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a very happy and belated thanksgiving from our family to yours:

mom & rachel cooked. i cleaned the house so all 12 of us could enjoy the day together under one roof (dad & mom are in the middle of a remodel/addition). it was a relatively relaxing day and a good day to enjoy family time. samantha has been extra needy (eating every 2 hours – must be her 3-week growth spurt at 5 weeks).


then yesterday dad, mom, sterling and rachel came back to our house and we played games and relaxed and consumed the leftovers. and sam still wanted to eat every 2-3 hours. and she’s extremely gassy. can’t seem to get that out of her system, which is frustrating b/c she just cries and cries and cries and cries…. poor little girl.


speaking of my poor little girl, she’s crying again. she ate 2 hours ago so it must be time again. gotta run!


yesterday was a good day. a very good day. it was sunny. i was able to give BOTH of the kids a bath before play group. i picked up our mail (from saturday) on the way to play group and discovered a notification from our insurance company regarding some medical bills…. including the big one – the hospital bill. what we have to pay is significantly LESS than what we had to pay when we had davey. dave’s former employer (DIS) has way better insurance than what my employer provided! additionally, i got my final order from – some cute "scrabble tile pendants"

including two owls (there’s only one in the photo, i know)…. one for me and one for my other owl-obsessed friend, sara. play group was at sara’s house and her remodeled kitchen and her new hard wood floors are GORGEOUS! i even got to stay late (really late!) and eat lunch with her and just hang out. thanks for the great conversation, friend! i was able to give sara her owl pendant and she had something she’d been saving for me…. this cute ‘lil guy:

i think he’s adorable and i am currently tracking down a good place for him in my home!


on top of all that good stuff, i’m hopeful that davey is moving to AFTERNOON naps (finally). when he transitioned from two naps down to just one a day (months and months ago), he cut out the afternoon nap…. so he’d sleep from 10-noon or from 11-1…. though many days his naps were only 90 minutes long rather than 2 hours! on sunday, however, he had NO INTEREST in taking a nap after church. and he wasn’t super whiney. so we let him stay up and run around and have lunch with the family. and at 3 he was ready. and he slept for 3 hours. so on monday i let him run wild (okay, he didn’t really run wild… but he had a lot of fun running!) at sara’s house as he tried to impress her three girls…. and then we took a chance to visit grandpa & grandma and it paid off. he got to hang out with them a bit and then he fell asleep on the way home – at 2:30:

and he napped for two and a half hours. 


so for the rest of this week, i’m going to purposely try to get him to take a late nap. i think life would be a bit easier with a late nap for him. i could run Bellingham errands in the morning when i have more energy. he can have lunch before his nap. he might not be so crabby when i’m trying to prepare dinner (notice i did type "might"). so i’m hopeful, though if he needs a morning nap, i’m more than willing to let him have it!


so while davey was napping and sam was "chill" (okay, she may have been sleeping, too), i was able to work on a little project (that’s not finished even though it’s hanging up in our home):

i sewed the quilt to a cafe curtain rod and hung that last week. i painted the canvases on sunday.yesterday i added the photos, buttons and wooden heart and flower. and while i’m not convinced that the canvases are finished, i’m glad that they’re hanging on the wall. i’m glad that there’s FINALLY something hanging on that big wall in the nursery…. poor davey – he never did have anything hanging there! but he has a super-cool race car room now to make up for that, right?!


so monday was a good day. today we’re going to go to walmart and (most likely) the grocery store. and then tonight we all (dave included) get to have dessert with our friends Justin, Brandi, Emma and Jaden! Brandi, Samantha and I will head out to a jewelry party while the boys stay behind with the other kids…. which also means they (Justin & Dave) are responsible for bedtime for the kiddos!  :) hope you have a great day… i plan on it! 

one month

a month later….

i have finally completed sam’s birth story. it’s actually been finished for over two weeks, but i’m just now remembering to tell you that it’s written so you can request a copy (via e-mail) if you’re interested. as usual, it’s lengthy… i like detail and i wanted it detailed so i could remember later what it was like. so if you want to read a copy, leave me a comment (and your e-mail address if i don’t already have it) and i’ll e-mail it to you. 


in other news, my baby girl turns ONE MONTH OLD today… at 3:27 p.m. it’s hard to believe she’s been part of our family for a month already. and in some ways, it seems like she’s always been here. she is a sweet little thing. she has long arms and fingers and feet. she sleeps well once she’s asleep. she’s not on any schedule yet, so sometimes she goes 3 hours between feedings and other times she’ll go up to 5 hours between feedings. she loves to look around her world, though she can’t see much of it yet. she loves lights. she sleeps best if there’s a lamp on in her room and the white noise machine. she poos every 24-48 hours and she seems to poo twice inside an hour when she does finally go. she’s a gassy girl. oh so very gassy. and she can rip a noisy belch with the best of ‘em. she doesn’t seem to mind (too much) when davey touches her head (repeatedly and not too gently). she hates the carseat. she SCREAMS when she’s in her carseat (not every time, but most times. she has actually screamed all the way from downtown bellingham to lynden). she looks like her big brother, only she has a head of dark hair and her skin tone is darker. she loves to eat and she’s a good eater. she’s about ready to move into her 0-3 month clothing (good thing b/c i’m getting tired of the same 5 newborn sized outfits!). she has worn a dress to church every sunday thus far (4 weeks). she loves to be held and cuddled. she’s a spitter, though we’re trying to cut back on that by limiting her food intake (it does seem to be helping a bit). her feet are so long and her ankles so skinny that it’s pretty much impossible to keep any socks or booties or shoes on her feet, so i rarely bother to try. 


i’m sure i could say so much more about sweet samantha, but i’ll stop there so i can fold some laundry before she’s ready to eat again!

sweet feet


i was busy doing (lots of) laundry yesterday so to save myself some time, i decided to grab hangers and use them WHILE i was folding clothing instead of while i was trying to put away clothing in the closets. so i waited until i was sure davey was sound asleep for his nap and i opened the door to his room to raid his closet. i almost laughed out loud when i saw him sound asleep in his crib. i ran back downstairs for the camera…. here’s what i saw:


and in case you’re wondering, i did remember the hangers. not sure how after encountering such a funny sight, but i did remember! (i did not, however, get to FOLD and HANG all that laundry yesterday so i spent a good hour this morning/afternoon doing it). 


davey has really come into his own lately. he can blow kisses. he picks up his tool box and carries it with him, looking at you and saying "bye" in the sweetest voice you can imagine. dave does not carry a briefcase or a bag to work, though he did take his laptop to work a few days last week. we’re assuming that’s where davey picked up the connection to his toolbox and "bye." davey is funny every time we turn around. he loves to try to repeat what we say – i think he’s adding new words to his vocabulary daily…. though those same words may not be there the next day! when we get a low voice and say "davey, what are you doing?" he’ll run away if he’s doing something he knows not to do. or he’ll go do something (like almost touch the stereo) and say "no no. no no." and walk away from it shaking his head. he’s such a joy, even when he’s naughty (there are times we have to tag-team on the discipline b/c we can’t keep a straight face)!


and sam is doing well. she’s still spitting up. and she’s still gassy. but we’re working on that. so far, the 10 minutes per side situation has seemed to help her quite a bit. she’s never hungry after eating 10 and 10. never. and if she’s fussy it’s usually from gas (you can hear or feel it coming out!) or a too-full tummy (and you’ll see that come out soon enough)! she loves to have her eyes open (day or night) and look around. she LOVES the light. we actually leave the light in her room on all night long. she cries when i turn it off, even though it’s not that dark in there. she seems to have to cry herself to sleep (that’s a bit frustrating and annoying, though i know my friend shelly can relate all too well). but overall, she is a darling, sweet baby girl and dave, davey and i are just smitten with her!


and out of the blue, dave asked me if we have any plans for tonight. when i said "no," he said he’d like to get a sitter for the kids (yes – that "s" is intentional) so we could go out to dinner at The Keg (a YUMMY steak & seafood restaurant…. we usually go there 3 or 4 times a year – our birthdays, our anniversary and a Christmas dinner with Dave’s side company….. but we’ve only gone once so far this year). I told him to "go for it." and he picked up the phone, called his mom (aka: grandma) and we are going out on a date tonight!!!!!!  it’s just dinner, but that’s huge. i’m excited. so very excited. just a few hours of no children to chase. or feed. or nurse. or comfort. i love my kids, but i’m a very logical mom who knows when a BREAK is needed. and i’m ready for that break.


hope you’re all having a good saturday. mine’s been pretty easy-going thus far. and that makes me happy! 


more changing

man. last night davey sat in one spot and played with one toy (well, a basket of magnetic alphabet letters) for a LONG time. dave and i kept peeking over at him (he was also making lots of noise while playing) and then looking at each other and laughing. we were both amazed at how LONG he was spending playing with ONE toy.


and now this morning, he’s been sitting in his high chair, watching tv (sid the science kid and super why) for the last 40 minutes. just sitting. eating a little. drinking some milk. and watching tv. my little boy really is growing up. i guess i SHOULD have used his breakfast time to take a shower! oh well. lesson learned!


yesterday davey got to play with grandma for most of the day. samantha and i drove down to mount vernon to meet with the eye surgeon. the same one who unplugged my right eye tear duct several years ago. i thought my surgical consultation would be a 5-minute appointment like it was last time. but instead, in their really nice facility, he was able to try a procedure on me in the office. well, more than one procedure, technically, i think. there was the 2-snip procedure. and the probe with saline flush. it involved numbing eye drops. and an injection. and blood. and what sounded like quite a bit of force from him. and some awful noises on my face (especially on the left side of my nose – crunching noises…. seriously!). but with all that awful-ness, he was able to unplug my tear duct. yep. in the office. under our really good insurance (which ends on the 30th). PRAISE GOD! i didn’t even think it was a possibility to get unplugged in the office. i was just counting on having to schedule a surgery for after the first of the year. 


and through it all, sam was a trooper. after the procedure, i did start to black out. so they put my procedure chair back all the way and propped up my legs on a pillow…. and then sam started to cry a little which "brought me back." and then the doctor actually wanted me to nurse her (and it was – like magic – time for her to eat!) b/c he knew that would help me recover from feeling "weak" sooner. so i got to sit in a comfy chair to nurse sam …. i didn’t even have to worry about doing it in the car later! 


since sam had been able to eat and i wasn’t sure i should drive all the way home just yet (my vision was a little blurry in my left eye – probably from the blood floating around in there… and the fact that my eye was numb for HOURS which means my left eye didn’t close or blink for HOURS), so i drove to the outlets and stopped at Carters, the Gap and Bass. i did make some purchases at all the stores (shhhh…. don’t tell dave!) and then it was time to return home. i did stop in lynden to pick up my prescription eye drops and i had to visit the Little Red Wagon b/c this weekend is their big-big sale where everything in the store is on sale (even their brand new items – like cute Pedipeds shoes for 20% off…. the ONLY time of the year that they’re on sale)! the sale actually started yesterday (yee haw!) so i picked up some cute shoes for sam (pink and green camo) and a pair of baby legs (leggings that run from the thigh to the ankle – i was boring and bought white, but they have such CUTE ones – stripes, polka dots, etc…… and the girl told me they just ordered 100 new pairs of baby legs… i’m hoping they ordered some warm, fuzzy, wintery ones b/c that’s what i want to put in sam’s stocking this year).


and totally unrelated to this post, here are two cute photos of nana with her darling grandchildren:



and on that note, i’d better give davey some more food and try to get a shower while he’s still contained in his chair (going on 45 minutes now!) and sam is still sleeping (she last ate 4 hours ago)! uh oh… davey’s done. guess he’ll be running around my room wreaking havoc while i take a shower. well, what else is new?! 


so sad. nana left this morning. for the past two weeks, davey has had her as a constant playmate. and before that, he had daddy at home for a week and a half. and now. now he has mama and samantha only. poor kid. thankfully, however, samantha and i went to see dr. dickson (AGAIN) yesterday. on monday i was at the end of my rope regarding her spitting up. and then on tuesday she barely stopped crying…. she had so much gas. so here’s what’s up.


in five days, sam gained another 6 ounces (she weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces). combine her bigon-going weight gain with all of her spitting up and her gas and here’s the scoop: she’s being overfed. or she’s over-eating. so her stomach is full but she likes to suck so she keeps eating and then she spits up the excess. and the gas is from too much air in her tummy which is from spending too much time eating. she takes a LONG time to eat at most feedings. and since i’ve been so concerned about her getting to the hind milk, i’ve been letting her eat and eat and eat on the same side which has led to air ingestion which led to gas. and a lot of it.


treatment plan: eat for 10 minutes on one side. get burped really well. make sure she’s awake (so change her diaper and whatever else is needed to wake her) and then feed her on the other side for 10 minutes. burp her again and then she’s done.

in his shoes

davey is growing up so quickly…. but the other night, when i was getting him ready for bed, i had one of those "so precious" moments. one of those moments where if my life was part of a TV show, they’d scroll back to this scene/shot when davey is graduating from high school or college or getting married. he was lying on his bed in his diaper, drinking his bottle, while i got him in his jammies. before he donned his jammies, though, with my little boy lying there in just his diaper, i saw how little he still is. how vulnerable. how teachable. how lovable. he may be a big brother, but he’s still my little boy. 


for weeks (months?) now, he’s loved to carry shoes around the house. his shoes. daddy’s shoes. my shoes. shoes with laces. shoes without laces. flip flops. doesn’t matter…. he seems to enjoy shoes. and in the past week or so, he’s started to try them on. or attempt to try them on. earlier this week he got a little help from daddy:

see how happy and proud he is to be wearing daddy’s shoes? he only had them on for a few seconds and then he was done with that game, but look at that face. he knows he’s growing up!


as for samantha, she’s still little and sweet and full of gas. but she received her first piece of real mail late last week: 

her social security card. i’m not sure why i felt the urge to document this, but i did. so there you have it.

making progress

yesterday was my due date. and instead, i was hauling around a 3-week old baby. it was actually a pretty hard day for me. sam couldn’t stop spitting up. big. huge. and i got a call from the new insurance company that i would be denied coverage (it took about 20 minutes, but i got it straightened out and i won’t be denied – i will be accepted and covered…. sheesh) and then more spit up from sam and i hit my limit. i was finished. so i called the doctor’s office, talked to my nurse (and dear friend) lisa, and cried and cried and cried. and tomorrow i’m taking sam to the doctor’s office to see if there’s anything else dr. dickson can recommend for her spitting up. and her gas. she’s been so gassy (and fussy and uncomfortable) all day today. and i do mean ALLLLLLLLLLL day!


in other news, despite yesterday, i’ve been (slowly) making progress around the house. nana leaves on wednesday night/thursday morning. which means i have one more day to try to finish my "LIST" of things "to do" while my mom is here to help with the kids. it’s a list of non-necessity items, so once she leaves, it’s not likely these things will get done. what’s left on the list? quite a lot, actually. but of what’s left on the list, what is likely to get finished? CLEANING THE HOUSE. hopefully from top to bottom. 


what has already been accomplished? a little bit of organization (mostly in drawers or cabinets). samantha’s thank you cards. some progress on davey’s room (a few cars are hanging on the wall, his name was repainted and hung on the wall and nana worked her magic by adding the checkered material in strips to the bottom edge of his bedskirt). i hung the nursery bedding quilt on sam’s wall. i reviewed, edited and ordered a bunch of photo prints (from august to the present). 


so you wanna see some shots of davey’s room?


he LOVES the cars (giant wallpaper murals) on his wall… he points at them and smiles. he likes to try to touch them. seeing his smile makes it all worthwhile. the endless searching for the border, the roman shades, the race car material, the bed skirt, the comforter… yep. all worthwhile. 

got cream

got cream? apparently i do.


so last friday i told you that 6.0 ounces is a good one-week weight gain for a baby between 1-2 months of age. at the request of the lactation consultant, i took sam in for a weight check today. last friday, she weighed 6 pounds 5 ounces (1 ounce less than her birth weight). today she weighed:

7.0 pounds. yep. 7.0. that means she gained 11 ounces in one week. ELEVEN. almost TWICE the usual amount of weight gain. sheesh! i checked davey’s baby book today and at three weeks, he weighed 5 and a 1/2 pounds (not even his birth weight!). samantha ma outgrow her big brother pretty quickly!


speaking of big brothers:

davey got to wear one of his winter hats & gloves yesterday when nana took him for a walk. 


and last night, big brother davey got to go sledding:

carrilee, henry and jorja invited nana, davey, samantha and i over for dinner last night (tim & dave had a work meeting). henry pulled out his sled and convinced nana carol to drag him and davey around the house. it was pretty funny. i’m not sure davey had any clue what was going on. but henry told him to sit in the sled, so he did. 


happy friday to all!


i know i’ve been MIA for a few days… that might continue for another week or so. my mom (aka: nana) is in town and i’m trying to get certain things finished while she’s here and i have the extra help with the kiddos. 


but let me tell you that today i am very thankful for some SUNSHINE!!!


sam’s doing well. she hasn’t pooped in over 24 hours (that’s not good, right?) and she’s insanely gassy. we actually slept on the couch for about 4 hours (from 1:30 – 5:30 a.m.) b/c she wouldn’t eat or sleep and kept crying (and i’d already given her mylicon) and i didn’t want her to wake the whole house. plus, downstairs on the couch i could at least lie down while holding her. the most frustrating thing about her gassiness is the unknown cause. i’m not eating any of the foods that typically cause bad gas in babies. so that must mean she’s just naturally like this? man. davey was a pooper. still is. and this little girl… i thought she was gonna be a pooper, but right now she’s showing signs of the opposite. any suggestions?


nursing is going MUCH better. thanks to my wonderful lactation consultant, leslie, i was able to buy a $2 tube of walmart-brand triple antibiotic ointment (aka: neosporin) and i’m healed. well, about 99% anyway. the initial latch is still painful, but i think that’s more because sam isn’t into opening her mouth too wide! so today i’m also thankful for healing, cheap remedies, helpful people and my good-eater!


speaking of my good eater… i should go feed her! hopefully we’ll be able to go into bellingham today to run a few errands. we tried yesterday but davey took a 3-1/2 hour nap (but he also was awake for about 2 hours in the middle of the night the night before, she he NEEDED that sleep)!