rainy thursday

this time last week, i was walking around costco with my mother-in-law. i was experiencing contractions, i was dilated to 3.5 cm and was 90% effaced. and i was convinced i was going to have a baby before the day was over. but instead, the adventure was just beginning. the labor adventure, that is. i still haven’t typed my story…. i will do it soon (my goal is in the next few days) b/c i want to get as many details down while i can still remember them. hard to believe, though, that my sweet samantha jane hasn’t been with us (on the "outside") for even a week yet!


i had hoped the weather would be nice all week but today was a bit on the rainy side. oh well. it IS almost november. dave has off through wednesday so there’s still hope for some more "sunny park days" for davey and daddy – and maybe mama & sam could even join them! this morning dave’s mom came by to take davey for a few hours – it was the PERFECT day to do it, too. he woke up bright and early (7:30am) and dave had a headache for most of the morning. ugh. but with grandma to the rescue, it’s mid-afternoon and we’re fairing much better now. it also helps that we had some DELICIOUS homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning (thanks to Lisa AND Barb for the goodies you delivered yesterday)! actually, dave just ate another cinnamon roll for lunch…. guess i should plan a healthier dinner for us tonight since his breakfast and lunch aren’t offering much from the food pyramid! 


i also want to say a huge THANK YOU to all my dear friends who have offered advice and encouragement to me. nursing is going much better (thanks especially to nee, for the "latching" help, and to christine for that link!). it’s still painful when she latches, but that’s mainly b/c i’ve got some small sores that are still healing. ouch is right. i also feel relatively engorged, which is why i’ve pumped a few times so far (to help alleviate that painful "too full" feeling). i’m learning that sam is more of a snacker. she will only eat on one side at a time (99% of the time) and will eat, then drift off then want to eat again and on and on and on. she’ll do that for an hour or two and then she’ll be content and full for 3-4 hours (especially at night). so right now, since she’s still not even a week old, i’m letting her do her thing… i don’t plan to be really strict on a schedule, but i do need her to get into a "meal mode" rather than a "constant snack mode" but that will come with time. i did have a LOT of problems "producing" with davey – and i tried all kinds of suggestions, but nothing helped enough. so i’m quite thankful that sam is getting plenty to eat with some left over. 



okay…. it’s a number of hours later and i still haven’t published this post, so i’ll add some info and then get going for the night. i worked hard today to get davey and sam’s rooms switched around so we can have them sleeping in the same room where their clothing is stored. the plan was to have davey sleep in the borrowed crib but use the same mattress, sheets and bumper pads he’s used to. we also put the humidifier in his new room… so that helps with any strange noises he might hear. little davey (who i now call my "linebacker" since he’s so much bigger than his sister…. even though he’s still a peanut…. he’s 15 months and is JUST NOW starting to wear his 12-18 month clothing)…. back on track…. my little davey was really tired – VERY TIRED. so up we went… into his new room. bottle and binkies in hand. i had hoped he would fall asleep in my arms like most every other night and i could just lie him in the crib and that would be that. oh boy was i hopeful. he’s smart. he knew something was up. after about 30 minutes, i had him down. asleep even. but the humidifier ran out of water. so when i picked up the right part to go add water, i made too much noise. and he woke up. since i had curtailed sam’s feeding so i could try to put davey to bed, i was in physical pain (engorged) and then super frustrated b/c i couldn’t get him to sleep even though he was exhausted. so dave and i switched (he was holding a hiccuping sam) and it took dave another 45 minutes to get davey to sleep. only get this….. davey is asleep on his BIG BOY BED instead of in the borrowed crib. seriously. 


so in an hour or so, we’ll go check on davey. we’ll either move him to the crib or add some borrowed side-rails to the bed. and see what happens in the morning. could be an interesting night here in the dunkin home!


2 thoughts on “rainy thursday

  1. sounds like you’re doin wonderful tam and family! i’m so happy that through all of my nursing issues, i was able to offer some help. please let me know if you need anything else…. chances are, i’ve experienced it! :)

  2. Glad to know things are going better! I hope Davey does well in his new big boy bed. I hope he gets used to it quickly. Olivia was a snacker as well. It was frustrating, but got better around 3 months old. I kept trying to lengthen the time between feedings so she’d eat more, but I realized she couldn’t hold much in her stomach. She could really only eat 1/2 of one side at a time. Any more and she’d throw up everything. Then after 3 months, she could finally finish one side at a feeding. It was still another few months after that before she could nurse on both sides at one time. Definitely a different experience than what i had with Noah. Anyway, if you have anymore problems, just ask. Like Renee, I’ve probably experienced it. :)

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