nothing yet

so after 3 hours of contractions ranging from 3-8 minutes apart, we headed to the hospital. we arrived at 11:10 p.m. i was still 90% effaced and dilated to a 3… almost 4. roxy was still at -3 station. so they had me walk the halls for as much of an hour as i could. let me tell you, these contractions hurt like the freakin’….. i don’t know what. they hurt. a lot. under my belly AND across my low back. 


after about 35 minutes of walking the halls (it’s a seriously SMALL circle they have available for you to walk), i curled up on the bed of the pre-admit room and just cried. i was SO TIRED (it was about 1 a.m. by now). 


they checked me again and my only change: baby roxy dropped to -2 station. but same dilation. same effacement. so they sent us home. i got a few really good, deep hours of sleep. and now i’m wide awake. the contractions are continuing, but i’m sure i’m still at a 3 almost 4. let me just say: this absolutely sucks. i really just tried to think of a better word, but nothing would come to mind. 


so today the waiting game continues. it seems that roxy is not nearly as cooperative as her brother was. that scares me a bit. oh – here comes a contraction… gotta go!

4 thoughts on “nothing yet

  1. I can sympathize as you bring back memories of 7 months ago. It’s definitely not fun although the outcome is so worth it! I hope it progresses quickly and hopefully your next news will be post-pregnancy!

  2. I remember laboring at home all day with Halle Joy. It was no fun. Then I got THE contraction. I absolutely knew it was time to go in. I will be praying for you today! Hang in there!

  3. Oh Tamara! So exciting but scary. I’ll pray she is as healthy as her big brother if she’s ready for an early entrance. Hang in there.

  4. Yahoo! My brother just phoned about your little gal’s arrival. We are so excited and happy for y’all. Trust each of you has recovered fully from your colds. Our love and prayers are with you…we’re looking forward to pictures and Davey’s reaction to the reality of his sibling!

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