the show must go on

so it’s thursday… and you wanna know how the show is going, right? yesterday was a long day of setting up (we were highly disorganized). and today didn’t start out great for any of us, but the day definitely got better and it was 3 o’clock before i knew it.


so here are some photos from our double wide booth:





pretty cute, huh?!


i think we’re doing pretty well, considering thursday isn’t usually the big money-making day AND considering the state of our economy. i’m not sure how our day ended, but i’m confident that we’ll continue to do well.


tonight i hope to get a good night’s sleep. even though i was exhausted last night, i had a hard time falling asleep. and then i had dreams (and maybe some nightmares) and then i was awake thanks to some insomnia and davey from 2 to 5 a.m. dave was awesome and got up to chill with davey until he could/would fall back asleep. 


and even though he has an ear infection, a cold and is teething (and has been pretty crabby), here’s how cute he was being for me about an hour ago (he’s crabby again now):


if only he were this cute all the time!  :) 


oh yeah… here’s a link to the newspaper article (it came out yesterday)… we’re really impressed with the article!

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