hospital photo

click HERE for sam’s hospital photo/baby album


we saw dr. dickson this afternoon for an official weight check… down to 5 pounds 8.5 ounces. he’s not concerned, but we are going back on wednesday morning for another weight check. and hopefully she’ll be less yellow. he’s not concerned about her current jaundice, but we don’t want her to get any more yellow/orange. 


she’s eating okay. my milk is coming in, so hopefully she’ll eat better now. she’s chewed me raw and i have scabs (sorry for so much info) so please pray for fast healing for me (though i’m still nursing – it’s just better for all of us)!


more photos and updates soon, i promise. i’m hoping to feed her now and also to get davey and sam’s clothes in the proper rooms (and pull out davey’s next size clothing – finally)! dave & davey are at the park right now… it’s supposed to be about 60 degrees today. maybe sam and i can join them for a walk later this week (if it stays so nice)!


EDITED: VISITORS ARE WELCOME. PLEASE! i think with being on "limited activity" for a month or so before her birth, i’m feeling a bit couped up…. so please come and visit us… we’d love the company! just don’t bring any colds with you…. we’ve had enough of those this season already!


4 thoughts on “hospital photo

  1. hang in there! :) wish we could come visit…..we would make sure not to bring any colds w/ us! but you are all in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. If you are really sore you might want to consider a nipple shield. I’ve been using it more because Haley is too small to not use it, but it does help with soreness. I’ve gotten pretty sore from pumping. Also that ointment or cream you can buy does help too. I’ll be praying. I know what it’s like when you are unable to nurse and you really want to. I had my heart set on it with Jacob and it didn’t happen. I’m loving how good Haley is and I can’t wait until she is strong enough to be able to nurse all the time. Right now we can only do it about 3 times a day so we can make sure she gets enough food. The rest of the time she gets bottles of pumped milk that is fortified with extra calories. Wow, sorry that was so long. Good luck and don’t give up!

  3. carly and i talked and we’re gonna try and come by tomorrow if that’s okay with you. i think carly’s going to give you a call. can’t wait to meet the little one.

  4. We will be by soon!! And, turns out Jaden’s is in fact a sinus infection as I was starting to suspect. Colds don’t last that long!! So, he’s not contagious! Yea… :)

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