bathing beauty

in an attempt to prevent her from turning orange (and to help her stop turning yellow), my little samantha became a sun bathing beauty today. 


davey fought naptime really hard. so i had to go in and look at books and feed him a bottle… and he finally fell asleep in my arms. meanwhile, sam was sleeping on our bed so dave made sure she was in the sun in just her diaper (doctor’s orders) and hopefully this will help lower her biliribin (sp?) levels so we don’t have to do any home therapy (like a light bed). 


last night was another rough night with sam. i’m eager to get her into the nursery where the clock has a white noise machine – i think that might help her sleep better. so far she will really only sleep while being held. i sat upright (and slept upright) most of the night again last night. and that’s not good for me and my rump sure is sore! hopefully we can get davey moved into his room tonight or tomorrow night and then sam can move into the nursery. i’m not rushing anything, but i am eager to get my kids (plural!!!!) situated into their new spaces. hopefully i’ll be able to (finally) finish up some decorating in the nursery (i never did get anything on the "main wall").


oops! sounds like the bug is awake after a good long nap. i’d better go get him and then we’re all off to the mall for a little trip to target and the maternity store.


5 thoughts on “bathing beauty

  1. Very sweet pictures. I have pictures of Olivia sunbathing as well that look almost exactly like your pictures of Sam. It did help. We were able to avoid any kind of major jaundice stuff, but we had to keep going back to get Olivia checked every day for the first 5 days after we brought her home. But that was better than Noah who had such bad jaundice that he had to be hospitalized for 2 days when he was 4 days old. :( I hope you can settle into a good routine soon and that Sam gets the hang of sleeping and nursing soon. The hard stuff goes by so much faster with the 2nd one. :)

  2. I agree with Christine. The hard part of having a newborn seems to go so much quicker the second time around. I’m not sure why… maybe because you’re so much busier keeping up with a toddler and a baby. I’ll pray for a good night’s sleep and for Sam’s jaundice. You’re doing great!!!

  3. i too, have pictures of nolan and mia sunbathing in the window on the bed that look so similar to that! she’s so beautiful tam!

    don’t worry about her sleeping on you…. but i do remember sleeping sort of upright with 3 pillows behind me and my tailbone was so sore! both mia and nolan slept inbetween us for awhile. fresh from the womb, she may need some extra cuddling for the first few weeks of life!

    also, i’m sure you’ve been given a ton of advice on this, so take this with a grain of salt, but davey may have a hard time adjusting at first. Especially if you move him to a different room right away. Just a suggestion, maybe you could bring the clock with the noise machine in your room and keep davey in his room (even if it’s totally girlie) for a bit longer, and Sam in the pack and play in your room – just till Davey gets used to there being another member of the family and he’s not being “booted” out of his room…..

    oh gosh, didn’t mean to write so much! Whatever you do, it’ll work out great and no worries – everything will work out! love you!

  4. congrats, mama! i didn’t find out until yesterday that you had her. i’m so sorry i didn’t talk to you sooner! she’s so cute! i can’t wait to meet her and take photos. :)


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