still waiting EDITED

i feel like this week is all about waiting. with my "limited activity" instructions from dr. tu, i’ve pretty much been sitting around the house this week. that’s hard for me. but i have a feeling i should get used to it. i’m thinking that with two kids i might not get out and about as much as i did with just one! additionally, it’s been pretty sunny and nice this week (yesterday it got up to 62 degrees!) and i’ve really wanted to take davey for walks to the park to play on the swings. but i figured that since the hospital usually tells moms-to-be to go walk the mall for an hour (when they’re being induced) that i probably should NOT be going for walks to the park. i’m really hoping that we have some nice weather this fall/winter so davey, roxy and i can go for walks to the park. i feel like i’m missing out on autumn this year. or that i’m simply experiencing it from the boredom of my couch! 


dr. tu is hoping for roxy to stay in until 37 weeks (which would be this coming monday, 10/27). i’ll see her today and get some updated stats – i know there have been some changes since my appt. last week. and i’ve been having contractions this morning. so we’ll see how my appt goes at 2:15 today. 


i’m taking my mother-in-law with me to watch davey and then to help me at costco. i’m planning to stock the freezer with all kinds of costco meals (lasagna, chicken & rice, pot roast, garlic chicken, etc.) to help make dinner planning a little easier once roxy arrives.


this pregnancy has been pretty different from my experience with davey. i had more nausea in the beginning. and i think i needed to sleep more. and then the reflux started (i’m not a fan of that!). and then the insomnia. and i’ve carried roxy lower (a slight frustration when getting dressed each day!). and then the back/hip pain. and now the contractions. i never really felt/experienced contractions with davey, so this is a whole new ball game for me. on the plus side, however, i’ve had some opportunity to do some nesting. and i’ve enjoyed shopping for good deals on baby girl clothing (with a few splurges here and there). and baby roxy has moved around a lot more than davey ever did, so i’ve been more aware of this pregnancy. 


oh – before i go, please keep our entire family in your prayers. davey still has a snotty nose (still clear) and he was kind enough to share his cold with me (though i’m definitely on the upside of it), grandpa (who is feeling a bit better) and with daddy (who is still feeling pretty crappy). i would love for us to all be healthy when this little girl makes her grand entrance…. so please pray for a quick recovery for dave. and dad. and a full recovery for davey and myself. thanks!



it’s 5:22 p.m. i saw the doctor today and here’s the info:

dilated to 3 (almost 4)

90% effaced

her head is low (dr. tu could feel it)


so Dr. Tu thinks i’ll be at the hospital sometime tonight to have this baby girl. we’ll keep you posted as we’re able. i did get to go to costco after my appt (dr. tu said it was okay) and my freezer is now stocked with several kinds of foods and i have a whole new box of diapers for my little MAN. my mother-in-law is hanging out with me right now…. well, she’s playing with davey. i might go try to take a nap.

6 thoughts on “still waiting EDITED

  1. Hey Tam- just to let you know i had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, was dilated to 3 and 70% effaced with Elijah and was still able to make it to 39 weeks. So it is possible that you could make it to November. Praying for you all!

  2. This is good news! We just talked to Davey’s grandpa- and now have checked here to finish getting updated. We’re thinking of you all. We look forward to hearing of your sweet girl’s arrival.

  3. wow!!! I’m praying everything will go smoothly and I’m sure everything will be just fine – she’s going to be beautiful and I can’t wait to see pics of the baby girl!!! love you tam! :)

  4. praying for you and hoping everything goes smoothing and roxy decides to stay in for a little while longer. call if you need anything!

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