davey cuteness

 are you ready for this? are you sure? he’s pretty darn cute!


dave and dad/grandpa were doing something near the internet connection on saturday so a few things were moved out of their usual "home" in the living room. including this mirror… and once davey found the mirror, he found a new friend: 


and he LOVED his "friend!" the above photo is my absolute FAVORITE of all the mirror shots i took. you should be able to make the photo larger by clicking on it…. so do that and check out his facial expression… his eyes… SO. DARN. CUTE!


and uncle sterling set davey up at the piano… hopefully he didn’t break any of grandma’s music binders! he LOVED playing the piano. he would play with one finger… and then just pound away with both hands (like you would expect) and then he’d play the keys with one finger again. it entertained him for quite awhile. the hardest part was keeping him from pulling the key cover down!



and while my child changes his mind daily about what he will and won’t eat, apparently what is on his list of "yummy" small wedges of lime. yes, lime. dave has given davey wedges of lime several times over the past two weeks and every time, davey eats it. no funny faces. he’s just as content as can be. what a little character! 


 what could be more fun then going for a ride in a plastic tote with uncle tom pushing you? not much, if you’re my little guy!



 last saturday, i asked dave to add the child "locks" to the downstairs bathroom cabinets. davey decided he wanted to help. he loved being daddy’s little helper, even though he just played with whatever he found in the drill box.


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