so sad. nana left this morning. for the past two weeks, davey has had her as a constant playmate. and before that, he had daddy at home for a week and a half. and now. now he has mama and samantha only. poor kid. thankfully, however, samantha and i went to see dr. dickson (AGAIN) yesterday. on monday i was at the end of my rope regarding her spitting up. and then on tuesday she barely stopped crying…. she had so much gas. so here’s what’s up.


in five days, sam gained another 6 ounces (she weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces). combine her bigon-going weight gain with all of her spitting up and her gas and here’s the scoop: she’s being overfed. or she’s over-eating. so her stomach is full but she likes to suck so she keeps eating and then she spits up the excess. and the gas is from too much air in her tummy which is from spending too much time eating. she takes a LONG time to eat at most feedings. and since i’ve been so concerned about her getting to the hind milk, i’ve been letting her eat and eat and eat on the same side which has led to air ingestion which led to gas. and a lot of it.


treatment plan: eat for 10 minutes on one side. get burped really well. make sure she’s awake (so change her diaper and whatever else is needed to wake her) and then feed her on the other side for 10 minutes. burp her again and then she’s done.

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  1. Well, I must say I’m not surprised – you know how us Dunkin gals like to eat (or at least this Dunkin gal)! She must take after her auntie (haha), and I’m excited to enjoy a big Thanksgiving Dinner with dear Sam :)

    Much love to you Tam, I’m happy that you’ve figured out what’s going on. Will be praying for you in the next coupla days especially as you make the transition to not having as many helping hands around. Wish I could skip work and come take Davey for a day (or two or three)…

    Can’t wait to see you guys in a week!

  2. so glad at least you have a solution you can work on that will hopefully start making little sam feel better! poor little tummy… i can only imagine if i spit up/threw up every time i over-ate (which would be like, everyday!) – not so much fun.
    have you tried a pacifier since she likes to suck so much? i can’t remember if she takes one or not. maybe putting it in after she eats would allow her to suck more?

  3. Well I’m glad you have a plan of action and hopefully that makes a difference. It sounds similar to Olivia except I had too much milk and she was sucking down milk until it literally all came back up. Olivia really needed that comfort sucking. She’s a thumb sucker now. Go figure. Keep us updated. I really hope this is the solution for you guys!

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