davey and grandpa

baby roxy is still inside. happily, i think. whew. every morning when i awake (trust me, i do wake up about 3-5 times each night to use the restroom or to roll over) and realize it’s morning and she hasn’t arrived yet, i thank God for His faithfulness to keep her inside just a little bit longer. and today is starting out well… i slept pretty well, the sun is shining, we’re going to go to safeway today (they have GOOD ice cream on sale for $2.99) and so far davey’s in a good mood, too. 


yesterday we went to visit grandpa & grandma (monday is grandpa’s day off) and davey had fun with grandpa (one of his most favorite people ever!). they went for a ride to the post office (grandpa has a new toy he had to play with – a GPS unit). and then they went for a walk to get the mail. only it was raining and i haven’t yet looked for davey’s winter hat. so grandpa found an old baseball cap and to my SURPRISE, davey left it on his head all the way to the mailbox and back (a few houses down the block)! i tried ALL SUMMER to get davey to wear a hat and LEAVE IT ON his head (to avoid a sunburned head) but he would have none of it. turns out i should’ve asked grandpa to put the hat on davey’s head!

aren’t they a good looking pair?!


don’t you love that little fleece vest davey is wearing? it was his birthday present from our friends reid & sarah and i LOOOOOOOOVE it! here’s a photo of him from behind…. looking SO GROWN UP…. while wearing the vest:

his hair is getting a bit long in the back…. guess it’s time to call brandi and get him scheduled for another hair cut! 


uh oh. i think i smell something not-so-good. and davey is wandering around me playing. which means it’s likely it’s him that i smell. and that means i have to have a mini battle right now. he really HATES having his diaper changed these days… and he’s SO WIGGLY! he can twist and squirm and contort and get away just about every time. the kid has taken to running around the house naked from the waist down lately. especially when dave is trying to change him. and then a game of "chase" ensues and he loves that. oh what a funny little kid!



3 thoughts on “davey and grandpa

  1. You’re witnessing an amazing phenomenon of parenthood – when your children will do things for other people that they would never do for you! It can be infuriating, humbling and a source of much gratefulness all at the same time. This is why, as a parent, I am SO THANKFUL for every Sunday School teacher, relative, friend, coach and school personnel that challenges, cajoles, affirms, and even commands my kids as the case may be. They access a part of my kids that I may not always be able to. Yeah for grandpas and all the rest!!!!

  2. hey! hang in there, baby roxy! :) glad to hear she is waiting a little longer….a friend of our’s had her son 8 wks. early (he’s 18 mos. now) and is now 26 wks. w/ #2 but on modified bedrest, so she can’t do a whole lot. i already helped her w/ him b/c she works from home, so now i’m just watching him a lot more. so i know how hard it is….get the rest while you can! :) take care – miss you!

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