spaghetti-o face

it’s sunny and gorgeous today (so far). and this photo (from lunch yesterday) makes me smile even bigger:



i think he likes spaghetti-o’s. like mama, like son. (well, i USED to like them… haven’t had them in two decades and there’s a reason why – i think they’re gross). 


on monday i’ll be 35 weeks preggers with baby roxy. i see dr. tu again next friday (she wants to see me weekly now). no FFN test at my last appt b/c i’m "out of the danger zone" for needing a "warning" about the potential arrival of sweet roxy (and b/c i found out how LITTLE our insurance is paying for that crazy expensive lab test)!


the craft show is this week. lots to do for it, but thankfully 99% of my work involves sitting down. and i’m still pretty calm about the whole thing – what gets done, gets done. what doesn’t get done is no great loss. i really think i’m changing. mellowing. hopefully this attitude will hold out for years to come (it’s good to be flexible with little ones around)! 


last night, dave and i went on a group date with our sunday school class. we saw the movie FIREPROOF. not bad, actually. you’ve gotta get past the first 10 minutes, for sure. and some of the actors are obviously not actors. and the lighting is a bit rough throughout the movie. but it’s an IN YOUR FACE movie about marriage. and God. and healing. and i’m glad we saw it. dave even liked it. and i did cry a little toward the end. how could you not?! (it was a little weird, however, to watch kirk cameron who is now how old – late 30s, early 40s… and remember that he was the VERY FIRST picture i ever tore out of a Teen Beat or Bop magazine so i could hang him on my wall….. ahhhhh the 80s)!

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