA for a few days… that might continue for another week or so. my mom (aka: nana) is in town and i’m trying to get certain things finished while she’s here and i have the extra help with the kiddos. 


but let me tell you that today i am very thankful for some SUNSHINE!!!


sam’s doing well. she hasn’t pooped in over 24 hours (that’s not good, right?) and she’s insanely gassy. we actually slept on the couch for about 4 hours (from 1:30 – 5:30 a.m.) b/c she wouldn’t eat or sleep and kept crying (and i’d already given her mylicon) and i didn’t want her to wake the whole house. plus, downstairs on the couch i could at least lie down while holding her. the most frustrating thing about her gassiness is the unknown cause. i’m not eating any of the foods that typically cause bad gas in babies. so that must mean she’s just naturally like this? man. davey was a pooper. still is. and this little girl… i thought she was gonna be a pooper, but right now she’s showing signs of the opposite. any suggestions?


nursing is going MUCH better. thanks to my wonderful lactation consultant, leslie, i was able to buy a $2 tube of walmart-brand triple antibiotic ointment (aka: neosporin) and i’m healed. well, about 99% anyway. the initial latch is still painful, but i think that’s more because sam isn’t into opening her mouth too wide! so today i’m also thankful for healing, cheap remedies, helpful people and my good-eater!


speaking of my good eater… i should go feed her! hopefully we’ll be able to go into bellingham today to run a few errands. we tried yesterday but davey took a 3-1/2 hour nap (but he also was awake for about 2 hours in the middle of the night the night before, she he NEEDED that sleep)!

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  1. We went through some of this with Josi (lots of gas, no poop). We had to use suppositories to help her. I also had a friend who describes what you are describing and it turned out that her son was allergic to all dairy and soy. So 12 hours after his mom would eat cheese, drink milk or something, he would start screaming in pain with excess gas. You might want to try timing it to see if there is any correlation (it takes about 12 hours for what you eat to get to Sam) you might have a better idea then if it’s something you are eating. It may have just been a bad night too, you never know.

  2. I hear ya! Haley is really gassy too. We tried mylacon which actually made it worse. The problem with Mylacon is that it doesn’t help when the gas bubbles are already in the tummy. Some people have suggested gripe water which is all natural. I checked with the doctor last night who said we could try but there is no medical studies she knows of to prove it works. We’re going to give it a try though. Also have her sleep on an incline if you can. We have books under one side of the pack n play. Plenty of tummy time and rubbing her belly and back can help. I had Haley on my lap this morning ( 4:00am ) stomach down and I rubbed her back until she settled down. I agree it can be dairy and once we stop fortifying her bottles with formula ( hopefully next week ) I’ll probably try a dairy elemination diet to see if that ‘s it. I hope not because it’s hard to eat no dairy. I promise to let you know if I find anything that workse so you can try it too. Let me know if you discover anything. I totally feel your pain in the sleepless nights. Once I get Haley to sleep Jacob’s up because something woke him up. And it’s nap time right now and look what I’m doing. I must be crazy.

  3. Tam, my neighbor has 7 kids and she swears by fennel tea. She just brews it in a tea strainer, it’s just the straight seed you buy at the grocery store, and sip it throughout the day. It actually has a nice flavor, if you like tea…which I do. Also, (unrelated topic) if you don’t have bag balm be sure to pick that up. I had a couple of bouts with engorgement leading to mastitis and it was a life saver combined with a hot water bottle. Bag balm is also fantastic for diaper rash and scaly skin. Jake often gets skin irritations on his upper bottom area and it takes care of it overnight.

    I’m working on creating my own blog and will let you know when I have it up and running. Always fun to check in on yours!

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