yep. i’m pretty sure i’m having contractions…. been having them lately. but i saw dr. tu today…. here’s the latest: 70% effaced….. 1 cm dilated… station 3 (so she hasn’t "dropped" yet)…. and estimated at about 6 pounds. (i’m psyched that she’s guesstimated to be up to 6 pounds… up from 4 pounds 2 weeks ago…. but i’m psyched b/c i weighed EXACTLY the same – to the ounce – today as i did two weeks ago)! next appointment with dr. tu: next week thursday. 


so she thinks i can pretty much definitely hold on until week 37 (i’ll be 36 weeks on monday) and when i said "i’d rather make it to early november," which would be around 38 weeks, she said she didn’t see any reason why i wouldn’t be able to hold out until then. no need for bed rest. no need to further decrease my activities. and apparently i can take motrin for my low back/hip pain. not that we have any in the house. not that i intend to go buy any (unless it gets really bad).


last night i took a sleeping pill (prescribed by dr. tu a few appts. ago) so i got a decent night’s sleep. i’m taking another one (my last one) tonight. 


i did start to pack a hospital bag today. you may recall that i went to the hospital without a bag last time and dave had to come home and pack one. it is possible that we may end up going to the hospital without a bag again this time, but at least i’ve got one almost ready for him to come home and grab!


as for the craft show, today seemed like a slow and rough day. i’ve barely broken even with the costs of the booth and our purchase of bags at this point, so hopefully tomorrow will be a rockin’ day. we worked hard this afternoon/evening to re-arrange and re-organize so my stuff was grouped together (we just think it’ll sell better that way). and it seemed to work a bit tonight…. so we’ll keep changing it up as we try to find what works best for each of us. we still believe we’re a good match of product and pricing. and sara & linda have plans to be vendors at two other shows before Christmas and they have offered to take some of my product to those shows, so hopefully that would help me out a bit. and dave and i will post some stuff on my web store after the show, too. and who knows…. i may be opening an etsy shop… if for no other reason than to clear out this stuff b/c i have no where to store it in my house! so pray for a BIG DAY tomorrow.


and i promise to take it easy. i really have been scaling back. and slowing down. and limiting myself (both at home and at the show). more than any of you, i WANT this baby to stay in until she’s a bit bigger…. so she’ll be more likely to eat and sleep better (my hope, anyway).  so keep praying for me, but please know that i am taking care of myself. and dave is taking darn good care of me, too!

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  1. Good job, Tam! One thing: having lived with chronic hip pain for years before it finally got cured, I’d highly encourage you to GET THE MOTRIN! Chronic pain wears on you more than you even know until it’s gone. If there’s something that can help, I wouldn’t hesitate. :) Love ya.

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