our first outing

sam’s updated weight: 5 pounds 11.5 ounces…. so she’s up 3 ounces from monday. which means that even though daddy called her an oompa-loompa this morning (she’s a bit orange), there’s no need (yet) to worry about her bili level or do anything additional to treat it. she’ll have another weight check on monday and then her two week follow-up next friday. 




after davey’s LONG nap (2.5 hours) yesterday, we took our first outing as a family of four…. to target and the maternity store at the mall. just a little adventure. it went okay – no major problems. i’m glad dave was there, though. i’m curious as to how errands at walmart, target, the mall, etc. will go when i’m alone with the two kids. i’ll have to remember to take the baby bjorn for samantha so there’s room in the cart for the items we need!


the target dollar spot currently has winter hats and mittens for babies right now, so i picked up the pink striped set for sam. they also have some cute tights so i picked up some of those, too. they’re a little "odd" b/c one has pink snowflakes and one has little christmas trees, but for $1 i thought it was worth a try. i was also a little "naughty" and picked up some items in the baby center of the store for her – some head bands, some really cute bow clip/barrettes (though she doesn’t have enough hair for them yet) and a girlie "tug tunes" toy:

unfortunately, i noticed AFTER getting home that i bought the wrong size in the "tree" tights (i accidentally picked up 6-12 months) and the wrong "kind" of pacifiers (i wanted the non-silicone ones). if anyone local is headed to target anytime soon, let me know… maybe you can do an exchange for me!  :)  


we’ve been blessed in the last few days to receive two bouquets of flowers. one from the NYC family – uncle john, aunt babi and cousins liz, kate & wendy:

 (these came with a frame, too – i LOVE LOVE LOVE these flowers!)


…and one from dave’s employer:

 (these came with a white teddy bear).


and yesterday we received a pink beanie baby bear with an "it’s a girl" balloon (courtesy of our church). and at the hospital on friday, auntie rachel & uncle sterling brought flowers (pink gerbera daisies – my favorite) & a balloon ("welcome").



we had an okay night last night. i got to sleep in my bed for a few hours and then sam and i went downstairs where i (once again) fell asleep burping her…. so we had to stay downstairs through the next feeding. but i got to go BACK to my bed a little before 7, which was such a treat! i think i got about 5 hours of sleep in my bed – first time in almost a week! sam’s doing better every day with her eating and she sleeps a lot. i love when she opens her eyes – she’s like a little turtle…  i remember thinking the same thing about davey.  


and here are a few questions for anyone who wants to try to answer them:

1. why is my stomach (significantly) larger now than it was an hour after giving birth?

2. will it ALWAYS hurt like crazy when sam latches on (we’re talking MASSIVE pain – i’m still working with her to get her mouth open really WIDE)?

3. how can i tell if i should be pumping now to increase (or maintain) milk production… how do i know if sam is eating enough… if she’s "emptying" me?

4. why does it hurt so much when the stitches are coming out (on their own)?




that’s enough for now.  

3 thoughts on “our first outing

  1. fun baby girl items!! i need to get to work making some fun headbands for you… :) i promise to send them!!
    I remember being nervous for my first outing out with 2 kids by myself…. you will quickly get the hang of it!
    i’ll try to take a stab at the questions, just to offer my 2 cents… :)
    as far as latching on, i would say that it shouldn’t hurt massive after a couple seconds after she’s on. if it does, there’s a problem and you need to get her off and try latching again. Definitely get her to open very wide (so hard, i know – both of mine were bird mouths!) and make sure she’s in the right position. If it continues to hurt, try and get some help from either a lactation specialist or a good friend who was a pro-nurser. When i got some help from a specialist it was very helpful. i never knew i was holding wrong. something i did wrong was hold the back of the baby’s head to guide her on – which forces the head to tilt down, which causes a wrong latch. you never want her chin to tilt down. when you line her up, hold the back of her neck/upper back and make sure the bottom lip is in line w/ your nipple, so that when you pull her in, your nipple goes to the roof of her mouth. that’s just one of the many things i did wrong that caused me so much pain!
    she’s getting enough if she has dirty diapers. i was always worried about that too cause it looks like they eat so little (which they do at first). don’t worry about the eating every 3 hours just yet. As long as she’s eating well, your body will regulate and as she eats longer your body will make more milk and she’ll get on a good schedule. you could always pump a little after a feeding just so you’re not so full, but once feedings get regulated, you could start pumping in between a feeding or two. oh gosh, sorry i wrote so much again!!! i’m probably so annoying :) love you!

  2. Oh cute stuff from Target! the tights are in the dollar bins? I need to get some for Olivia. It shouldn’t hurt tons after Sam has latched on and started eating. The first few seconds may hurt quite a bit, but it shouldn’t continue to hurt and if you have a burning sensation, get checked out ASAP (could be thrush). I think by week 3, I was pretty much healed up and we were good with nursing with both of mine so give yourself another couple of weeks. Are you using lansinoh to keep your skin from cracking? The other comment gave good advice about lining up Sam correctly. You don’t want to put her mouth straight on. She should come up from the bottom so that your nipple is pointed to the roof of her mouth. I used to have a link that had the best example of how to do this. I’ll see if I can find it and I’ll email it to you. It might not be a bad idea just to see a lactation consultant. They are TONS better than any nurse or OB and really helped answer all those questions about how to help her latch on and how to know if she’s eating enough, etc. As for how to know if she’s getting enough, you should be able to feel that you feel emptier after she eats. Don’t limit her time nursing or how often she nurses in the beginning. Just nurse away and eventually your body will regulate itself to meet her needs and produce enough milk. You shouldn’t need to pump yet. I think I was told not to pump for the first month so that my body could adjust. I don’t know if you had low supply problems with Davey though. Drink tons of water and eating oatmeal (cereal, cookies, whatever) will encourage your supply as well.You’re doing a good job! Keep at it! :)

  3. Looks like you have gotten some great advice so far. I went and saw a lactation specialist after having Markus- it was so worth it! More for my peace of mind than anything. You really shouldn’t be in that much pain- sure, for the initial latch but not like you are describing. Amen to the lansinoh. I have a friend who swore by olive oil??? I never tried it, but who knows. As long as Sam is having wet and dirty diapers she is getting enough. And you don’t need to worry about pumping right now unless you want to pump for relief. Your body will respond to the demand that Sam is placing on it. I know it’s hard to not know exactly how many ounces she is getting per feeding, but let her let you know if she has had enough. She will.
    I have no idea about your tummy. Weird!

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