in his shoes

davey is growing up so quickly…. but the other night, when i was getting him ready for bed, i had one of those "so precious" moments. one of those moments where if my life was part of a TV show, they’d scroll back to this scene/shot when davey is graduating from high school or college or getting married. he was lying on his bed in his diaper, drinking his bottle, while i got him in his jammies. before he donned his jammies, though, with my little boy lying there in just his diaper, i saw how little he still is. how vulnerable. how teachable. how lovable. he may be a big brother, but he’s still my little boy. 


for weeks (months?) now, he’s loved to carry shoes around the house. his shoes. daddy’s shoes. my shoes. shoes with laces. shoes without laces. flip flops. doesn’t matter…. he seems to enjoy shoes. and in the past week or so, he’s started to try them on. or attempt to try them on. earlier this week he got a little help from daddy:

see how happy and proud he is to be wearing daddy’s shoes? he only had them on for a few seconds and then he was done with that game, but look at that face. he knows he’s growing up!


as for samantha, she’s still little and sweet and full of gas. but she received her first piece of real mail late last week: 

her social security card. i’m not sure why i felt the urge to document this, but i did. so there you have it.

2 thoughts on “in his shoes

  1. I don’t know what it is about shoes. Both of my kids love them. Noah and Olivia regularly fight over wearing my shoes. I have the funniest picture of Noah when he was Davey’s age running away from me wearing nothing but a t-shirt, a cowboy hat, and a pair of my boots.

  2. Ah, yes, the shoe thing sure brought back memories! A favorite of my kids, too. Never did understand it, but it was a hugely popular pastime. :)

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