the culprit

so we got in to see dr. dickson yesterday at 3:30 and davey does, indeed, have yet another ear infection (his third since june). this one, however, is only ONE ear, so i take that as progress. so we have begun the 10-day routine of antibiotics. and his cold is still pretty gross… it just grosses me out that he’s always eating snot when it runs down his nose and into his mouth and that he rubs it across his face and onto his head. i’m kinda like a "no germ nazi" when davey is sick. he can only use each bottle once before it gets washed. he uses different binkies all throughout the day (including the three he has to have for naptime and bedtime). i switch out burp cloths and bibs all day long… and then there’s issue of me running around after davey with tissues… endless tissues…. to try to wipe away the snot. i keep reminding myself that at least it’s clear and not green or yellow. then i would be REALLY grossed out!


sorry to be so graphic, but i just had to share. he did wake up twice last night (10 pm and 3:30 am) but he went back to bed pretty quickly each time. he did (and still does) have a fever but i’m thinking that’s related to the teething… so he does have a real combination of issues going on, but i’m not stressing his fever because he’s on antibiotics for the ear infection. and his diaper rash is clearing up quite quickly. 


on a totally different note, set-up for the craft show happens today. i feel bad that i can’t "carry my share of the load" with the set-up, but they keep assuring me that i will be a valuable help. and i do plan to help set-up with our product… i just won’t be carrying and moving doors and things like that. here’s a picture of us in our booth this past spring:


this time around, we’ve made LOTS of changes. no curtain panels to act as our walls. a double-wide booth (we obviously need the space!) and a totally different arrangement and way to display all of our merchandise. i hope to get a shot of all three of us in our booth again this year… it’s weird to think that i was about a month PREGNANT in the above photo and i didn’t know it! so that means that baby roxy has always been along for the ride with these craft shows… hopefully i don’t have to wear her in a baby bjorn or in a backpack at the next show!  :)



and please continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers. i really do want to try to take it easy throughout this show. it’s hard, especially when i can get caught up in other people’s energy (and sara seems to have no end to her energy level), but i really am trying to help with the show without over-doing it AND to keep things at home running (not smoothly, but running none-the-less)! one thing is for sure, NONE of this would be possible (me helping at the craft show, me keeping my house running, etc.) without the help of my wonderful husband and his parents. i love you all!


2 thoughts on “the culprit

  1. Sorry to hear about Davey’s ear problem. I’m a firm believer that teething and ear infections go together…maybe once Davey gets through teething, the ear infection will go too. It’s a happy, happy day when all those teeth are in!!!

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