rough day

boy oh boy… today has probably been the worst of all our days at home since sam was born. and today she’s one week old…. happy one week birthday, right? for three of the past four days, davey has taken an AWFUL nap (shorter than an hour) and has been SO WHINEY. i feel AWFUL b/c i have absolutely no patience for him today. zero. and it makes me feel like a bad mom. i know i’m not a bad mom…. but i feel like one, ya know? i know we all have days like this, but i hate actually having to experience it. he really is a good kid. still a baby, in fact. but he seems so big compared to sam. it makes me sad that he’s no longer my baby. i really wish it weren’t raining so we could go for a walk. that might help – my mood, at least. 


to top it off, sam has been (trying) to use me as a human pacifier. seriously. i can’t take it. my body can’t take it. she actually spit up blood (my blood) last night/this morning. yeah. i’m a big old mess. she’s just ripped me to shreds. i still love her, but i can’t handle being a human pacifier. not today, at least. sigh. 


but despite having a difficult day with the kids (how in the WORLD will i cope with days like this when dave is back at work?), i still love them. they can both make my heart melt. they both make me smile. and laugh. and i can’t imagine my life without them. and a good way to remind myself of the good things about the kids is to look at cute photos…. like the following:




going to the doctor’s on wednesday:


who doesn’t love a sleeping baby?



 and not to be left out…. big brother davey has such a killer smile:


that last picture had us laughing pretty hard last night. davey and i were cuddling on the couch (he’s shirtless b/c his shirt was DRENCHED in drool) and he started making this "tick tick tick" noise and wiggling his fingers on his belly. once i realized he was saying "tickle tickle tickle" i couldn’t stop cracking up. it was SO CUTE! we do have it on video, but the likelihood of us getting it onto you tube anytime soon is pretty slim. he was laughing pretty hard, too, especially when we laughed at (with) him. he’s talking more and more…. we can’t understand most of what he’s saying, but he really is trying. and he’s mimic-ing words all the time (reminds me to watch what i say!). he really is growing up.


and now, as a way to continue to end this post on a positive note, and to prepare myself for november (which starts tomorrow?!?!?!) here’s a list of 5 things that i am thankful for TODAY:

1. a helpful husband who can take over when i’ve lost it.

2. two healthy and beautiful children who make me smile and laugh (even when i’m frustrated).

3. the anticipation of some visitors (julie & alissa from the store and linda & eme joy).

4. the thought of a marble cake with chocolate frosting (i still have to make it, though).

5. an amazing church body who is providing another meal (our 3rd of 4)… so i don’t have to worry about dinner tonight.


so there you have it. my post started as an "i’m frustrated" moment and is ending with "i’m thankful" thoughts. i like the "thankful" thoughts better. can you name 2 things you’re thankful for today?

2 thoughts on “rough day

  1. Two things I’m thankful for:
    1. A roof over our heads-a warm place to retreat out of the rain and cold.
    2. Healthy bodies while we have them-you never know when that could change and I DON’T take it for granted.
    Good job for spurring the rest of us on to be thankful too!

  2. Just 2? 1. My kids….and that Haley is home so my kids are now together. 2. My amazing husband who has gotten me through the last 5 weeks of Haley being in the NICU….and my whole family who was there to help and support us in what ever way they could.

    As for nursing little Sam. Have you thought of trying a nipple shield? I have to use one for Haley because she is just too small to get it right and it helps a lot. It might allow you the time you need to heal. Some babies can eventually stop using it and some can’t. Either way, you can still nurse your baby which is what is the most important. I think you can buy the shields at Babies R us but I’m not sure. I got mine at the hospital. Good luck. I’m just so happy Haley is nursing 3 times a day right now. She doesn’t get enough so she needs a bottle ( of pumped milk ) but she’s getting better each day. Today we’ll try to add a 4th time. I hope you can work out your nursing problems so you can have that bonding experience with your daughter.

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